Kazakhstan - Gold Reward

This can only be done after turning on the power, as described in the main walkthrough. This sequence is also shown in a video.

Sit at the Tesla gun controls and point the gun at the hanging platform between this ledge and the walkway where the soldiers were.

Now use the gun to move the hanging platform along the track on the ceiling to the right. Notice how the track curves down, runs along level and then slopes back up at the right end. That upward slope makes it difficult to slide the platform all the way to the right. To do it, aim the gun so the targeting reticle is over the metal coupling just below the track (as shown above). Then use the gun to pull the platform to the right (by holding the Target Lock button and moving the camera) until just before the track begins to slope upward.

Then quickly switch to pushing (Fire button) and tap the button repeatedly to nudge the platform up the track and all the way to the right.

Once you get the platform moving from left to right, it's important to keep it going; otherwise it won't have sufficient momentum to make it up the slope. If this doesn't work the first time, pull the platform back to the left and try again.

Next, if you haven't already done so, use the Tesla gun to remove the 4 small, metal boxes set into the wall above and to the right of the gap in the railing. Point the gun and pull by pressing Target Lock (G/L1/LT). Later you will climb along this hole.

Leave the gun and go to the right to the cement ledge with the large crate on it.

Push the metal crate to the end of the ledge. Then climb on top of it and jump to grab the opening you revealed by pulling out the 4 small boxes.

If you accidentally tossed the large crate over the edge when fighting the soldiers before, use the Tesla gun to lift one of the metal crates near the entrance and toss it onto the ledge, as shown above.

Once Lara has grabbed the hole where the 4 small boxes were, jump straight up to grab the ledge above. Then climb around the corner to the left.

Continue climbing to the left and drop onto the small, metal ledge.

Turn around and jump down onto the hanging platform. Walk to the right side and jump to grab the catwalk above. (It's a bit hard to see in the screenshot, but with the flashlight on, you'll be able to spot it easily in the game.)

Pull up, step to the left to use CHECKPOINT 28 and then turn around and move to the other end of the ledge. From here you can see the reward in the alcove ahead. Jump to grab the horizontal bar. Swing around and jump into the alcove with the gold reward (1/1).

Jump back to the horizontal bar, swing around it and jump to the ledge against the wall. Go to the far end and jump down to the walkway near the exit.

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