Tomb Raider I-III Remastered updates are in progress but will take time. For levels that have not yet been updated, I will continue to link to the ORIGINAL WALKTHROUGHS, which cover all the basics.

I use classic tank controls, and mostly reference them here. If you're using modern controls, these guides should still be helpful for navigating the levels, but you'll probably want to check out some of these YouTube videos for modern control tips tutorials.


Updated: 2/27/24()

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

OBJECTIVES: Learn basic controls and unlock a few achievements or trophies.

This is just a quick run-through hitting the highlights. If you're new to classic Tomb Raider, or returning after a long absence, I highly recommend completing the interactive tutorials in this level. Also, check out the TR Remastered Controls (in progress) and Classic Tomb Raider Tips & Strategy pages for pointers on moving Lara through her environment, conserving health and ammo, and much more.

To start the training level, choose Lara's Home (Polaroid photo icon) from the main menu. You may want to enable Subtitles in the Sound menu first, since Lara talks you through the tutorial.

The "Welcome to My Home!" achievement/trophy requires you to do all of the exercises as Lara instructs. From the starting position turn around (or roll) and proceed straight ahead into the MUSIC ROOM. As you step onto the big, blue mat, Lara will instruct you on basic jumping: Press Jump alone to jump straight up. Press Jump plus a direction button (or Jump while pressing the left analog stick) to jump/flip in a direction.

NOTE: You can switch between classic tank controls and modern controls at any time, and reassign most of the buttons, in the Controls menu. Press Esc (keyboard), View (Xbox), touchpad (PlayStation), – (minus on Switch) to open your inventory. Then press Down to access the lower menu ring. Press Left/Right to select 'Controls,' then Action to open the menu.

When you've finished jumping up and down, then doing forward/back or side-to-side flips, exit the music room into the MAIN HALL.

Next, we'll unlock the achievement/trophy "Only the Brave Deserve The Fair," in which you must "swan dive to the floor from a maximum height to stay alive." Descend the staircase to the landing. Then head to the right and position Lara against the railing overlooking the wooden crates, as shown in these screenshots. Hop back once to give her a little room. Then swan dive over the railing onto one of the taller crates: Hold Walk then press Jump and almost immediately press Forward/Up. She should dive over the railing, land on the crate, and somersault up into a standing position. If you do the move correctly, from a height that's high enough but not too high, the achievement/trophy should pop.

Now follow Lara's verbal instruction to vault up onto a crate. Stand facing one of the shorter crates and touching it, then press Action + Forward/Up to vault. (screenshot) This counts toward "Welcome to My Home!"

Climb over the crates and enter the BALLROOM. Move Lara onto each of the numbered ramps in turn. Go slowly enough that you can hear her spoken instructions. This will make it easier to do what is needed to unlock "Welcome to My Home!" I haven't made screenshots, since Lara explains pretty clearly what to do, but be sure to do all steps in order. (Again, I use and teach tank controls, so check YouTube for modern controls if necessary.)

Ramp #1: Hold the Walk button and move up the ramp and around to the edge with the white line. Release walk and hold Look. Then use direction buttons or left analog stick to look around. Step off the edge and approach the next ramp.

Ramp #2: Move up the ramp and walk to the white line. Follow Lara's instructions to press Jump then almost immediately press Forward/Up, then while Lara is in the air, press and hold Action. She'll do a standing jump and grab the edge of the next low block. Continue to hold Action to hang on, then press Forward/Up to pull up. Turn right, step off the edge, and proceed to the next ramp.

Ramp #3: Move up the ramp and walk to the white line. Follow Lara's prompts and hop back once, then press Forward/Up and almost immediately press Jump. She'll run two steps and take off at the edge to land on the next block. (Be sure to release all controls before she lands, so she doesn't run/jump off the edge.) Turn left and step off.

Ramp #4: Walk to the white line, then do as Lara says and hop back, take the running jump, and while she's in the air, press and hold Action to grab the block ahead. Then press Forward/Up to pull up. Nice. Turn right, step off the edge, and proceed to the next exercise.

Ramp #5. Walk to the top of the low ramp. Hold Action and press Forward to grab the ledge above. Keep holding Action and press Right to shimmy/traverse along the ledge until there's room to pull up. Press Forward/Up to climb onto the ledge. Then WAIT while Lara explains what to do next. Hold Action and tap Back/Down to drop and grab the edge. Then release Action to drop to the floor. This is what old-school raiders call a safety drop. It's no big deal here in the gym, but out in the world, dropping from a high ledge, rather than leaping off, can be the difference between life and bone-crunching death.

Before going for a swim, head for the alcove just beyond ramp #3. Approach the treasure chest to unlock the "Feast Your Eyes on This!" achievement/trophy. (screenshots) Some people have suggested you need to hold Look and examine the treasure. For me, the achievement popped as soon as Lara got close enough.

Now head through the doorway near ramp #5 to reach the SWIMMING POOL. Again follow Lara's directions to learn basic swimming. Use Jump + direction buttons/left analog stick to move around underwater and swim to the surface. Notice Lara's air/breath meter at the top left corner of the screen. When it runs out, she'll start losing health, and if she doesn't get air soon, she'll drown. Try not to let that happen. She doesn't have a butler yet in Tomb Raider 1, so there'll be no one to fish her out.

Press direction buttons/left stick to swim on the surface. (In the original TR1 you'd have to press separate sidestep buttons to side stroke left and right. Now, while Lara is on the surface, hold Walk and press Left/Right to side stroke.) When you're finished swimming, approach the south edge of the pool, below the Venus de Milo statue. (screenshot) Press Action + Forward/Up to climb out of the water and automatically exit the training level. If you've done all that Lara asked, you'll unlock the "Welcome to My Home!" achievement/trophy.

NOTE: I did the tutorials several times without unlocking the achievement. When I finally had a brainwave and climbed out near the statue, it registered.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 2/27/24 - Remastered guide first posted.

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