Peru - Flooded Chamber with Blue Lights

The fast-moving current prevents you from swimming through the jagged hole in the wall.

To exit, you must first swim down and pull on each of the 4 blue lights to activate them and drain the water from the room. This sequence is timed, so you have to work quickly; otherwise the lights reset and you have to start over.

Swim along the surface until Lara is just above one of the lights. (You can start with any of them.) Dive down to the light. . .

. . .  and press Interact to use it.

Once the light has been activated, it shines brightly and emits lots of tiny bubbles.

As soon as Lara lets go of the first light, point the camera (using the mouse/right stick) toward the next light and press Forward to swim toward it. All the lights are at the same level, so you shouldn't need to move up or down. Tap Interact in time with Lara's strokes to make her swim faster. When you reach the second light, tap Interact again to activate it.

Repeat the same procedure for the third and fourth lights. You may have time to come up for a quick breath, but it's possible to make it without surfacing. For me, swimming up then down again was more difficult than just staying level with the lights.

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