Peru - Motorcycle Chase

Just after CHECKPOINT 5, you reach a burning bridge with huge gaps in places. Steer around the flaming holes and accelerate up the ramps to jump the gaps between sections of bridge. If you stay near the middle of the bridge, as shown in these screenshots, it's easier to hit the ramps and avoid the hazards.

For example, stay to the right side of the first ramp.

Then, when you jump the gap beyond the ramp, Lara will land on the other side near the middle and be able to steer around the flaming hole on the left.

Stay to the left side of the second ramp.

Then when you jump the gap, Lara will land on the extended left edge. The right edge is broken off, making the gap there too far to jump.

Just beyond the bridge, there are 2 medipaks sitting in the middle of the road, which are easier to pick up if you're already headed straight down the middle.

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