Stella's Tomb Raider 2013 Walkthrough - For Windows, Macintosh, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

NOTE: Combat strategy is based on the Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly. In addition to the walkthroughs for each level, there are separate pages for Controls & Gameplay Tips, Skill & Weapon Upgrades, and Collectible Items.

SAVING AND CHECKPOINTS: Like the last several games, TOMB RAIDER uses autosave checkpoints. Whenever you pass a checkpoint, the game is saved automatically. Then, if Lara dies or you quit the game and restart, the game reloads at the last checkpoint. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. You may also want to periodically back up your autosaves on a memory card (consoles) or into a separate folder (PC). See the controls page for details.

AREA 22: SHIPWRECK BEACH (first visit)

Updated: 3/13/19()

Camps: Survivors' Camp (Fast Travel Camp), Flooded Vault (Day Camp)*
Gear: none  Weapons/Weapon Parts: Compound Bow, Rifle Parts (2/3 and 3/3), Shotgun Part (1/3), Bow Part (2/3)**
: 3/4  Relics: 6/6  GPS caches: 12/15  Treasure Maps: Relic/Document Map
Challenge Tombs: 1/2  Challenges: Cairn Raider - 5/5 items; Mine Sweeper - 10/10 items*
Area Map: Shipwreck Beach - Part 1***

*Some parts of this area are not accessible the first time you visit. Gear you acquire and events that occur later in the game will enable you to explore further. The numbers in the stat lines above show how many documents, relics, GPS caches, etc., can be obtained at this time out of the total number available. For example, only 3 of a possible 4 documents can be obtained during your first visit to this area, 12 of a total of 15 GPS caches, etc. The others are detailed in the Shipwreck Beach Part 2 walkthrough.

**In addition to the Compound Bow, which you get in this level as part of the story progression, you will find several weapon parts in random salvage crates. I have noted their approximate locations, but don't be surprised if you find them a little sooner or later than I did.

***This map includes all major collectibles and challenge items in the areas you can access now, on your first visit to this area. The items numbered on my map are covered in this walkthrough. For the others, you'll need to look at Shipwreck Beach Part 2. The in-game map does not include a compass rose showing which way is north. So when I refer to map directions in my walkthrough, assume North is up, east right, south down, and west left.

THE FAST WAY DOWN (continued)

OBJECTIVE: Travel to the Survivors' Camp

AREA NORTH OF THE BEACH: If you like you can head straight down to the buildings near the beach to rendezvous with the other survivors. But there's no hurry to follow the mission. It's fine to take time to go after collectibles if you want to.

Move along the wooden path. When you come to the gap above the stream, jump down to the next section of wooden walkway below. Climb onto the sandy ledge on the left to find a GPS cache (1/15) and a box of shotgun shells. (screenshot) To the right of the wooden path are 2 salvage crates—one nearby, one on the next sandy plateau to the southwest. (screenshot)

NOTE: The salvage crates in this area contain a RIFLE PART (2/3) and a SHOTGUN PART (1/3). Their exact locations are random, but if you open all the crates on Shipwreck Beach, you should find both.

When you've opened the second salvage crate, turn around and move down into the little pool with the rope-wrapped float. Position the float beneath the climbing wall on the tall rock column. You can do this by dragging it across the pool using a rope arrow or by pushing it. Just stand close and press the Melee button to give it a shove. Once the float is in position, jump from the edge of the pool onto the float. Then jump and latch onto the climbing wall. Climb up and around to the right to reach the top of the column, where you'll find a little cairn (1/5) with a metal helmet on top. Stand near it and press Interact to dismantle the marker and unlock the Cairn Raider Challenge: Find and excavate 5 of these for bonus XP. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're having trouble positioning the float in order to reach the climbing wall, there's a second float that might make things easier. Return up the hill to the wooden walkway and drop down into the stream bed below. Shoot out the plank barrier and push the second float over the edge into the pool. Drop down after it. Now you can arrange the 2 floats like stepping stones to reach the climbing wall. The screenshots also show the second float.

