Kazakhstan - After the Train Wreck - Bronze Reward #3

Grapple the crane arm with the dangling rope and pull it toward Lara.

Release the grapple and jump to grab the rope before it swings away. When the crane moves back to its original position, swing on the rope and jump to land on the platform ahead.

Climb the ladder and jump to grab the top of the sign with the red star. Climb to the left and then jump to grab the horizontal pipe. Swing around the pipe and jump across the flaming wreck to grab the next pipe. Swing and jump to the sign on the wall ahead.

Let go to land at CHECKPOINT 13.

Drop down into the dark corner behind this platform to find a wooden crate containing a bronze reward (3/5).

Go around the platform and use the larger crate to climb back up.

Turn to face the next dangling rope. Again, use the grapple to pull the crane arm toward you and jump to grab the rope.

Climb up the rope a little if necessary so Lara doesn't get singed by the flames. Then swing and jump to the next platform.

Jump from the platform to grab a handhold on the wall ahead. (If Lara slips, pull the metal box out from under the platform and use it to climb back up.) Jump up to the circular opening and shoot the spinning fan before trying to pass.

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