Peru - Streets of Paraíso Combat - Phase 2

Kick open the door leading from the room where the sniper and his buddy had been lurking. This gives you a view out onto the next street. Don't rush out. There are 5 or 6 more mercenaries ahead—2 on the ground and either 3 or 4 on the rooftops and balconies. They're armed with rifles and grenades.

First shoot the sniper on the balcony straight ahead.

Now you can use the doorway for cover as you pick off the soldier below using your own rifle or grenades. (The shotgun is not so good at long range.) You may also be able to kill him by targeting the fuel barrel in the road nearby.

Then run out across the roof to the back corner.

When Lara is standing there, the neighboring building shields her from the 2 shooters farther along the street (one on the ground, one above), while allowing you to target the man (or 2 men) on roof across the street.

Once you've dealt with them, move onto the peak of the roof to target the remaining enemies.

If Lara falls off the roof, you could use the drainpipe on the building where the first sniper was standing (shown in the fourth and fifth screenshots above) to climb back up. However, if there are still men on the opposite roof, they can hit her as she climbs. You're probably better off on the ground using the buildings for cover.

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