Jump back down to the sandy area where you found the last salvage crate and follow the path down to the left (southeast). Either drop down at the wooden ledge or make your way down and around. There's another salvage crate near the ancient truck and a cairn (2/5) for the Challenge on the large boulder nearby. (screenshot) Dismantle the cairn and then head up the beach to the northwest. On the little wooden platform with the zip line is another salvage crate and some shotgun and rifle ammo. (screenshot)

NOTE: There are wild boars, seagulls and crabs throughout this area that you can hunt for XP and salvage. I've included more info about hunting and related achievements/trophies below.

SURVIVORS' CAMP AND NEARBY BUILDINGS: Either slide down the zip line or walk down toward the buildings. The lift with the razor-wire-topped fence is not accessible until you obtain a new piece of gear. So for now shoot down the salvage net hanging from the brick archway. (screenshot) Then climb the broken steps to the cement pad to the left of the buildings. There's another salvage crate here, and the Survivors' Camp is just ahead on the left. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you have any skill points to spend and have not yet unlocked the Dodge Counter skill, I urge you to buy it soon. It will come in handy for the boss fight in the next level.

Use the camp site if you like, and then head through the alley between the buildings. You can see Lara's friends on the PT boat in the distance and hear the sound of the boat's engine struggling to turn over. Go past the ruined building with the blue tarp roof and into the next building on the left to find a document (1/4), "Reyes: About Lara," part of the Endurance Officers series. There's also a box of rifle/SMG ammo in the corner near the fire barrel. Go out the same way you came in and cross the alley to the wooden door opposite. Pry it open with your axe and enter to find another document (2/4). This one is a sad little note from Jonah, titled "Jonah: Recognizing the Truth," which is part of the Endurance Crew series. (screenshots)

Exit this room, turn right and head down to the boat. As you approach, a cut scene begins. Lara's friends are (mostly) happy to see her. Alex has gone out to the Endurance to get Reyes's tools, and the rest are attempting to fix the boat but are having trouble lifting the heavy engine. Lara spots some rigging on a wrecked galleon off to the south. She thinks they can use it to fashion a block and tackle and offers to go out and retrieve it. You receive 400 XP and a new goal.


OBJECTIVE: Reach the Galleon

If you're going after Achievements and Trophies, before leaving the PT boat, be sure to talk to each of the crew members. Stand close to each one and press Interact to converse until you've exhausted all the dialogue options for all three. You should see the 'TR' autosave icon at the bottom right corner of the screen as you finish each conversation. This counts toward the Chatterbox Achievement/Trophy.

Move up the slope opposite the boat onto the roof of the building where you found the first document. Pick up the GPS cache (2/15) in the far left corner. (screenshots)

OUT TO THE GALLEON AND BACK AGAIN: Now return back down the slope toward the boat with Lara's friends. Turn left (south) and head toward the pier and the wrecked galleon off in the distance. Hop across the gap between the cement dock and the wooden pier. Move forward to the next gap and look ahead to the left to spot an ancient, iron mine (1/10) floating in the sea. It's round with spikes sticking out of it. Use Survival Instinct if necessary. The mine will glow, making it easy to see. Shoot it until it explodes (two arrows or bullets should do the trick). This unlocks the Mine Sweeper Challenge: destroy 10 mines for bonus XP. (screenshots)

Continue along the pier, jumping across the gaps above the choppy waters, until you reach the cement structure with the crane on top. Ignore the yellow ladder for now and go around it to the far side. Look out at the ocean. There are a couple of mines off in the distance to the left (east), but they're too far away to shoot. You'll get closer to them later. The one straight ahead (almost due south) is within reach though. Again, use Survival Instinct if you need help spotting it. Then shoot the mine (2/10) it until it explodes. (screenshots)

