Kazakhstan - Hallway with Dangling Sockets

To get past the first dangling sockets, stand on one side of the hallway, squarely facing the socket ahead. Use the magnetic grapple to hook the socket, pull it toward Lara and release.

While the socket is swinging, the spark goes out and it's safe to run or roll under it. Do that quickly before it charges up again. Then repeat the process with the second socket.

When you round the corner, you need to deal with 2 sockets side by side. To get past them, grapple one socket, pull it as high as it will go and then quickly release to start it swinging.

Immediately grapple the other, pull and release.

With good timing, you can get both swinging—and no longer live—at the same time. Quickly run or roll underneath. Repeat the same process with the final pair of sockets.

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