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Updated: 9/10/00

Kills:Items: Spear of Destiny and 1 Golden Rose Secret*

OUTSIDE THE SUB: You begin the level outside the sub. Lara is wearing the Extreme Depth Suit (EDS). The controls for swimming in the EDS are similar to those for normal swimming; however Lara can't roll. Also, the EDS is equipped with 10 chaff flares, which can be used as decoys to draw enemy torpedoes away from her. To use a decoy flare, press the Sprint key. (Regular flares, for seeing in dark places, can still be used with the normal Flare key.)

Swim down out of the hatch and forward toward the seaweed. Ahead is an outcropping of rocks forcing you to turn left or right. First, go right (as shown in this screenshot). Swim between the rocks to an open area with a mini-sub. The sub will start shooting torpedoes at Lara. Either dodge them or drop a chaff flare as a decoy. Swim down behind the yellowish mound of wrecked U-boat to find a small, square opening. (See this screenshot if you need help locating it.)

Inside is a golden rose (secret #1, 16/36), the only secret in this level. Pick it up and swim back outside. Hurry past the mini-sub (drop another chaff flare if you want to) and return toward the big sub the way you came.

When you reach the seaweed (the big sub is off to Lara's left) continue forward then to the right, along the other path between the rocks. (This series of screenshots shows the way to the wreckage.) After turning right beyond the seaweed, you'll notice a channel between the rocks on the left. The strong current prevents you from swimming through, though. Continue forward to another open area with a hostile mini-sub. Swim past the sub and into a narrow channel between some blocky green rocks on the far left. Follow this channel to emerge in an open area above the wreckage of the German U-boat.

U-BOAT WRECKAGE: When you enter this area, another mini-sub approaches from the far left. To avoid it, immediately swim down through the opening in the yellowish heap of wreckage (shown in the last screenshot on this page).

Once inside the wreckage, look for a small, square opening near the bottom. Swim through into a small, hollow area. Now look for another square opening in the top of the opposite wall and swim through it. There's a third opening leading out of the next chamber, also near the top. Finally, swim through one more square opening around the middle of the wall in the next chamber.

Cut Scene: Lara discovers a wooden crate. She pries it open and pulls out the SPEAR OF DESTINY. "Ah, who could believe it," she remarks. But her elation is short-lived. The ceiling begins to collapse, damaging her suit. "Puncture. Time to leave."

When the cut scene ends, Lara's aqualung no longer works. You'll need to head for the big sub in a hurry.

(NOTE: If you like, you can save your game immediately after the cut scene. That way you won't need to watch it again if Lara drowns. Just be sure to save in a new slot in case anything goes wrong.)

Lara is facing the exit after the movie, so just swim straight through. The next opening is up to the left. The one after that is on the opposite side of the chamber near the top; the last is near the bottom. Once inside the larger hollow in the wreckage, head straight up to the opening.

BACK TO THE BIG SUB: (See this series of screenshots for visual aids.) The nasty mini-sub is waiting outside. As you exit the hole, if you haven't gotten turned around, the sub will be off to the left. Swim toward it, dropping a chaff flare or two as you go. Behind the sub is a break in the rocks that leads back toward the sub. Look for a group of rocks with rounded, greenish tops. Swim toward them, then to the right.

Follow the seaweed growing on the bottom, making a U-turn to the left around the rock outcropping. After the U-turn continue straight on. Here the current will carry Lara the way she needs to go. Swim with it. (This is the channel you couldn't enter earlier because of the current.) You'll see the first mini-sub off in the distance to the left. Don't swim toward it. Instead, turn right between the rock outcroppings and head back toward the big sub. Swim beneath it and up through the open hatch.

Cut Scene: Lara re-enters the sub and takes off the diving suit. She stops to examine the spearhead and is interrupted by Mikhailov and his goons. (A transcript is included on the movie page.)

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*Note on Secrets: There are 36 golden roses in the game. If you find them all, after the credits you'll be able to access "Special Features" from the options menu. This is a collection of storyboards, etc., created during the game design.

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