Tomb Raider I-III Remastered updates are in progress but will take time. For levels that have not yet been updated, I will continue to link to the ORIGINAL WALKTHROUGHS, which cover all the basics. Please check the introductory notes at the start of the first level for info on my process, modern vs. classic tank controls, etc. Note that I do not cover every possible achievement/trophy in this guide.


Updated: 3/16/24()

Secrets:Pickups: 19, including 4 keys  Kills: 23
Save Crystals: 5 (New Game+ only)

NOTE: One of the regular pickups here will be the SHOTGUN if you didn't get it in a previous level.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

St. Francis Folly Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

OBJECTIVES: In the first part of the level, locate the entrance to the main area: a tall, multi-level room with four side areas. Enter each side area, navigate a series of traps based on a different mythological figure, and obtain a key. Use these 4 keys to open the level exit.

LONG ROOM WITH TALL SQUARE BLOCKS: Upon entering the level, draw weapons. Two lions (1-2) charge from ahead near the square blocks. I recommend saving your shotgun ammo for unavoidable close combat. Instead, jump up on either of the low platforms flanking the entrance and take out the lions from safety with your pistols. (screenshot)

Continue straight ahead along the right wall. Beside the tall, tan blocks there's a movable block in a groove in the floor. Notice the two tiles here marked with the Greek letter omega (W), which looks like a horseshoe. Pull the block once onto the nearest omega. You'll see a camera's-eye view of the door at the top of the balcony behind you. (You still need to pull a switch to open that door, but it won't work unless you've moved this block first.) Then push the block twice onto the farther omega. This opens the door at the top of the landing ahead. Push the block once more to position it next to the tall, tan block on the left. (You'll be climbing up here later.) (screenshots)

GORILLA ROOM: Go to the door you just opened—at the far (west) end of the room on the low landing. Ready weapons and take just a step or two into the doorway. Don't go all the way in yet. Stepping on the pressure pad with the omega on it will close the door behind you. You'll hear gorilla sounds from within. You can probably kill the 2 gorillas (3-4) from the doorway if you wait for them to come down the stairs. Hop back into the big room if necessary. (screenshot) When they're dead, enter the room. If you hop over the pressure pad, the door will remain open.

If you stepped on the pad and the door closed, climb the stairs to the ledge on the right. Throw the switch to open the door. (screenshot)

Pull the switch at the center of the lower level to open the door on the high ledge at the far end of the big room outside. This also causes another gorilla (5) to appear out of nowhere on the landing above and to the left. Kill it as it comes down the stairs. (screenshot)

Now exit cautiously to the room with the tall blocks. Draw pistols and prepare to fire on Pierre DuPont, who'll be lurking among the blocks. (screenshot) You can't kill him at this stage, but you do need to deal him a certain amount of damage before he'll disappear. To conserve Lara's health and ammo, use only pistols and try to use the doorway and/or tall columns for cover. (Don't try and hide behind the movable block, though. His magic bullets go right through.) Or, if you prefer a direct approach, run right up to him and blast away. You may lose a little more health this way, but you'll drive him off more quickly. Just be sure to duck behind cover now and then to break line of sight, otherwise he won't disappear. You'll encounter Pierre several times over the next few levels.

CLIMBING TO THE FIRST SECRET: When he's gone, return to the movable block, on the left (north) side of the big room, and climb up on it. (First make sure you've pushed it as far as it goes toward the gorilla/switch room.) Take a standing jump to grab the taller stone block next to it and pull up. Turn left, walk to the edge, hop back once, then take a running jump to grab the next pillar. Pull up. Turn left, walk to the edge, and line Lara up facing the ledge in front of the doorway ahead. Hop back and take another running jump to the ledge. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're missing any of these jumps, it may help to review the Basic Training and/or the method for setting up jumps covered on my Strategy page. Once you've mastered these techniques, you'll almost never miss another jump.

St. Francis' Folly Diagram

SECRET ROOM WITH ANGLED BLOCKS: Inside are several angled blocks with an opening above. You need to do a tricky jump combination to get up there. To make it easier, I've included a diagram (left) and a series of screenshots. I refer to areas marked with letters in the descriptions that follow.

