Peru - Flashback - Escaping from the Unknown Entity

Drop into the hole to trigger an interactive cut scene ("Demon of the Past"). A monster like something out of Miyazaki grabs Kent and then comes after Lara.

This sequence is similar to the interactive cut scene on the wooden bridge in Bolivia. Rather than indicating a particular button, the blue Lara icon just means "get moving".

As soon as you regain control of Lara, you need to press the correct controls to run forward and vault over the low wall.

Keep running forward and vault over another pile of rocks.

Then run off the ledge to land in the room below. The actual controls differ for each game system, but they are the same ones you'd normally use to run forward and jump.

NOTE: There's a stack of wooden crates in the next room. It's possible for Lara to get stuck between two of the crates, or even inside a crate, after this cut scene. If Lara gets stuck between crates, try pressing Interact to kick the crates aside. But if she's inside the crate, you may have to quit and reload a different save. To avoid this, do not try to jump and grab the rope during the chase scene. Just run forward off the edge and Lara will be safe. (Thanks to Stephanie, Gustavo and Joel for these tips.)

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