Kazakhstan - Jumping the Motorcycle onto the Train

After CHECKPOINT 10, there are two places where the road splits and converges again. The second of these has a narrow path on the left and a wooden bridge over a chasm on the right (not shown).

Beyond that, the road curves around to the left. Steer into the curve and then speed up the wooden ramp. . .

. . . to jump over the train track.

After landing, steer around to the right. . .

. . . onto another wooden ramp. . .

. . . and jump over the train once more.

Finally, follow the road around to the left and up a narrow ledge with icicles hanging from above.

Follow the ledge forward so Lara is driving along next to the moving train. Then jump the bike onto the train by veering to the left at the spot where the embankment comes to a point. Once on the train, keep driving forward, staying in the middle as much as possible.

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