Kazakhstan - Tesla Tower Room Bug Alternative

If you run into the bug described in the main walkthrough in the room with the Tesla gun and don't have another save you can reload, try this alternate route to the exit. It's tricky, but quite a bit better than having to replay the whole game. If you haven't already obtained the gold reward, you won't be able to get it, but you can at least finish the level and then replay it later.

Jump from the ledge near the dead scientist (there's a convenient CHECKPOINT HERE) to grab the vertical pole alongside the tower. Naturally you'll want to time your climbing to avoid the electric spark. Climb to the top of the pole and jump onto the cage, which is on the right.

Go to the other end of the cage, nearest the catwalk leading to the exit. Take a carefully angled running jump. . .

. . . to land on the gray ledge at the convex corner just in front of the catwalk.

Even if you land the jump perfectly, Lara will almost immediately start to slide. So quickly run and jump forward onto the catwalk. When you make it, proceed to the exit, just ahead on the left.

Thanks to Tom W. for sharing this strategy with me. I believe it was first reported on Tomb Raider HUB.

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