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Secrets:Pickups: 32, including 2 keys  Kills: 26  Save/power-up Crystals: 8

*One of the pickups here will be the SHOTGUN if you didn't get it earlier. Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Thames Wharf Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

Objectives: Make your way across the rooftops and alleyways to the bell tower at the level's end. First, you'll need to enter the building opposite the starting point to get the key to the flue room. Then find the way into the flue room to open up a path to the next area, which contains three large water tanks. Fill and empty the tanks in the proper sequence to reach the last area: the rooftops near the bell tower. Pick up a few useful items there and then locate the exit.

You begin on a ledge high above street level. Before jumping across the alley to the next building, take a detour for a secret.

NOTE: If you don't care about secrets, you can skip down to the section BUILDING OPPOSITE THE LEVEL START. Or, if you want to bypass huge chunks of the level, try some of the shortcuts shown in this separate section.

ACROSS THE CRANE AND BACK: From the starting point, turn around and move to the end of this ledge, where it meets the metal catwalk. Turn left and step as close to the base of the angled roof as you can. Take one hop and one or two walking steps back. Now take a running jump over the angled roof to land in the low area behind it. Head to the left and around the corner to find shotgun shells (1) and a save/power-up crystal (1). (screenshots)

After getting the goodies, climb onto the pink, metal block in the opposite corner and pull up onto the ledge on the right. Walk across the roof to the edge. Hop back and then take a standing jump down onto the yellow crane. (If you hop back first, Lara will land on the sloping side of the crane, avoiding any damage.) Move along the crane arm to the breaks in the railings. Then drop down onto the gray block dangling from the crane by purple chains. Position Lara in the middle of the block, facing the crane's vertical support. Step off the edge to land on the roof below, taking a small amount of damage. Slide backwards down the roof, grab the edge, and drop into the safe alcove near the coil of barbed wire. Either turn around and walk through the barbed wire or pull up onto the slope and backflip over the wire. Follow the hallway to SECRET #1—a rocket and small medi pack (2-3) guarded by 2 rats (1-2). (screenshots)

NOTE: Alternatively, instead of sliding down the roof, you can jump from the gray block dangling from the crane onto the nearest ledge—on the right if Lara's back is to the crane. Climb down the yellowish grating and drop to the concrete ledge below. Back up to the wall and then take a standing jump down to the alcove, so as not to slide into the barbed wire.

Exit the secret room, turn left, and walk through the barbed wire until Lara is facing the tall, gray block in the corner. Pull up onto the block by pressing Forward + Action. Climb onto the ledge above. Then climb the yellow grating and dismount on the right. Turn around and jump across the gap onto the dangling block. Pull up onto the arm of the crane. Turn around and take a running jump through the break in the railing to land on the corner of the gray ledge ahead on the right. Go to the right and jump onto the next small, square ledge. Face the wall, pull up, and slide down the other side into the area where you found the save crystal earlier. (screenshots)

Again, use the pink block to climb onto the ledge above. Turn left, adjust Lara's angle if necessary, and jump to grab the top of the wall above the pink block. Do not pull up yet, or Lara will slide down the other side and take a long fall. Instead traverse to the left until you can pull up and slide onto the solid ledge. (screenshots)

BUILDING OPPOSITE THE LEVEL START: You're now back at the starting point. Go to the right end of the ledge (when facing across the alley) and drop down onto the square grate below. Step off the edge to land on the angled roof, slide back, and grab the edge. Pull up and immediately backflip onto the ledge behind. Kill a crow (3) that flies in from across the alley. Then throw the switch to raise a green trapdoor on the outside of the building across the way. (screenshots)

Jump straight up and grab onto the overhead grating. Monkey swing to the other end of the grate and drop down on the ledge with the zip line handle. A dramatic sound effect hints of danger, but you won't actually meet the next enemy until you cross the alley. Ignore t the small medi pack on the little roof across the way. You'll get it soon. For now, ride the zip line down to the end. Lara will let go and land on the sloping roof below. Hold Action to grab the edge of the roof as you slide back. Let go and then quickly grab the crevice below. Traverse to the right, pull up onto the green trapdoor, and kill the mercenary with the gun (4) who emerges from the doorway ahead. Pick up the small medi pack (4) he drops. (screenshots)