Go back around to the other side of the crane and climb the yellow ladder to the metal ledge above. Vault up onto the ledge above and crack open the salvage crate. (You can also get a good shot at the second mine from here if you missed it down below.) Then slide down the zip line. (screenshots)

When Lara reaches the pier below, look off to the left (east) to spot another mine (3/10) you can shoot for the Mine Sweeper Challenge. Afterward, jump to the horizontal pole, swing forward and latch onto the climbing wall. Climb upward and to the right. Then jump to the right to grab onto the opening in the wrecked galleon's hull. Lara automatically climbs through and drops down on the other side. (screenshots)

When she hits the deck you receive 100 XP for making it out to the ship and a mission update.

OBJECTIVE: Collect the Block and Tackle

Lara overhears 2 Solarii in the next section of the ship. Take cover on the right so they don't notice you. If you want to take them out quietly, wait for them to finish talking and one of them will move away. You can then shoot the remaining soldier with a silent headshot. Burn the salvage net near where you just hid and crack open the crate. Then jump across the gap and loot the body of the man you just shot. The second man has climbed the stairs. You can sneak up behind him and use a stealth attack if you like or take him out from below with a headshot through the railing. Either gives you a nice XP bonus. You probably won't be able to loot his body, though, since he falls over the edge. (screenshots) If you're concerned about this, you can shoot the first guy with an arrow and wait for the second guy to come downstairs to investigate. Then shoot him as well.

Scramble up the painted wall near where the second baddie was standing. Climb around the corner to the right. While hanging onto the whitish plank on the side of the galleon's hull, jump straight up to grab the upper edge, climb further to the right, jump across the gap where the hull is broken, and grab again on the other side. Continue climbing around to the right until you can pull up onto the deck. (screenshots)

Lara spots the BLOCK AND TACKLE supporting the ship's anchor above the deck. Shoot one of the pulleys to cut it loose. Doing so causes the mast to topple over. When you approach the block and tackle, Lara picks it up and you receive 100 XP and a new goal. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Return to Jonah with the Block and Tackle

Use the fallen mast as a bridge to reach the section of the ship below. Move forward and use the barrels on the right for cover as you take out the 2 enemies on the deck ahead, plus a third man who climbs up onto the deck behind them. Try to kill the one with body armor first, since he'll jump across the gap and attack you up close if you don't eliminate him quickly. Then deal with the others. Afterward, go into the covered area on the left to find a relic (1/6), a Brown Jade Ink Box from the Yuan Dynasty Jade set. Examine the back of it for more info and XP. (screenshots)

Jump across the gap to the area where the men fell. Loot the bodies and then step up onto the ramp at the edge of the deck. Jump to grab the zip line and slide down. When Lara reaches the end of the first line, she'll automatically drop and grab the second line below and slide the rest of the way down to the beach. (screenshots)

BEACH BELOW THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: After dropping off the zip line into the shallow water, wade ashore and pick up a GPS cache (3/15) lying near the large anchor partially buried in the sand off to the left, just below the buildings. (screenshot)

There's a food cache on top of the cargo container stranded in the shallow water nearby. Getting it takes a little effort, which may or may not be worthwhile to you for the 20 XP you receive. If you want it, start by shooting the pulley that tethers the small, wooden boat to the pier. This frees the boat. Wade into the shallow water and use rope arrows to gradually maneuver the boat between the rocks and over to the container. You can then climb onto the boat and jump from there to grab the edge of the container, pull up and get the food cache. (screenshot)

The next mine (4/10) for the Mine Sweeper Challenge is just a short way down the beach to the east. (screenshot) You can shoot it from the top of the cargo container if you like or from down on the beach. Just be sure to stand at a safe distance so Lara doesn't get hurt when it explodes.

There are other pickups farther down the beach, but leave them for now and return to the campsite to meet Jonah.

