Ghana - Trapped Hallway Part 1 - Retracting Spears

This sequence is also shown in a gameplay video.

Enter the hall, passing CHECKPOINT 13, and position Lara at the middle of the hallway, facing the spear trap, close but not touching it. Run or roll through just as the spears begin to retract.

If you start at the spot where the autosave places Lara (above). . .

. . . and roll forward once, just as the spears start to separate. . .

. . . she stops just before the next set of spears. Running works too, just take care not to run on into the next set of spears. Repeat the process for the next two spear traps, running or rolling through at the center just as the spears retract. (It may help to tilt the camera a bit so you're looking down on the spears from behind Lara, as shown in the screenshot above. Then when the ones behind her close, you can still see clearly.)

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