Enter the building and turn left. Go around the corner and take a standing jump across the gap onto the nearest ledge. Do not run forward onto the breakaway tile. It's a long way down! Try to shoot the 2 rats (5-6) on the wide ledge on the other side of the room, since that's where you're headed next. This jump can be a little tricky. It may help to step onto the cracked tile and then hop back before it falls out from under you. Once the tile is gone, it's easier to set up the jump. Stand at the corner of the ledge, angle Lara just to the right of the wall protruding from the left, hop back once, and then take a running jump to grab the edge of the wide ledge. Pull up and finish off the rats if necessary. Go through the doorway in the right corner. Follow the hallway, subdue the mercenary (7) at the end, and take his FLUE ROOM KEY (5). (screenshots)

Return to the ledge with the dead rats. Move to the left end of the ledge, overlooking the open room. Then turn around, drop and hang from the edge, let go and grab the thin, metal ledge below. Pull up and press the button to open a trapdoor near the entrance. Drop to the ledge below and crawl under the low overhang to get some harpoons (6). Safety drop to the ground and pick up a small medi pack (7) in the rubble from the broken tile, plus some flares (8) in one corner, and a save/power-up crystal (2) in the depression behind the low wall. Press the button to open the trapdoor at the top of the grating ladder and climb up. Jump from the ledge with the dead rats to grab the horizontal crevice on the left wall. Traverse to the right and drop onto the ledge below the open trapdoor. Then turn around, pull up onto the ledge near the entrance, and exit the way you came in. (screenshots)

CLIMBING THROUGH TO THE BACK ALLEY WITH THE SCAFFOLD: Just outside the doorway to the right is the switch you passed earlier. If you didn't already do so, pull it to re-open the green trapdoor. Safety drop onto the L-shaped ledge below and shoot another crow (8). Now turn to face the wall. Notice the 5 small openings along the front of the building. Jump up to grab the edge of the one above the blue door. Traverse to the right along the nearly invisible crevice and pull up into the next opening to get some shotgun shells (9). Back out and hold Action to hang from the edge. Then continue traversing to the right. Pull up into the rightmost opening. This is SECRET #2, another box of shotgun shells (10). Again, back out, hang from the edge, and traverse to the left until you can drop onto the L-shaped ledge. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't already have the SHOTGUN, you'll get it here instead of the shells in the secret alcove.

Now pull up into the opening second from left. Crawl in and follow the tunnel to a T intersection. Turn right and continue to a small ledge high above another alley. Across the way you'll notice a painter's scaffold. There's no need to climb all the way over to it now, though. Hop across to the button and press it to uncover another button elsewhere. Hop back to the ledge near the crawlspace (or climb over the slightly higher ledge if that's easier). Then crawl back through the tunnel. Continue straight through to the opening ahead. Turn around, safety drop out of the opening onto the sloping roof below, and slide down onto a stack of blocks. (screenshots)

NOTE: Lara will lose a smidgen of health in the drop onto the angled roof. To avoid this, turn left at the T intersection inside the crawlspace, follow the tunnel to the end, and drop down onto the L-shaped ledge. Then move to the right end of the ledge (when facing out across the alley). Safety drop onto the slope below the ledge, slide back, grab the edge, and drop down.

CLIMBING DOWN TO THE GROUND AND UP TO THE START AGAIN: Down in the alley, take out the gunman (9) lurking across the way. Then climb over the blocks in the far right corner to find a box of flares (11) and a save/power-up crystal (3). Pick up the Uzi clips (12) lying on the other side of the alley. Then climb the tall stack of blocks. Take a standing jump to grab the pink, metal ledge. Pull up and climb the yellow grating. At the top of this ladder is a wide, metal ledge at roughly the same level as the green trapdoor. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed secret #2 earlier, you can get it now. See the page of screenshots for details.