BACK AT THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: When Lara approaches her friend, a cut scene ensues. Jonah takes the block and tackle from Lara. He's clearly concerned about something. She asks him what's wrong and he admits he's worried about Alex, who has not yet returned from the Endurance. Before they can decide what to do next, gunshots ring out and they hear Whitman calling for help. He stumbles into camp clearly agitated, but Lara is not buying his story about being chased. He hasn't broken a sweat despite supposedly having run for miles, and there's no sign of pursuit. Before Lara can press him for the truth, Reyes and Jonah interrupt and urge everyone to focus on the more important goal of getting the boat fixed. Lara volunteers to go after Alex and help him retrieve Reyes's tools. Before she goes, Jonah gives her a bow he found.

At the close of the cut scene, Lara sits at the campfire. Press the button indicated to upgrade from the Recurve Bow to the COMPOUND BOW. If you have the salvage points, you can also make two newly unlocked bow upgrades: Napalm Arrows and Plaited String. Afterward, you receive 400 XP and a new goal.

NOTE: The bow you receive from Jonah does not require any bow parts. These parts go toward the next bow upgrade, which you'll be able to make later on.


OBJECTIVE: Reach the Endurance Wreck

If you're going after the Chatterbox Achievement/Trophy, you must now talk to each of the crew members again. Jonah is in his previous location near the campfire. Sam and Whitman are sitting under the blue tarp, and Reyes is back at the PT boat. Be sure to talk to all of them until the Interact icon no longer appears above each of their heads. The game also autosaves after each conversation is complete, so you'll know you've done it correctly.

AREA NORTHEAST OF THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: Now head northeast, away from the campsite. Don't worry about Alex. He won't be any worse off if you take a little time to explore. Ahead on the left is a tall rock formation with a salvage crate sitting on a ledge. On the right is the entrance to a Challenge Tomb. It's marked with white graffiti and and has a reinforced door with a coil of wire wrapped around it. You can shoot it with a rope arrow, but it won't open yet. You'll need some special gear to force it. (screenshots)

For now, look to the east to spot another mine (5/10) that you can explode for the Challenge. Lying next to it on the sand is a GPS cache (4/15). Grab it and then climb onto the rock ledge and crack open the salvage crate. Then follow the sandy path up the slope between the large rock formation and the cliff. Climb onto the ledge on the left, head back along the ledge to the south, jump across the gap to find a food cache. Then continue along the ledge and around to the right. Climb onto the ledge ahead to find another cairn (3/5) to dismantle for the Cairn Raider challenge. Then climb back to the ground and head down the beach toward the shoreline (screenshots)

You probably noticed this before, but there are wild boars, seagulls and crabs throughout this area that you can hunt for XP and salvage. Now is a good time to do a little hunting. Killing seagulls helps with the Feather Duster Achievement/Trophy, in case you haven't unlocked that one yet. Shooting one of the crabs also unlocks the Crab Cakes Achievement/Trophy. As far as I know, it doesn't matter which crab you shoot. (screenshots)

NOTE: The description for Crab Cakes, "Kill FeeFee the crab," is a little Easter egg. It's a reference to the crab in the "Turning Point" trailer, which fans on the Eidos Tomb Raider Forums named FeeFee. Here she is at 1:55 in the trailer (video). There's more discussion in the forum thread "Fee Fee: The Hunt for Red Crustacean." and this thread about TR Easter Eggs, which contains some spoilers.

Climb the wooden stairs into the ruined building near the shoreline. Inside on the right is a salvage net. On the left are some arrows. After picking up the arrows, drop down through the hole in the pier to find another GPS cache (5/15). (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed the 4th mine when you returned from the galleon earlier, it's half buried in the sand off to the right. Blow it up for the Mine Sweeper Challenge. (screenshot)