Here's how:  As you enter the room, there's an angled block that meets the floor on the left (A). Stand Lara in the doorway facing the angled block, with her left foot on the line of tiny triangles that spans the doorway. (This is the red line in the diagram.) Walk forward as far as possible toward the angled block. Use Look to check that Lara is facing the slope squarely. Hop back then press and hold Action. Press Jump + Forward, then release Forward, but continue to hold both Action and Jump. Lara will jump onto the angled block ahead (A), backflip off it, land on the angled block behind her (B), automatically turn to face down the slope, and jump to grab the ledge above (C). Continue holding Action but release Jump, then press Forward to pull up to the middle level. (screenshots)

Here you'll find 2 more angled blocks—a lower one on the left (D), a taller one on the right (E). Position Lara facing the middle of the lower block with her back against the higher block. Hold Action and press Jump + Forward. Release Forward while holding Jump and Action, and Lara will jump forward onto the first block (D), backflip onto the higher block (E), then jump forward to grab the ledge above (F). Pull up to the upper level. (screenshots)

This is SECRET #1, which includes a large medi pack (1) and shotgun shells (2). Run across the break-away tile in the corner (G) to shatter it for the "After Us the Deluge!" achievement/trophy, but don't fall through. It's a long way down. Instead, safety drop to the middle level from the same spot where you climbed up. Then hop/slide down to the floor.

Exit onto the ledge overlooking the LONG ROOM WITH TALL SQUARE BLOCKS and take a running jump back to the nearest square pillar. From there, turn right, walk to the edge and take a standing jump back to the next lower pillar. (A running jump will overshoot the pillar and Lara will take damage.) Turn left and walk to the edge of this pillar. (The movable block should be behind you now.) Take a standing jump to grab the taller pillar beyond. Pull up and pick up the large medi pack (3). (screenshot)

Now take a running jump to the brownish-gold ledge against the wall. Use running jumps to make your way across the brown ledges on the long side of the room to the door at the far end, which you opened earlier. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you miss a jump and fall to the floor, just return to the movable block, climb on top of it, walk to the edge, take a standing jump to grab the edge of the next block, and pull up. Repeat with the next, taller block (with the large medi pack). Then make your way along the brown ledges to the exit. If the door is not open, then you missed something. Drop down off the balcony and check that you've slid the movable block onto omega symbol nearer the exit, also that you have pulled the switch in the "gorilla room" at the opposite end of the room from the exit (as described above).

LONG SLIDE AND SECOND SECRET ROOM: Exit the ROOM WITH TALL SQUARE BLOCKS and follow the hall to a long slope. At the bottom of the slide, there's a secret room that can be a bit difficult to reach. Lara needs to slide down the long slope and jump across a gap to reach the secret area. If she misses the jump, she'll fall in the water below, uninjured, but will then be unable to get the secret. Since you only have one chance, save the game if possible.

Heres my preferred method for reaching the secret: Slide down the slope facing uphill. Near the end, hold Action so Lara grabs the end of the slide. Pull up, wait a moment for Lara to slip off the edge and then press and hold the Jump button. (Do not press Jump before she falls off the upper slope, or she will jump from there and miss the opening to the secret room. Do not press Action or she'll grab, and you don't want that.) If you hold Jump as she falls onto the short slope, she'll land there and immediately backflip to into the opening of the secret room. (screenshots)

If the above doesn't work for you, try this alternate method: Slide backwards down the long slope, holding Action to grab the edge. Let go then re-press Action to drop onto the shorter slope below, slide, and grab the edge. Pull up onto the short slope and immediately press together, so Lara does a 180 backflip and grabs the doorway to the secret room. Pull up and you're in. (screenshots)

Pick up the small medi pack (4) and shotgun shells (5), SECRET #2. (NOTE: If you don't already have the SHOTGUN, you'll find it here in place of the shells.)

SECRET IN FLOODED PASSAGEWAY: Go to the small alcove opposite the entrance to the secret room and drop down into the room below. Don't use that switch yet. (If you already did, pull it again to return it to the up position. Using it drains the water below. If you drop down into the passageway when it's dry, you won't be able to reach the next secret.) Move to the edge of the opening over the water and, if possible, shoot the crocodile (6) below. You may have to take a dip to get its attention. Then climb out of the water to shoot. If you want to, you can wait to kill it, but then you'll have to outswim it to reach the next secret. (screenshots)

Jump in the water, turn around to face the switch, then swim underneath the switch room and forward to a small opening in the ceiling. Climb into the room above and pick up some shotgun shells (6). This is SECRET #3. (screenshots)

NOTES: If you don't already have the SHOTGUN, you'll get it here instead of the shells. Also, if it hasn't been patched out in a future update, you'll notice some strange textures on the opening to the secret room. The underside has a detail from The Letter by the 18th-century French painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. The upper surface features Girl with a Pearl Earring by the Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer. I haven't had this much art education in a game since Horizon: Forbidden West!

