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This game includes numerous bonuses, from outfits for Lara to pistol upgrades to cheat codes. You can peruse the bonuses you've unlocked by selecting Extras in the main menu. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of extra content and how to obtain it. As always, I welcome corrections and additions.

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Each level contains a number of bronze, silver and gold rewards (formerly known as "secrets"). These look like shiny statuettes with a different design for each level (e.g., crucifixes in England, plasma spheres in Kazakhstan, Buddhist prayer wheels in Nepal). Lara's PDA shows the number of each type of reward in a level, along with how many you have found so far. Press Tab (PC), Select (PS2) or Back (Xbox) to activate the PDA. The tables below give details on what various rewards unlock.

To pick up a reward, stand over it and press Interact. Most bronze rewards can also be retrieved from a distance using the magnetic grapple.


It is not necessary to find all rewards in a level before moving on. If you miss some, you can replay any completed level to find them. From the main menu, load your most recent save file. Then select Load/Save > Replay Level. Replayed levels include the same enemies, puzzles, hazards, etc., but only the rewards you have not yet picked up (except in the Nintendo DS version, where you can pick up the same rewards each time you replay a level). When you complete the level again, be sure to save your progress so the new rewards are counted. (I know console players could do this before, but it's a first for the PC. Woot!)


After completing a level, Time Trial mode for that level is unlocked. To replay a level in this mode, first load your most recent save file from the main menu. Then select Load/Save > Replay Level. Under difficulty level, choose Time Trial. The goal in Time Trial is to complete the level before the timer at the bottom of the screen runs out. Beating levels in Time Trial mode unlocks various cheat codes and an outfit (see below).

NOTE: My Time Trial Tips page includes a number of strategies for achieving faster time trials. I encourage players to send me their suggestions, both general time-savers and specific shortcuts for each level.


After completing a level, all cinematics (i.e., cut scenes) up to that point are unlocked. You can replay them by choosing Extras > Cinematics from the main menu.


There are 3 pistol upgrades available in the game. Each is unlocked by finding a percentage of the total bronze and silver rewards in the game. It doesn't matter which level you're playing, as soon as you reach the required number of rewards, the pistol upgrade will be applied. Lara's PDA shows your progress toward the next upgrade.

Increased Magazine Size (pistols hold 40 rounds)

25% of bronze and 25% of silver

Increased Accuracy (accurate at greater distance)

50% of bronze and 50% of silver

Increased Damage

75% of bronze and 75% of silver


From the main menu, choose Extras > Outfits to view all the clothes you've unlocked for Lara. Once you have unlocked an outfit, you can try it on by going to the bedroom in Croft Manor (also reached through the main menu). Lara's closet will look familiar to anyone who's played The Sims. And check out the vast array of stretchy, aqua tops on the hangers in the closet. ;) Just walk in and follow the on-screen instructions to change outfits.

You can't choose Lara's outfit when starting a level for the first time, but you can change costumes before replaying a level. To do this, choose Load/Save from the main menu. Then select Replay Level and choose the level you want from the list on the left side of the screen. Highlight the Outfits option, then select the outfit you want from the list below. Highlight Difficulty Level, then select the level you prefer. Finally, select Continue to start the game.

See here for images of all the unlockable outfits. The table below tells how to unlock each one. Info on unlocking the special PSP-exclusive outfits can be found here.

Custom Outfits/Skins & Modding: In addition to the 30+ official costumes you can unlock while playing the game, players can also download and create their own custom outfits using various texture editing tools. I don't cover modding on this site, but Tomb Raider HUB and are good places to start if you're interested.




Default outfit available at start

Legend, Union Jack

Complete Bolivia with all silver rewards

Legend, Black

Complete Croft Manor with all silver rewards

Legend, Blue

Complete Peru with all silver rewards

Legend, Pink

Complete Ghana with all silver rewards


Complete England

Biker, Red Jacket

Complete England with all silver rewards

Biker, No Jacket

Complete England with all silver and gold rewards

Evening, Ripped

Complete Japan

Evening, Red

Complete Japan with all silver rewards


Find gold reward in Peru

Classic, Gray

Find gold reward in Ghana


Complete Kazakhstan

Winter, No Coat

Complete Kazakhstan

Winter, Orange

Complete Nepal with all silver rewards

Winter, Orange No Coat

Complete Kazakhstan with all silver rewards

Winter, Pink

Complete Nepal Time Trial

Winter, Pink No Coat

Complete Peru Time Trial


Find gold reward in Japan


Find gold reward in Nepal


Find gold reward in Croft Manor

Suit, Cream

Complete Croft Manor with all silver and gold rewards

Special Forces

Find gold reward in Kazakhstan

Special Forces, Urban

Find gold reward in England


Complete England Time Trial

Goth, Lace Shirt

Complete Japan Time Trial


Find gold reward in Bolivia

Sport, Green

Complete Bolivia Time Trial


Complete all Time Trials

Swimsuit, Black*

Complete all Time Trials and find all rewards


Complete Ghana Time Trial

Amanda, Winter

Complete Kazakhstan Time Trial

*Swimsuits can only be worn in Croft Manor. Climbing the Himalayas in a bikini is not allowed. ;)

Again, there are also six special outfits that can be unlocked in the PSP game only. Check out this page on PSP Exclusive Unlockables for details.


Finding bronze rewards throughout the game unlocks short profiles for Lara and her friends and her enemies who appear in the game. These can be accessed through the Extras menu. Here's how to unlock each one:

Lara Croft

10% of total bronze


20% of total bronze

Anaya Imanu

30% of total bronze

Toru Nishimura

40% of total bronze

Shogo Takamto

40% of total bronze


James Rutland

50% of total bronze

Amanda Evert

70% of total bronze

Winston Smith

80% of total bronze

Alister Fletcher

80% or 90% of total bronze**

Unknown Entity

90% or 100% of total bronze**

**The 'official' guides state 90% bronze for Alister and 100% bronze for the Entity, but several players have reported
unlocking these models sooner. I'm not sure if the published info is wrong or if different versions of the game vary.


Location concept art can also be accessed through the Extras menu. To unlock the collection of sketches for each level, find all the bronze rewards for that level.


These are designers' renderings of creatures, objects and artifacts in the game. As with the location concept art, they are found in the Extras menu. Object models are unlocked by finding silver rewards. The more silver rewards you find in each level, the more individual object models are unlocked. For Bolivia Redux, which has no rewards, all models are unlocked after completing the level.


Cheat codes can only be unlocked by beating the game. (Yes, I realize this makes no sense. Sorry.) After completing the Bolivia Redux level, the Cheat Codes sub-menu is accessible by selecting Extras > Special > Cheat Codes from the main menu.

You must then unlock each individual code by completing levels in Time Trial. Finally, to activate the code, press the keys indicated during game play. To de-activate the code, press the same keys again.

The Cheat Codes section of this site includes a list of all codes and how to unlock them.

PC players are welcome to download a savegame file with all the codes unlocked. Instructions for downloading and installing Legend saves are here. PlayStation and Xbox saves are available at


Along with the Cheat Codes, completing the game also unlocks the Unfortunate Mishaps video, a painful yet darkly humorous look at all the ways Lara can come to grief during the game's interactive cut scenes. Access this from the main menu by choosing Extras > Special > Unfortunate Mishaps. (NOTE: The PSP and GameCube versions do not include this video, but you can watch it here on YouTube.)

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