LEDGES AND GIRDERS BETWEEN THE SHORE AND THE CLIFFS TO THE EAST: When you're ready to move on, climb back onto the pier where you just found the arrows and move to the end, where there's an anchor post. Now that you have the shiny new Compound Bow, you can shoot rope arrows into any climbing wall. When the tutorial text appears explaining how to do this, Lara is facing the climbing wall to the east, but instead of shooting your arrow there, turn left and fire a rope arrow into the section of rough wall to the northeast. Climb across, taking care not to drop off the line into the rough sea below. When you reach the end of the rope, press Interact to latch onto the climbing wall with your axe. Climb to the top of the ledge. (screenshots)

When Lara pulls up, she hears Alex talking to Reyes over the radio. He says he's close to the Endurance and wants to make sure he gets the right equipment for her. Reyes tells him what she needs and lets him know that Lara is on the way. Reyes tells him he should wait for Lara, but he wants to push on without her.

Scramble up the painted wall onto the iron girder. Turn right and walk along the girders to the end. Then jump across the gap to the painted wall and quickly jump again to scramble up and grab the horizontal pipe. Jump straight up again to grab the top of the ledge and pull up. Ignore the horizontal pole off to the right and instead jump to the next painted wall and scramble to the top. Jump across to the next ledge to find a GPS cache (6/15). Grab it and then jump over to the large wrecked ship ahead on the right. (screenshots)

MULTI-LEVEL SHIPWRECK: On the ship's upper deck, shoot the salvage net with a fire arrow. (You'll drop down later to get the crate that falls out.) Go around the mast on the right and pry open the salvage trunk. Then move around to the other mast and climb the yellow ladder. At the top of the ladder double-jump straight up to scramble up the mast and grab the next section of ladder. Continue climbing to the top to find another GPS cache (7/15). Climb back down the ladder to the deck. (screenshots)

NOTE: It's possible to drop from this high platform, grab onto the zip line below, and then slide down to the beach, but if you do this now you'll miss the next few pick ups. If you want everything, be sure to climb back down the ladder to the deck and continue exploring the wreck. Later, if you want to get back to the wrecked ship, just stand near the anchor post on the beach and fire a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped beam inside the wreck. (screenshot) Use the line to climb up and slide back down again when you're ready.

From the deck with the salvage trunk, either drop down to the level below or use the ramp near the base of the yellow ladder to descend. (screenshots)

In the little room to the southeast there's a relic (2/6), a Stuffed Bunny from the Family Outing set. Examine it closely for additional info and XP. Carefully drop down to the level below to find the salvage crate you freed from the net above, plus another relic (3/6), a Stained Jade Headrest from the Yuan Dynasty Jade set. Now climb back to the upper deck. There are several possible ways to get there. If you need help, one route is shown in the screenshots for this area. Move out to the edge beyond the small, wooden crate and use the zip line to slide down to the beach. (screenshots)

NOTE: The salvage crates in this area contain a BOW PART (2/3) and a RIFLE PART (3/3). Their exact locations are random, but if you open all the crates on Shipwreck Beach, you should find both. Finding this third rifle part will enable you to upgrade the Assault Rifle to the COMMANDO RIFLE at the next camp.

BEACH AND TOWER EAST OF THE SURVIVOR'S CAMP: Move past the fire barrel toward the tall tower to trigger the appearance of a pair of Solarii inside the tower. Hide behind one of the stone pillars or climb up the one with the ladder rungs on it and duck behind the barrels on top. Take the men out one at a time. If you don't kill them both with silent headshots, they'll call out and a third man will appear in the doorway on the right side of the tower. You can climb up and loot the bodies if you like, but there are more collectibles down on the beach, so be sure to drop back down when you're done. You'll return to the tower in a bit. (screenshots)

NOTE: You can wait until you're ready to climb the tower to deal with these enemies, but I find it makes for more relaxed exploration if you kill them first. Nobody likes being shot at while beach combing. ;)