Swim back to the room with the switch. Use it to drain the water. Then drop down into the dry passageway. Kill the crocodile (6) now if you didn't do it earlier. It's faster on dry land but also easier to target, and one shotgun blast at close range should do the trick. Head to the end of the now-dry passageway and go up the stairs on the right. (screenshot)

VERY TALL ROOM WITH CENTRAL STRUCTURE: You'll emerge at the top of a 6-story room with many ledges and landings. (There's a handy save crystal here in New Game+.)

This section is all about finding four switches to open four different doors—named after Thor, Atlas, Neptune, and Damocles. (If you're not familiar with the myths involved, you might want to do a little research.) Behind each door is a trap or hazard, along with one of the FOUR KEYS needed to open the exit.

In case you get disoriented or forget to throw a switch, you can climb up and down between levels. The switches are all on the central structure, the doors around the perimeter. Sixth (top) level = Neptune door. Fifth level = Thor switch. Fourth level = Damocles switch and Atlas door. Third level = Thor door. Second level = Neptune switch and Damocles door. First (bottom) level = Atlas switch, secret room, and level exit.

Take a running jump to the structure at the center. Three bats (7-9) drop from the ceiling and try to mess up Lara's hairdo. Kill them and cross to the other side. Drop down near the THOR SWITCH. (screenshot) Use the switch and then hop across the small square opening in the middle of the platform to trigger 3 more bats (10-12) from above. They sometimes glitch and get stuck in the floor above where Lara is standing. If this happens, take a running jump over to the base of the stairs on the east wall, roll, and shoot them from there. (screenshots) Return to the THOR SWITCH.

FINAL SECRET - PRESSURE PAD & TIMED DOOR: On a ledge across the gap from the THOR SWITCH, is a gray pressure pad. (It's on the right when you're facing the THOR SWITCH.) Take a running jump across the gap to land on it. Stepping on this pad opens a secret door on the bottom level. When Lara steps off the pad, a timer begins to count down. After about 17 seconds, the secret door closes. So you need to choose a direct route and go like mad to reach the door in time.

Here's one possible sequence (with screenshots): Position Lara on the pressure pad facing south (i.e., wall on her right, ATLAS SWITCH on her left) with her feet on the back edge of the pad. Until she steps off the pad, the timer won't start. So take all the time you want to get her into position. Make sure your health bar is at least two-thirds full, since Lara will lose some in the process, and save the game. Now comes the speed run: Hold Action and take two hops back to drop and hang from the edge. (Hanging for a split second means less damage when Lara falls.) Immediately let go and drop to the ledge below. As Lara falls, press and hold Roll, so that when she hits the ledge, she rolls and comes up facing in the opposite direction. Release Roll and run forward off the edge. As Lara falls, again hold the Roll button so she lands and comes up facing the other way. Release Roll and run forward along the long ledge. If you want to, you can draw pistols and kill the 2 bats (13-14) that swoop in from the left, but you must keep moving. If shooting distracts you, don't worry about it. You can get the bats later. Just keep running off the edge and straight on through the timed door. Inside is SECRET #4, a large medi pack (7) and magnum clips (8).

NOTE: If you don't have enough health to survive these drops, there are a few alternate strategies for doing this timed run with little or no damage. For example, tombraiderwalks' version, using the "grab cancel," and B0orisTheSpider's version, using carefully angled side flips. Or, wait to attempt the run until you've collected a few more health packs.

GROUND LEVEL - CLIMBING BACK TO THE TOP: Exit the secret room (the door opens as Lara approaches). Kill those bats (13-14) if you didn't do so earlier, and go around to the far side of the pillars supporting the central structure. There you'll find the ATLAS SWITCH. Pull it to open the door up on the fourth level. (There's also a save crystal here in New Game+.) (screenshots)

Turn around so the switch is behind Lara, and the level exit, with the four metal bars, is on her right. Run forward and climb on top of the L-shaped staircase. Turn right and pull up onto the ledge above. (You're now on the SECOND LEVEL.) Follow this ledge to the end. Ahead on the right you'll see a bat (15) hanging from the ceiling and some magnum ammo (9). Ready weapons, jump across (or run from ledge to ledge near the corner, where the gap is small). Kill the bat, which wakes up when you land near it. Then pick up the ammo. (screenshots)

