Peru - Swimming into the Ruins

Jump into the flooded pit.

Swim down to the bottom of the vertical shaft.

When you reach the ring of stones on the floor, swim forward along the passageway. A short distance ahead is another vertical shaft.

Swim up the shaft and surface to breathe.

Once Lara's air meter refills, dive to the bottom of this shaft and swim forward through the opening with broken bars.

Just beyond the bars is another shaft. If you need to breathe again, head upward for air. Otherwise, swim down toward the bottom of the shaft.

At the bottom of this shaft, swim forward until you see another circle of stones on the bottom. If you like, you can swim upward again to a third air pocket.

Finally, swim back down to the bottom of the third shaft, then on through the small, semicircular opening. (This is CHECKPOINT 14.) Keep swimming forward to a large, flooded chamber where you can surface and breathe.

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