Before leaving this area, look out into the water to the northwest of the fire barrel to spot another mine (6/10). Shoot it for the Mine Sweeper Challenge. Crack open the salvage crate on the beach below the tower. Shoot down the salvage net hanging on the side of the tower. Follow the path alongside the tower to find the salvage crate that dropped from the net. Look to the right (northwest) to spot another mine (7/10) floating in the sea. Shoot it for the Challenge as well. Then continue forward along the path. At the corner of the tower is a cairn (4/5), which you can take apart for the Cairn Raider Challenge. (screenshots)

Go around behind the tower to a LOVELY TIDE POOL. Have a little splash and then wade across the pool to the beach. Move to the edge of the beach, taking care not to step off the edge. Lara will die if she falls into the rocky shallows here. Turn right (southwest) and look out to sea to spot the next mine (8/10). Destroy it. Then turn around to find another mine (9/10) partially buried in the sand. Shoot it as well. (screenshots)

Move back down the beach toward the tide pool. There's a GPS cache (8/15) and a food cache on the broken pier. To reach them, climb onto the rock on the left side of the pier, jump onto the higher of the two sawed-off pilings, then jump from there onto the pier. Grab the goodies and drop back down to the sand. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're having trouble with the tricky jump onto the pier, don't worry. Unlocking the Climber's Agility skill may be helpful, but if you still can't manage it, you'll be able to get these goodies a different way when you return to this area later on. This is described at the end of the Shipwreck Beach Part 2 walkthrough.

Turn to face the cliff so the tower and the brick columns leading up to it are on Lara's left. There's a little cave just to the right of the waterfall feeding the tide pool. Inside you'll find another GPS cache (9/15), plus 2 boxes of shotgun shells and some rifle ammo. (screenshots)

Exit the cave, turn left and follow the path along the cliff to the east. Crack open the salvage crate. Then continue forward and around to the left to find a salvage net hanging from the arched ceiling formed by another wrecked ship. Shoot it down with a fire arrow and open the crate. Turn around and move straight across the sandy path toward the cliff wall. Turn right and pick up another GPS cache (10/15). Continue forward onto the beach, where you'll find the final mine (10/10) for the Mine Sweeper Challenge. Destroy it. If you've found all the others as well, you'll receive a 150 XP bonus. (screenshots)

CLIMBING THE TOWER: Return along the path to the tide pool and tower. If you didn't kill all 3 men in the tower earlier, watch out because any shots or explosions will have alerted the third man. Take him out from below. Then climb up the pillar with the ladder made of planks. If you didn't loot the bodies of the first two enemies here, one of them will be lying inside the doorway on the right. Jump over to get his stuff. Ignore the yellow ladder at the back of this room; you'll be ascending a different way. Instead jump to the platform with the barrels. (screenshots)

Walk to the end of the jutting beam and then jump to the other ledge on the left side of the tower. Run up the wooden ramp and jump across the gap to grab onto the plank ladder. Climb onto the ledge above, turn around and jump to the horizontal pole, then to the ledge beyond. Loot the enemy lying here, crack open the salvage crate, and then jump back to the previous ledge. Go up the wooden steps and around to the right. Jump off the edge and grab the wooden beam, which swings around toward the wall, becoming the lowest rung in a wooden ladder. Climb to the top. Then scale the climbing wall to the ledge above. (screenshots)

NOTE: There are various ways to climb up and down the tower. This walkthrough only describes one. Feel free to explore and experiment.

Once you reach the top of the tower, move forward onto the wooden ledge beneath the zip line but don't slide down yet. Instead drop down on the right side to land on a ledge with a food cache. Then go through the doorway into a room containing a relic (4/6), a Toy Train from the Family Outing set. Examine it closely for more info and XP. Ignore the wooden barrier in the other doorway. Instead step back out onto the ledge where you found the food cache and scramble up the wall to the ledge above. Then slide down the zip line to the grassy plateau to the northeast. (screenshots)

CLIFFSIDE NORTHEAST OF THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: As Lara lands, 2 lightly armored Solarii move onto the ledge above and directly ahead of her. Take cover behind the cement block on the left. (screenshot) I always find it amusing to listen to the men talking among themselves. It helps flesh out the story a little. When they're done talking—or you get tired of listening—shoot them. Since they're standing so close together, as soon as you kill one of them, the other will see you. Kill the second man quickly or he'll jump down next to you. If that happens, blast him with the shotgun or take him out with one of your melee combos. These two are guarding a Challenge Tomb entrance, but before going in, take a little detour for a few other pickups.

