Peru - Gold Reward Part 2

NOTE: This sequence is also covered in the same gameplay video that shows how to solve the stone sphere puzzle.

Once Lara is hanging on the dangling vine, turn to face the broken ledge on the other side of the pit (i.e., the leftmost ledge of the three).

Climb up the vine until Lara is roughly level with the narrow stone shelf running along the entire wall. (This corresponds to the shelf you used to climb along the other side of the pit.) Swing as high as possible and jump to grab that stone shelf (as indicated by the white arrow in the screenshot above). If you miss, Lara should still grab the handhold below, allowing you to jump up to grab the narrow shelf (yellow arrows).

If she falls onto the ledge, you'll have to jump back to the area with the sphere puzzle or commit suicide and try again from the checkpoint.

Climb to the left, jumping past one broken section on the way.

Pull up into the doorway.

Turn right and go up the ramp to find a fourth stone sphere.

Give it a good shove to send it rolling down the ramp. . .

. . . and crashing into the room below. Follow the boulder down the slope and drop onto the ledge below the opening.

From there, jump over to the ledge on the side of the huge statue. Climb down the ladder, just as you did before. At the bump halfway down, let go and Lara will grab the lower section of ladder automatically. Climb down a bit more and then drop to the floor.

Roll the fourth sphere onto the center pad, so there are now two balls there. This raises the crypt a bit higher, revealing the gold reward (1/1) inside.

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