Peru - Climbing to the Exit and
Gold Reward Part 1

NOTE: This sequence is also covered in the same gameplay video that shows how to solve the stone sphere puzzle.

From CHECKPOINT 18 on the center ledge overlooking the room, jump to grab the handhold on the right. Jump straight up to grab the top of the ledge and pull up.

Move to the opposite edge and jump to grab the ladder on the right side of the huge statue. Climb to the top.

Cross over the top of the statue's head. Jump the gap to land on the ledge beyond. Here you can grab onto a narrow shelf that runs along the entire wall. Climb to the left and around the corner.

Continue to the left, above the huge pit. When you come to the first broken section of the handhold, hold the left direction key (or left on the control stick). You'll see Lara lean to the left and begin to lunge forward and pull back as though getting ready to jump. If you jump just as she lunges to the left, she should grab the shelf on the other side without the need for a saving grab.

If she does slip (as shown above), quickly press Interact to regain her hold. Then continue climbing to the left, jump past the second broken section and keep going until she's hanging above the jutting ledge.

Drop down the stacked handholds to the ledge below.

Turn around and position Lara at the squared-off corner of the ledge, facing the dangling vine. Then jump forward to grab it.

Now you can choose to continue to the exit or take a detour for the gold reward.

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