Japan - Boss Fight: Takamoto
Alternate Strategies - Part 1 - Strafing

These tactics are shown in the alternate strategy video.

After climbing up to the elevated walkway, as described in the main strategy, hide behind one of the statues. If that statue is not the one farthest from Takamoto, run to the farthest statue and get behind it. (If he is between statues, as shown above, choose either of the statues on the opposite side of the walkway.)

Draw the rifle (or pistols) and run sideways along the segment of the walkway directly opposite the one where Takamoto is standing.

As soon as you get a clear shot at him (red reticle for the rifle, gray if using the pistols), start shooting as you run. He will try and blast Lara, but she should reach the next statue in time to take cover.

If you're using the rifle, stop shooting when you no longer have clear line of sight to conserve ammo.

Stay behind the statue until he's done attacking.

Then run back to the previous statue, again shooting as you run.

Take cover behind the first statue and wait for the blasts to stop.

Firing continuously while running to the next statue and back should use up about one clip of ammo. Release the target lock button as you wait behind the statue so Lara will reload. Then repeat the process.

If Takamoto moves, run to the statue opposite where he ends up and start the process again. Repeat this until he is dead. He will continue to fire energy blasts at Lara as she runs, but as long as you keep moving, Lara should lose very little health. (Thanks to Anton B. for this tip.)

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