Peru - Streets of Paraíso Combat

When the cut scene ends, Lara is standing on the wide stairs of the big building (town hall? church?) with armed men closing in. Take cover. The area below the stairs on the right is one good hiding place.

Only the one soldier on the veranda to the right can hit Lara from here. You can use the market stall for cover and step to the right when you're ready to engage him.

Then gradually move out along the right side of the square and pick off the other 3 mercenaries one or two at a time. For example, you can kill the second and third men, ahead on the right, by moving forward along the veranda and either shooting them. . .

. . . or pressing Interact when the environmental hazard icon appears to shoot the barrel of fuel on the wooden cart. It will then explode, killing one or both of the men.

Similarly, if you watch the truck from this same position, you'll see the fourth soldier sneak up in front of it. Press Interact to shoot the truck's gas tank. . .

. . .and it will explode, hopefully killing that man.

Just remember, enemies can do the same to Lara, so don't stand right next to any of these hazards.

Also, try and move behind cover when Lara runs out of ammo. Reloading takes a few seconds, and she's vulnerable when she can't move or shoot back.

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