Peru - Bronze Reward #6

After the cut scene, you hear the chime for CHECKPOINT 11 and Lara is standing in a room with two dangling ropes and another decrepit spear trap.

Climb onto the ledge in the corner.

Push the stone sphere off the ledge and onto the pressure pad that triggers the trap.

The ball may just roll onto the pad.

If not, climb down and give it another push, then climb back onto the ledge.

Jump from the corner ledge to grab the next ledge nearer the trap; pull up.

After a brief interaction with Amanda, jump to grab the spear you just extended by triggering the trap. Swing around it and jump to grab the rope.

Swing on the rope and jump to the ledge ahead. This is CHECKPOINT 12.

There's a bronze reward (6/8) just to the right.

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