NOTE: If you do not care about collectibles and just want to follow the plot, you can skip the next few sections and go after Alex now. Skip down to the section titled "Heading For The Endurance," below. Since you will be facing the Challenge Tomb instead of coming out of it, you'll turn right instead of left to reach the wooden bridge.

Jump down to the ledge on the left to find a GPS cache (11/15) sitting at the base of the tree. Go around to the right behind the large rock to find a salvage crate. Open it and then turn around and move back up the slope and straight ahead. Cross the stream near the orange rope-wrapped float. (Ignore it. If you got the 8th GPS cache down on the beach, you won't need the float at all. If you missed that pickup, you'll use the float to get it later, when you return to this area after visiting the Endurance.) (screenshots)

As you approach the opposite bank of the stream, Lara draws her weapon indicating enemies are nearby. Notice the GPS cache (12/15) on the grassy ledge on the left but wait to pick it up. First, move down the path on the right and take out 2 approaching soldiers, one with a rifle and one with a shotgun. When the coast is clear, get the GPS cache, loot the bodies and open the salvage crate near where the enemies fell. (screenshots)

Then go back up the path to the stream. Follow the path around to the left and climb onto the ledge to find the final cairn (5/5) for the Cairn Raider Challenge. If you've found and dismantled all of them, you'll get a 150 XP bonus. (screenshots)

Now return to the Challenge Tomb entrance. You can either go back along the ledge the way you came, jump to the little plateau ahead and from there to the one below the ledge with the tomb. Or, from the 5th cairn, continue around to the left. Use the horizontal pole to cross the gap. Then climb onto the ledge ahead, turn left, and follow the wooden bridge back to the tomb. (screenshots)

FLOODED VAULT CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: Whichever way you approach it, when Lara reaches the end of the wooden bridge near the tomb entrance, another enemy carrying a shotgun appears at the other end of the bridge. Deal with him. Then pry open the metal door and enter the bunker. (screenshots)

In the second room, you'll find a relic (5/6, a Shaped Jade Headrest, part of the Yuan Dynasty Jade set. Pocket it and then climb the metal ladder at the other end of the room. At the top turn left into a small, debris-strewn room. Take the shotgun shells if you have room for them. Pry open the salvage locker with your axe. Then exit the room the way you came in. Collect what you can and then exit the room the way you came in. Continue forward past the ladder where you just climbed up. (screenshots)

Jump across the deep pit, sink your axe into the climbing wall and climb to the top. (See bug note below. *) Go up the steps and through the low tunnel on the left. When you emerge from the tunnel, pick up more shotgun ammo if you need it and then scramble up the painted wall. Climb the stairs. Then follow the path to the left, between the rocks and around to a room containing several goodies: a salvage net and locker, a food cache and another relic (6/6), a Worn Wallet that presumably belonged to the father from the Family Outing. :( Examine it more closely to see the photo and gain a few extra XP. (screenshots)

Exit through the doorway opposite the entrance and follow the passageway down to the tomb itself. This time, though, it's actually more of a laboratory than a tomb.

BUG NOTE: If Lara refuses to latch onto the climbing wall on the far side of the deep pit between the tomb entrance and the tomb itself, try exiting the tomb the way you came (through the metal door near where you found relic #5). Turn left, cross the wooden bridge, and proceed to the next checkpoint. Then reload the checkpoint and return across the bridge to the tomb. This should solve the problem which, as far as I know, only occurs in the Macintosh version.