Jump back to the previous ledge. Run forward a bit. Then turn left and take a running jump to grab the central structure above the ATLAS SWITCH. Pull up and go around the pillar on the left to find the NEPTUNE SWITCH. Use it to open the door on the top level. (There's also a save crystal here in NG+.) (screenshots)

Turn around and walk to the corner of the central structure. Jump over to the DAMOCLES DOOR, which is still closed. On the ledge above the door, where the word "Damocles" is carved, there's a large medi pack (10). Climb up and get it now, since later, when you return, Pierre will be lurking about. Hop down and climb the short flight of steps ahead. Turn right to face the central structure. Walk to the edge and take a standing jump to grab the edge. Pull up onto the THIRD LEVEL. (screenshots)

Ignore the open THOR DOOR off to the left for now. Head straight forward to the far right corner of the platform, turn right, and take a running jump across to the ledge against the east wall. Roll, drawing weapons, and kill 2 bats (16-17). Jump back to the central structure. Head toward the far right corner. Turn right, walk to the edge, and take a standing jump to grab the blocky ledge across the gap. Pull up. Turn right again and climb up onto the next block ledge. Kill 2 more bats (18-19) and then jump back to the central structure. (screenshots)

You're now on the FOURTH LEVEL. The ATLAS DOOR is on the right. (There's also a save crystal here in NG+.) And if you carefully climb over the low block straight ahead, you'll find the DAMOCLES SWITCH. Use it to open the door down below. Across the gap to the left you'll spot a small medi pack (11) on a ledge. Retrieve it and return to the switch. (screenshots)

All four doors—NEPTUNE, THOR, ATLAS, and DAMOCLES—should now be open. We'll continue climbing to the top, then make our way down again, stopping to complete a challenge and retrieve a key in each area.

Climb back onto the block next to the DAMOCLES SWITCH. Walk forward to the edge of the block. Then jump straight up to grab the edge of the square opening above. Pull up onto the FIFTH LEVEL, near the THOR SWITCH. (If you didn't use it earlier, do that now to open the THOR DOOR. You can also attempt the timed run for the 4th secret if you didn't do it earlier. Then make your way back to this point.) From here, take a running jump to the bottom of the flight of stairs below and to the left of the area entrance (high above on the east wall). Kill another bat (20) when you land, then go to the top of the stairs. (screenshots)

NEPTUNE ROOM (TOP LEVEL): Across the way you'll see the NEPTUNE DOOR. Make your way over to it and go inside. Jump in the pool and swim downwards as the strong current carries you that way. When you reach the bottom, swim forward. There's a gate ahead, and the key is behind it, but don't go there yet. Instead, look for an opening above on the left. In this alcove is a lever. Pull it to open the gate and shut off the current. If you have plenty of air, roll and swim away from the lever, then down and to the left. Grab the NEPTUNE KEY (12), roll, and swim forward. When you reach the grate in the floor, swim up the long tunnel to the surface. (If you're low on air after pulling the lever, it's OK to return to the surface. Then dive down again, swim forward to get the key, and return to the top.) (screenshots)

NOTES: To unlock the So Salacia achievement/trophy, "come out of water on your last breath in Neptune's room." This one is fairly forgiving. You don't have to retrieve the key and unlock the achievement at the same time, though you can. An easier way is to submerge, hover below the surface, and let Lara's air run out. When the meter empties, come up for air, and the achievement/trophy should unlock. (screenshots)

Exit the Neptune room, and look down and to the left (west) to locate the ATLAS DOOR. (screenshot) Jump back to the central structure, carefully drop down two levels, and approach the entrance. (You may hear a random roaring, as there's now a lion roaming around at the bottom of the room. We'll confront it later.)

ATLAS ROOM (FOURTH LEVEL): Enter with weapons drawn. Kill the gorilla (21) lurking inside on the left. (screenshot) (The shotgun is a good choice here if you have ammo, but the pistols are fine. Don't bother climbing onto the ledge near the barred window, since gorillas can also climb.)

