Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Controls


If you're using modern controls, Aspyr has posted this controls list for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. For a more detailed breakdown of modern controls, visit Gamepressure.

If you're using the classic tank controls, you'll find that most of the information on my classic controls pages still holds.

I highly recommend doing the in-game tutorials. (Choose "Lara's Home," the Polaroid photo icon in each game's main menu.) Also, check out my Classic Gameplay Tips and Strategy section. It includes pointers on moving Lara through her environment, conserving health and ammo, and much more. If you only read one section on that page, make it this one about SETTING UP JUMPS. It can literally save you hours of frustration.

Also, note that you can remap the controls in-game. Select Options, then rotate the menu ring to Controls. Under controls you can switch between 'Tank Controls' (classic, as described on this site) and 'Modern Controls.' Below that is the option to Change Controls for each button.

Left out of the menu are the hotkeys for Photo Mode (F3 on keyboard, L3 + R3 on controllers; i.e., click both analog stick buttons at the same time) and toggle between classic and modern graphics (F1 on keyboard, Options button on PS4/5, Menu button on Xbox, Plus (+) on Switch). To equip Lara's sunglasses, hold Look + Walk while loading any level.

You may also want to watch Raidercast's Review: Tomb Raider Remasters and stelf's video, 9 NEW FEATURES in Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered. They offer a mostly spoiler-free introduction to the controls with some useful tips for new and returning players. And don't forget, you can switch between classic and modern control schemes, and customize the controls, in the Controls section of each game's main menu.

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