Japan - Boss Fight: Takamoto
Alternate Strategies - Part 3 - Manual Aim from Cover

These tactics are also shown in the alternate strategies video.

Climb to the upper level and position Lara behind the statue opposite Takamoto, as described in the first strategy. Gradually move sideways until you're just able to see him. (For some reason, this seems to work better on the right side of each statue than the left, but feel free to experiment.)

Switch to manual targeting. Fire a few test shots and check Takamoto's health bar. If he doesn't take any damage, exit manual aim mode, step out a little farther and try again.

For this strategy you can use the rifle or pistols. The rifle does more damage at long range, but this is more likely to cause Takamoto to retaliate. If you're using the rifle, you'll see a red targeting reticle (above). Pistols have a shorter range, so you won't see a red reticle, but the reticle should turn from white to gray (last two screenshots below). Then, while you won't be hitting him dead on, some of your shots should connect.

After you've done some damage—especially if you're using the rifle—Takamoto will probably unleash a round of energy blasts. When his blade starts to emit a green glow (as shown above), you'll know he's about to attack.

Quickly exit manual aim mode and hide behind the statue. Lara may lose a little health, but not as much as if she'd taken a blast directly. When the coast is clear, step out again and repeat the process.

If you use pistols the entire time and stay as close to the statue as possible while still doing damage, Takamoto may not even notice Lara.

He may change his position a little from time to time, and occasionally your shots will stop doing damage for no apparent reason. When this happens, return to normal view, move Lara bit to compensate, and try again.

Keep shooting, gradually chipping away at his health until he is finally defeated.

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