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Secrets:Pickups: 7, including the EYE OF ISIS  Kills: none  Save/power-up Crystals: none

NOTE: The only enemy is the level boss, Sophia Leigh. However, since Lara defeats her indirectly, this doesn't register as an "official" kill. Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

City Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

Objectives: Kill the angry Miss Leigh and get her artifact.

Follow Sophia Leigh through the door in the corner of her office. She'll be waiting outside on a ledge of the adjacent building. She can't be killed with conventional weapons, so don't waste time and ammo shooting at her. You must instead find a way to kill her indirectly. The following sequence is shown in screenshots (linked below) and in this short video walkthrough.

As you climb, Sophia will continue to fire energy bolts from her scepter. Expect to take some hits. There are medi packs scattered along the ledges. If you're desperately low on health, go ahead and pick them up. But if you have enough to last, wait until later to get them. If you keep moving, Sophia won't be able to hit Lara as often, since she climbs as Lara does and won't fire while she's climbing.

NOTE: If you don't mind cheating a little, you can use the corner bug to get ahead of Sophia, kill her fairly quickly and then backtrack for all the items. There are several examples of this in speedrun videos on YouTube.

DEFEATING SOPHIA LEIGH: Start by taking a running jump onto the ramp ahead on the right. Climb onto the ledge above it and immediately make a U-turn to the left so the gap between the buildings is on Lara's right. Then take a running jump to grab the ledge below the pink light. (Don't bother using the grates to monkey swing across; it's too slow.) Pull up, turn left, and vault up onto the low block. Immediately turn around and pull up onto the walkway above. (screenshots)

Turn right and run across the walkway to the opposite wall. If you move fast, you can pick up the small medi pack (1) on the walkway, but Sophia will blast you if you linger. Press the button to open a trapdoor behind you. Roll, run back across the walkway, and climb onto the block just to the left of the silver door. Turn around and pull up through the open trapdoor onto the next higherledge. You should now be facing out across the gap between the buildings. There's a white light on the wall to Lara's left. Walk forward to the edge and pull up onto the walkway above. (screenshots)

Turn right and run along the walkway. Again, only stop for the small medi pack (2) if you're desperate. Near the end of the walkway, veer to the left and jump to grab the yellow grating ladder. Ignore the small medi pack (3) at the top of the ladder for now and go through the crawlspace under the white light. Turn around and climb onto the metal structure above the crawlspace. (screenshots)

If you need a breather, you can crouch behind the angled block, where it's fairly safe, and save your game. Then when you hear Sophia pause for a power-up, take a running jump across the gap to grab the ledge directly ahead (i.e., above where you were earlier). Pull up and run/jump forward. The electrical panel is just ahead on the right. Shoot it with pistols to short it out, thus electrifying the metal walkway and putting Sophia out of your misery. (screenshots)

When she disappears, Sophia leaves her artifact behind, but don't run toward it. That walkway is still pulsing with electricity. If Lara steps on it, she'll be killed. (screenshots)

BACKTRACKING FOR ITEMS AND SECRET: Now you can go back for all the goodies and make your way over to the artifact safely. Take a running jump back across the gap to grab the ledge above the crawlspace. Drop and grab the ledge below. Then pull up and take the small medi pack (3). Turn so the crawlspace is on Lara's right and safety drop to the walkway below. There's a small medi pack (2) in the middle of the walkway (if you didn't get it earlier) and a large medi pack (4) on the ledge at the far end. From there, drop down through the trapdoor and pick up another small medi pack (1) on the walkway near the button. (screenshots)

To access the level's SINGLE SECRET, turn around and climb over the low block just below the trapdoor and to the left of the silver door. Turn around so the wall is on Lara's left. Drop back and hang from the edge, traverse to the left, then drop and grab the opening below. Pull up into the crawlspace, turn around, and drop down into a secret area containing a rocket (5) and another large medi pack (6). Climb back up into the crawlspace, turn around, and drop to the ground. (screenshots)

THE EYE OF ISIS ARTIFACT: Once again go to the top of the ramp and pull up onto the ledge above it. Take a running jump without grabbing across the gap between the two buildings. Follow the metal ramps to the top. Climb onto the ledge above, go around to the left, and climb up once more. Jump over the gap in the floor to grab the next higher ledge and pull up (or go around to the left and climb up there). Turn around so the gap between the buildings is on Lara's right. Climb the pink, metal ledges ahead and go around to the left. Follow the metal walkway to the end and climb onto the pink ledge near the artifact, but do not climb onto the electrified metal walkway ahead. Instead climb onto the concrete ledge on the right then the slightly higher concrete block near the white light. Drop down on the other side and press the button to turn off the current. Now take the EYE OF ISIS (7) to end the level. (screenshots)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 9/1/14 - First major update since this walkthrough was created in 1998. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications.
10/4/14 - Added Sophia Leigh video.
2/5/24 - Added VGCartography's level maps, with permission. Visit VGCartography on DeviantArt for high-res versions, and follow on Twitter/X and YouTube for more fantastic game maps.
5/3/24 - Added kill and item counts. (Actual remastered updates coming eventually, but this should help.)

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