Ghana - Scaling the Front of the Ruins - Part 1

Position Lara facing the horizontal pole next to the exit from the TRAPPED HALLWAY. Jump to grab the pole. Swing around and jump to grab a handhold on the square column ahead.

Climb around the corner to the left and jump straight up to grab the handhold above.

Climb to the left again, just around the next corner. Lean back (left) and jump across the gap to grab a handhold on the next square column. There's a loose boulder directly overhead, but it won't fall until Lara grabs the handhold above.

So take a moment to climb just a little to the left if necessary, since the ledge above is not grabbable on the right side. Jump straight up to grab that ledge. . .

. . . and then immediately jump back to grab the horizontal pole before the boulder falls and crushes Lara.

Once Lara is hanging from the pole, she's safe. Swing and jump to grab the next horizontal pole. Swing, jump and grab the ledge beyond. Then climb onto the ledge above.

From CHECKPOINT 15 jump onto the suspended platform and ride it down to a lower level.

When it stops, jump from the platform to grab the ledge ahead; pull up. Run across the ledge and jump to grab the next suspended platform. Pull up to stand on it.

The second platform doesn't move, so take a running jump down to the next ledge and CHECKPOINT 17

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