Ghana - Boss Fight: Rutland - Alternate Strategy

This variation on the basic strategy is also included at the end of the Rutland video.

First blast Rutland with pistols until he jumps onto one of the ledges to heal. Then quickly roll under that particular ledge and position Lara beneath the angled support.

Rutland may or may not be distracted by this and decide to stay up above. If he's not fooled and jumps down, either reload and try again or continue shooting him until he retreats to another ledge and try again.

If he remains on the ledge above, stand up and inch out from under the support just a bit. You can now take your time shooting the crystals and pulling down the other three ledges.

Sometimes Lara will target the ledge directly above instead of one of the others.

If this happens, use manual aim to target one of the others.

When the crystal is destroyed, the targeting reticle will turn blue, showing you can grapple the shiny metal panel.

Grapple and pull.

The ledge will crumble. Stay underneath the ledge Rutland is standing on as you repeat this process for the other three ledges.

Finally, shoot the crystal above.

Then use the grapple to pull it down.

As the ledge crumbles, equip your secondary weapon and take aim at Rutland as you back away.

Since he can't heal himself without the ledges, the fight should be fairly short. If you can blast him with grenades then guns before he manages to scramble out of the rubble, you may be able to finish him off before he can even attack.

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