The "I Am No Heracles" achievement/trophy is tricky. The goal is to enter the trapped hallway ahead, trigger a boulder trap, and climb onto a safe ledge before the boulder comes to a stop at the other end of the hallway. Here's the strategy that worked for me: First, visualize where you're headed. You can spot the safe alcove through the barred window, or stand on the pressure pad with the Omega symbol to open the gate, then use Photo Mode (F3 on keyboard, L3 + R3 on controllers; i.e., click both analog stick buttons at the same time) to scout ahead. The safe ledge is on the left, directly opposite the last section of bars. (screenshots)

Now stand on the pressure pad and save the game. When Lara steps through, the gate closes. Turn right and run forward along the right side of the passageway. When you reach the middle section of barred window, the huge boulder at the top starts to roll down the ramp. Keep running, and as you approach the last section of barred window, veer left and hold Action. Don't jump, but continue to hold Forward/Up + Action as you run into the wall, and Lara should pull up onto the safe ledge. If you do this quickly enough, the boulder will miss Lara and you'll unlock the achievement/trophy. (screenshots)

Once the boulder lands, the gate re-opens, but don't leave yet. Climb onto the long ledge above on the left and go to the far end to find the ATLAS KEY (13). Drop down from the ledge. Hop down into the pit where the boulder landed and pick up a small medi pack (14). Climb out of the pit and exit back to the main area. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't care about achievements, or have already unlocked this one and are replaying, this method may be easier: Stand on the pressure pad with the Omega symbol. Go through the open gate, turn right, and walk forward. When the boulder starts to roll, backflip twice, then hop back once and grab the edge of the shallow pit. The boulder will sail overhead and stop when it hits the wall. Get the small medi pack (13) in the pit and the ATLAS KEY (14) on the ledge above on the left. Then exit the way you came in.

THOR ROOM (THIRD LEVEL): The THOR DOOR is directly below the ATLAS DOOR. To get there, climb the first two low steps onto the central structure. Turn left, step down, then turn around and safety drop to the level below. There are now 2 lions (22-23) down below. You can probably shoot them from here, but it's also fine to wait. Take a carefully angled running jump over to the walkway leading to the THOR DOOR, or go around to the left (there's a save crystal here in NG+) and approach from the other direction. (screenshots)

Proceed slowly into the room until the disco ball on the ceiling begins to shoot bolts of lightning. It's possible to be struck by lightning and survive, but if you can get through this area without taking any damage, you'll unlock the "You Are Really Loki" achievement/trophy. To do this, stop on the lowest step. Don't step down onto the flat floor between the first two gray tiles. If you do, Lara will get zapped. Instead, turn right and step down near the wall. Go forward, keeping the back wall fairly close on Lara's right. Turn left at the corner, so the lightning ball is ahead on the left. Walk slowly toward the gray floor tile ahead. Stop just before the seam in the floor so there's one regular floor tile between Lara and the gray tile. Now take a diving roll over the gray tile by holding Walk and pressing Jump + Forward. Release Walk and quickly run or jump forward into the next room. (screenshots)

NOTE: At this point, you're halfway to the Loki achievement/trophy. You must also pass through the lightning trap again on the way out.

Now comes phase two. Above is an enormous hammer. On the floor is a pressure pad. To unlock the "Thor's Mercy" achievement/trophy, position Lara slightly to the right of the pressure pad facing it. Run onto the pad. Count two (or listen for two squeaks) then run off the pad before the hammer falls. Run forward but stop on the tile that's just to the right of the room's center line and just before the tile that touches the wall. When the hammer lands, 2 stone blocks fall from the ceiling. One should land here, on top of Lara. It magically doesn't harm her, and the achievement/trophy should pop. The other block lands on the ledge along the right wall. (screenshots)

Hop down off the movable block on the left side and push it once. Climb back on top of it and take a running jump to grab the ledge. Pull up, go to the right, and climb over the other movable block. Push it twice. Then climb onto it and take a running jump to grab the tall block in the corner. Pull up and pick up a small medi pack (15). Turn left and take a running jump to grab the high ledge beyond. Pull up, enter the alcove and take the THOR KEY (16). Return to the ledge, take a running jump to grab the corner block again. Pull up. Move to the right side, drop down onto the ledge below, then hop down to the the floor. (screenshots)

Return to the room with the lightning trap. You can exit on either side. We'll choose the right. Step up into the doorway and walk forward carefully, stopping with one regular floor tile between Lara and the gray tile near the wall. Dive and roll over the gray tile as you did before (Walk + Jump + Forward). Run forward into the corner and then go up the steps, taking care not to touch any gray tiles. If you made it through without being struck by lightning, you'll unlock the "You Are Really Loki" achievement/trophy as you exit the room. (screenshots)

