Ghana - Scaling the Front of the Ruins - Part 2

At CHECKPOINT 16 Turn around to face the building. Scanning this area with the binoculars in RAD mode reveals a few unstable spots, like the loose boulder marked in the screenshot above and another farther up.

Jump from where the uneven ledge juts out to grab the nearest horizontal pole. Swing around it and jump to grab the rough stone projection beyond.

Traverse to the left so Lara is clinging to the face of the building.

Rubble falling from above signals danger, but the loose boulder won't start to fall until Lara grabs the handhold above. Make sure she is positioned below the right end of that handhold, jump up to grab it, then immediately jump to the right to grab the next horizontal pole before the boulder falls.

Swing around the pole and jump to grab the next higher pole. Turn back to face the third pole in this group. Swing and jump to grab it.

Next you'll need to swing and jump to grab the narrow ledge on the square column ahead. There's another loose boulder just above this handhold. So as soon as Lara grabs it, quickly climb around the corner to the left to get out of the way. (Or jump back to the pole. Then, when the boulder falls, swing back to the handhold and climb around to the left.)

After climbing around the corner of the column, jump up to grab a higher handhold. Climb around the next corner and then jump back to land on the wide ledge. Enter the ruins again here.

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