Climb the second ladder made of yellow grating just to the right of the previous one. At the top, turn left into an alcove containing a third ladder. Climb it as well. (screenshots)

ROOFTOPS AND FLUE ROOM: When you reach the top of the third ladder, you'll be facing the long ledge where you started the level. Instead of jumping over there, take a standing jump across the gap between the ledges to land on the small, metal ledge below. Turn left and take a running jump across the alley to land on the roof where the zip line is anchored. Move to the right end of this roof and carefully drop down onto the little roof with the small medi pack (13) . (screenshots)

Grab the horizontal crevice in the wall and traverse to the right until you can pull up onto a flat ledge. (The angled roof below is safe, but there's no need to drop down.) Climb up two block steps then turn right and follow the passageway to a gap above the alley with the painter's scaffold. Jump across the gap and continue around the corner. Kill another crow (10) and then climb onto the ledge directly ahead. Pick up the large medi pack (14) and press the button (this is the one you uncovered earlier) to raise the scaffold. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you arrive here before raising the glass cover over the button, you may still be able to proceed. Climb onto the metal ledge above and to the right of the button. Grab the edge of the roof and traverse to the left until Lara is hanging directly above the button. Let go and Lara should drop down inside the glass cover. You should then be able to press the button. As far as I know, this works on all versions of the game. (screenshots)

Return to the gap above the alley and jump across to the other side. Turn around, step to the corner, and take a standing jump down onto the scaffold. Shoot another crow (11). Now jump from the scaffolding into the doorway with the keyhole. Pick up the flares (15) and use the FLUE ROOM KEY to unlock the door. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed the FLUE ROOM KEY, you'll need to go back for it. Follow the instructions in the next two paragraphs to get back to the start. Then refer to the section BUILDING OPPOSITE THE LEVEL START to find the key. Or, return to the start and use the shortcut described here.

Drop down and run across the room. Take the save/power-up crystal (4) and use the button to the left of it to extinguish a burner elsewhere and turn on the flames here in the flue room. To get past them, position Lara in the doorway just before the first billowing flame. When it cycles off run forward but stop in the doorway before the second flame. Wait for it to cycle on, then off. Then run forward to the alcove below the door, where it's safe. Pull up into the doorway, walk to the edge and take a standing jump down to the scaffold. Safety drop to the pink, metal ledge below. Turn around and hop over to the next ledge. Drop down on the far side of this ledge and return, via the crawlspace, to the other side of the building. (screenshots)

Drop down into the alley and climb back up the ladders to the high ledge near the start, just as you did before. At the top of the third ladder, again hop down onto the small ledge just below the starting ledge. Take a running jump across the alley, and again use the horizontal crevice to traverse across the front of the building.

ROOFTOPS AND ENTRANCE TO UNDERGROUND INDUSTRIAL AREA: This time, when you pull up onto the ledge at the right corner of the building, there is a gunman (12) waiting in the passageway above. If you don't climb up to his level, you may be able to kill him from the doorway without him shooting back. Afterward, climb onto the ledge above on the left and follow the path around to an opening above a burner. It should be off now, if you pressed the button in the FLUE ROOM, but don't drop down yet. First, go after a secret. (screenshots)

NOTE: If the burner is still lit and you don't want to go back to shut it off, get the secret. Then use the shortcut described here.

Walk to the edge of the opening and then jump over it to grab the opposite edge. Pull up and take the shotgun shells (16). Turn right (you'll see the yellow crane off in the distance), hop back, slide down the angled roof, and grab the edge. Let go to land on a ledge with a rocket (17). This is SECRET #3. Climb the grating and jump forward onto the flat spot above. Then turn right and jump over the hole onto the walkway below. (screenshots)

Safety drop into the hole. Turn around and slide down the ramp to emerge on a small ledge in the alley with the scaffolding. Take a standing jump with Action across the gap and into the doorway. Then follow the duct, sliding down several ramps picking up a save/power-up crystal (5) and large medi pack (18) and killing 2 rats (13-14) on the way down. There are no side passages, so you can't get lost. (screenshots)

NOTE: For a possible shortcut through the next area, refer to this separate page.

