England - Tall Room with Broken Stairs
& Bronze Reward #6 (part 2)

After getting bronze reward #6, as described in part 1, return to the opening near the corner and drop down onto the staircase. Jump from the stairs to the dangling chain.

Climb down a bit, adjust Lara's angle, then swing and jump to the broken stairs in the middle of the far wall. The stairs begin to collapse, so quickly turn right and take a running jump to the solid landing in the corner.

- OR -

Alternatively, swing from the chain to the alcove on the left wall. Climb to the right and drop to grab the niche below. Climb to the right again and then drop down to the next niche. Note that the sills of these small niches start to break away when Lara grabs them, so you must move quickly.

Position Lara near the middle of the lowest alcove and then jump back. . .

. . . to land on the broken stairs. Before they collapse, run down and jump to the solid landing in the corner.

Once you reach the solid landing, move to the bottom of the stairs and jump to grab the alcove on the left wall. Hang from the edge of the alcove, climb to the right a bit if necessary, drop onto the angled rock below and slide down to floor.

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