FLOODED VAULT CHALLENGE TOMB: Just inside is a campfire with some lovely Solarii stew waiting for Lara. This is the Flooded Vault Day Camp. Climb the stairs to the room above. Take the shotgun shells if you need them and then use the console with the green light to turn on the power. Return downstairs and use the second console there to open the doors. Enter the room beyond, but avoid the water; it's electrified. The treasure chest is located in the elevated room straight ahead, above the number 2 on the wall. You'll need to find a safe way to cross the pool. (screenshots)

Start on the left side of the room. Pick up more shotgun shells. Then use your torch to burn the cloth-wrapped pole, freeing the raft that's tethered to the dock. Return past the entrance, pick up more shotgun shells in the corner, and go into the little room with the plank-and-barbed-wire barrier. Move around behind the barrier and use your shotgun to destroy it. Then switch to the bow, shoot a rope arrow into the raft, and pull it across the pool toward you. You may need to pull several times in order to position the raft between the steps on the left and the doorway where Lara is standing. (screenshots)

Jump from the doorway onto the raft. Then turn around and jump from the raft onto the ledge to the left of the doorway you just came from. Move to the other side of this ledge, where the steps lead down into the electrified water. The steps on the other side of the pool are close, but not close enough to reach by jumping. You'll need to raise that big electric plug out of the water in order to cross safely. Shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped girder dangling from the ceiling just to the right of the plug. When Lara pulls, it raises the plug out of the water but only temporarily. Quickly cross the pool before the plug sinks back down, electrifying the water once again. (screenshots)

Move up the stairs and stand between the giant plug and the raft. Use a rope arrow to pull the raft closer to the plug. Shoot another rope arrow into the rope-wrapped girder to raise the plug out of the water. Then quickly aim at the raft again and shoot another rope arrow. The goal is to pull the raft under the plug before it can sink back into the water. Once the plug is floating on the raft, the entire pool is safe to cross. (screenshots)

Wade through the water to the northern corner of the room and climb the stairs there to reach the room with the treasure chest. Opening it gives you the usual 1200 XP and 250 salvage points, plus the Shipwreck Beach Relic Map, which reveals the relic and document locations on your in-game map. Use the zip line to slide down to the entrance. Make a pit stop at the camp site if necessary. Then follow the passageway back to the room where you found the last relic. (screenshots)

From there, go through the hole in the wall and follow the path around to the right. Then, either drop down into the hole you came through earlier or shoot out the wooden barrier just beyond the hole and drop down on the other side. Either path leads back to the deep pit with the climbing wall. Be careful not to fall in. Take a running jump to clear the pit and grab onto the ledge on the other side. Pull up and continue forward. When you come to the ladder on the left, drop down and head back outside.

HEADING FOR THE ENDURANCE WRECK: Now it's time to go after Alex. After exiting the challenge tomb, turn left and cross the wooden bridge. If you didn't kill the guy with the shotgun here earlier, he'll appear at the end of the bridge. Take care of him, loot his body, and continue forward (southeast). Mind the drop-off ahead, though. (screenshots)

When you come to the cliff's edge, jump onto the wooden beam, walk across it and then hop forward onto the platform. This is the crow's nest of the old shipwreck on the beach below, near where you found the 10th GPS cache. Stand near the anchor post and fire a rope arrow into the climbing wall on the cliff ahead. Slide down the line and press Interact to latch onto the wall with your axe. Then climb onto the ledge above. (screenshots)

Inside the little shelter is another document (3/4), "Hoshi: In Her Image," one of the Ancient Scrolls set, and on the roof is a salvage crate. You can't open the reinforced gate on the right yet because you don't have the right equipment. You'll be able to get in there on the way back from the Endurance. For now, go through the tunnel to the southeast to reach the next area. (screenshot)

NOTE: There are several collectible items in this area that you will not have been able to obtain yet. You will return to Shipwreck Beach after the next level. At that time you can pick up anything you missed, open the second Challenge Tomb, near the Survivors' Camp, and go after the last few items.

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