Japan - Boss Fight: Takamoto - Aggro Strategy

This sequence is also shown in a gameplay video.

When the cut scene finishes, immediately run behind one of the large statues to avoid being shot by the gun turrets mounted beneath the elevated walkway.

Climb the pole behind the statue and jump onto the walkway.

Run around the edge of the room toward Takamoto, shooting at him as soon as he's within range (red reticle).

Try to keep moving as much as possible without leaping off the edge, and keep Lara's gun(s) drawn. She can jump much higher, as well as perform evasive rolls, when she's holding a weapon. (You may need to holster them momentarily to fix the camera angle if it becomes skewed.)

NOTE: If necessary, review the Combat Controls and information on Combat Modes & Targeting.

Takamoto fires fan-shaped energy blasts, which usually come in groups of three: two low and one high. Jump to clear the low bursts. . . .

. . . and roll under the high ones.

Or hide behind the statues for protection. Try to position Lara close to the edge of the walkway with the statue directly between her and Takamoto; otherwise the edges of the blast may hit her.

When Lara gets close, he'll begin firing vertical beams and slashing with his weapon, both of which cause quite a bit of damage. Keep away from the blade itself, dodge sideways to avoid the vertical beams, and continue firing, since Lara does the most damage at close range.

Soon he'll run off to the other side of the ledge. Keep repeating these same tactics. You'll see his health bar—the orange one at the top right—diminish each time you hurt him. It doesn't take too long to kill him at close range, provided you can manage to keep Lara alive.

If you run out of ammo for your more powerful weapon, go ahead and shoot with pistols even if the targeting reticle is gray. You'll still hit some of the time. Then try and get closer so you can do more damage. Or, switch to one of the alternate strategies at that time.

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