As you exit the THOR ROOM, your favorite sniper, Pierre DuPont, appears on the ground level and starts taking pot shots at Lara. If you didn't kill them earlier, the 2 lions (22-23) are still lurking down there as well. Ignore them and run straight ahead through the central structure. Head for the far right corner, jump down near the DAMOCLES DOOR, and run inside before Pierre can do too much damage. (screenshot)

If you didn't already get the large medi pack (11, counted above) on the ledge above the 'Damocles' sign, you can climb up and grab it now. Just go quickly so you don't lose more health than you get back.

DAMOCLES ROOM (SECOND LEVEL): The swords hanging from the ceiling of the Damocles room are not dangerous...yet. (screenshot) Make your way to the back of the room. Step on the pressure pad to open the small, square door, and enter the inner chamber. (screenshot) Climb onto the pedestal and take the DAMOCLES KEY (17). Pull up through the square opening above to find a small medi pack (18) and shotgun shells (19). (screenshots)

NOTE: At this point, you may want to save the game since the next two achievements/trophies may require you to do this sequence at least twice.

Now drop down, move to the doorway, and walk very cautiously out through the sword room. The swords are now armed to drop as Lara approaches. (screenshot) Use Look and Photo Mode (F3 on keyboard, L3 + R3 on controllers; i.e., click both analog stick buttons at the same time) to check the ceiling screenshot), but don't trust your eyes; some of the swords are concealed and seem to drop down out of nowhere. Some even fall inside the fluted columns. (screenshot) Take one step at a time, listening for the telltale "snick" of the falling swords, and you'll make it through.

I haven't mapped the location of every sword, but if you're attempting the "Exaggerated Threat" achievement/trophy, "Defuse all swords in Damocles without being hurt," you'll need to trigger 19 of them without taking damage. I recommend walking slowly and methodically back and forth, in order to step on every possible tile. (A few tiles are blocked by broken architecture so you can't stand there.) Be sure to step on the raised bases supporting the columns, since some swords are triggered this way. (screenshot) Once you've tripped all of them, exit the room and the achievement should unlock. (screenshot)

If you happen to take damage from one sword, immediately head for the exit. If you make it out without taking any more damage, you'll unlock "Dionysius' Wisdom," "Let only one sword hurt you in Damocles' room." Otherwise, complete Exaggerated Threat (all swords, no damage), then reload and try for Dionysius' Wisdom. For this one, you don't need to trigger all swords. Just move cautiously toward the exit, and if you make it to the doorway without taking damage, check that Lara has full health, then trip the sword to the right of the exit. Let it fall and hit her, taking almost half her health. (screenshot) Then when you leave, the achievement/trophy should pop. (screenshot)

NOTES: You may unlock "Dionysius' Wisdom" at the same time as "Exaggerated Threat," even if you take no damage. I suspect this is a glitch, but this happened to me and at least one other player in the Steam version. Also, it may be possible to trip 18 swords, save the game, trigger the 19th, leave, and unlock "Exaggerated Threat." Then reload the save after 18 swords, take damage from the 19th, and leave to trigger "Dionysius' Wisdom." I haven't tried this. If it worked for you, let me know.

CONFRONTATION AND LEVEL EXIT: When you emerge from the DAMOCLES ROOM, Pierre will be ready for some action. (screenshot) Remember, you still can't kill him yet. So shoot at him with pistols to avoid wasting ammo, and move back from the edge when he starts firing. When you've taken about a third to a half half of his health, he'll decide he's had enough. Just be sure to break line of sight now and then, so he can vanish mysteriously, Tuxedo Mask style. Kill the 2 lions (22-23) from above, as well, assuming you didn't already do this. Then safety drop to the floor from the lowest step outside DAMOCLES to avoid losing health.

Use the 4 KEYS in the locks on the east wall and exit the level. (screenshot)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 3/3/24 - First major update for the Remastered version. Updates made prior to the Tomb Raider I-III Remastered release are tracked in the original guide. Thanks to Jimmii and Tara for the alt strats for secret #2.
3/7/24 - Updated the note on the Damocles achievements, thanks to feedback from Tom V.
3/16/24 - Added the note about Pierre being able to shoot through the movable block, thanks to Rebecca.

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