TOMB RAIDER 2013 Quick Guide to All Treasure Maps

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WARNING: This page contains spoilers. No major plot points are revealed, but you will learn more about the various levels and Yamatai's backstory if you read ahead.

Each area that includes Relics, Documents and GPS Caches but no Challenge Tombs, also contains a hidden treasure map. Finding one of these maps updates your in-game map screen with the locations of the other major collectibles. For levels that do have Challenge Tombs, you'll receive a partial treasure map as one of the rewards for raiding each tomb. For details see the introduction. This guide is designed to help you find the treasure maps that are not inside Challenge Tombs.



This level's treasure map is on the east side of the second forested area, near the wooden bridge at the top of the hill. The map is sitting on a high platform with a rope line attached. To get up there, climb onto the rocks, jump onto the wooden archway, and cross over it to reach the platform. See the walkthrough and level map for details. (Click screenshot to enlarge.)

Coastal Forest Treasure Map

Mountain Temple Treasure Map


After climbing the rope ladder to the upper area, head to the left and you'll come to a wooden ledge overlooking a little stream. On the far side of the stream is a small cave, and inside this cave you'll find the treasure map. Check the walkthrough and level map for details. (Click screenshot to enlarge.)


Slide down the zip line from the Radio Tower Base Camp to land on top of a crumbling building. Go around to the left to find the treasure map sitting on a table near a fire barrel. See the walkthrough and map for details. (Click screenshot to enlarge.)

Base Exterior Treasure Map

Geothermal Caverns Treasure Map


On the east wall of the cave with the Catacombs Base Camp, there's a high, wooden platform with metal cages set into it. Climb the wooden slats to the top of this platform to find the treasure map. Its location is also described in the walkthrough and marked on the level map. (Click screenshot to enlarge.)


The map for this level can be found in the walled-off area on the west side of the bunker. It is not accessible until you obtain the rope ascender. Once you have it, pull open the rope-wrapped door in the gun turret room and go through. The map is in the northeast corner of this area, near the boarded-up door. See the walkthrough and area map for details. (Click screenshot to enlarge.)

Cliffside Bunker Treasure Map

Research Base Treasure Map


This treasure map is in the hallway with the metal tracks beyond the elevator shaft. Just before entering the passageway leading to the general's tomb, turn left and climb over the stacked boxes. The map is in the little dead-end area behind those boxes. See the walkthrough and level map for details. (Click screenshot to enlarge.)


This map can be found in the room with the round grate and dangling cage. It's sitting on a table on the high ledge on the west side of the room. Climb the ledges as shown in the screenshot to reach it. If you need more help finding it, check the walkthrough and level map. (Click screenshot to enlarge.)

Chasm Shrine Treasure Map

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