Peru - Stone Sphere Puzzle

NOTE: This sequence is also covered in the same gameplay video that shows how to obtain the gold reward.

Just beyond CHECKPOINT 17 is a huge room with a stone sphere, 3 pressure pads and three massive statues. Lara can step on the pads, but it has little effect. You'll need something heavier.

Begin by rolling the one available sphere onto the nearest pad to activate one of the statues.

Its "arms" open, revealing a pair of ladders, but the broken ends are too high to reach. Looks like you'll have to find more big balls.

Turn back toward the huge pit. Along the right wall is a carved pillar holding a second stone sphere.

Use the magnetic grapple to topple the pillar.

Roll the sphere onto the pressure pad on the right (when facing the statues).

This activates the second statue, extending two full-length ladders. Climb either ladder to the stone bump halfway up. Jump sideways to grab the narrow ledge at the figure's waist. Climb to the middle then jump straight up to grab its open mouth, then straight up again to grab the edge of its headdress.

Climb back toward the ladder and jump to grab onto the upper section. Continue climbing to the top of the ladder.

Then climb over the ledge into the space on top of the statue's head.

Push the third stone sphere off the edge.

Carefully climb back down the ladder. When you reach the bump in the ladder, instead of jumping over to the statue's face, just let go; Lara will grab on again below. Climb down a bit more and drop to the floor. (Alternatively, take a running jump from the top of the right statue to the middle statue and climb down the front of it.)

Push the third sphere onto the center pressure pad to complete the puzzle.

The third statue opens, revealing a passageway. The small statue between the pressure pads also rises and we see that it is actually a crypt. (The cinematic in which Lara examines the inscription on the tomb is titled "Viracocha's Staff".)

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