Ghana - Trapped Hallway Part 2 - Blades & Block

This is also included in the Ghana traps video.

The next trap involves a set of spinning blades. The exchange between Zip and Lara hints at a strategy.

Move the carved stone block away from the wall.

Then push it ahead of Lara through the blades. One way involves pushing the block straight down the center of the passageway (as shown above). Try to keep the block moving straight forward. Don't stop pushing or the blades may knock the block off center, allowing Lara to get sliced.

Alternatively, push the block along one wall. As soon as both blades on that side are embedded in the block (as in the screenshot above), stop pushing and let go of the block.

Then climb on top of the block and jump over the blades on the other side. Or, carefully run around the block once the blades on the other wall have moved off.

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