INDUSTRIAL AREA WITH THREE LARGE WATER TANKS: At the end of the duct, step off the edge to land on a raised platform in a control room. Turn right and take out an armed guard (15). If you flip from side to side as you shoot, you can kill him with pistols. (screenshot)

Now, notice the switch and 2 covered buttons. These control the pumps that adjust the water level in 3 humongous tanks just ahead. When you arrive, tank #1 (closest to this room) is half full, and tank #2 (at the end of the long corridor) is empty. So, you're unable to get to tank #3, which can only be reached by swimming across tank #2.

Use the switch to fill tanks #1 and #2. Follow the long corridor past the entrance to tank #1. Continue to the end of the corridor and follow the side passage to tank #2. Jump in, swim down to the bottom, and retrieve a small medi pack and Uzi clips (19-20). Then pull the underwater lever (mounted on the wall below the blue lights) to open a trapdoor at the bottom of tank #1. Climb out of the water into the doorway opposite the lever. (i.e., the same one where you came in; the other doorway leads to tank #3, and you're not ready to go there yet). Follow the short passageway back to the main corridor, turn left, and return to the switch/button room at the far end. (screenshots)

Pull the switch again to return it to the up position. This resets the water levels to the way they were before (i.e., tank #1 half full and tank #2 empty). Now go to tank #1, halfway down the long corridor. Jump into the water and swim down through the trapdoor you just opened. Swim along the bottom past the huge propellers. As long as you pulled the switch to lower the water level, they'll be moving slowly enough so you can pass safely. Surface beyond the second propeller and climb out of the water on the left, where the ledge is a little lower. Immediately turn right and kill another guard (16). (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're low on health or just don't care about getting all the kills, you can pull up at the middle of the ledge, where it slopes upward. As long as you don't step on the leftmost square, the guard won't appear.

Follow the hallway to the crawlspace on the right. Shoot the 2 rats (17-18) inside the crawlspace. Then pick up a box of shotgun shells (21) at the end of the hall before crawling into the tunnel with the dead rats. About halfway in, you'll find another small medi pack (22). Grab it, continue to the end of the tunnel, drop in to the passageway below, and follow it to the next room. (screenshots)

ELECTRIC TUNNEL-CLEANING ROBOT: This is the lair of an evil yellow robot with live electric cables twirling in front of it. Yes, it is lethal, but it keeps to a set path as it makes its rounds. If you watch it move around the room, you'll notice that it always follows the left side of the track. As long as you stay out of its way, you'll be safe. This sequence is shown in a series of screenshots and a short video walkthrough.

As you enter, you receive a "vision" of an electrical panel in a nearby alcove. That's a hint. What you must do is trick the robot into shocking the electrical panel. But first, follow the robot toward the alcove in the far right corner of the room. Pick up the save/power-up crystal (6) and press the button just to the right of the crystal to turn on some lights. You don't have to do this to proceed, but it'll help you see where you're going. (screenshots)

Stand back from the edge of the alcove so the robot's spinning wires can't touch Lara. Then follow it along the left side of the room, past the entrance, toward the far end of the room. When the robot heads away from the metal cage, grab the cage and pull it out of the alcove. Then climb over the cage and drop down into the alcove behind it. (screenshots)

As far as I know, the cage does not conduct electricity, so the robot should not be able to shock Lara through the cage if she's holding onto it or standing on top of it when the robot touches it. But if you want to be extra careful, you can avoid touching the cage when the robot comes near.

When the robot moves toward the end of the room where you got the crystal, push the cage once so it's blocking the path in front of the alcove. Then go around to either side and push the cage twice. Move around the cage into the corner, where it's safe, and wait for the robot to come and go again. Then push the cage four times toward the far end of the room. If you're quick, you can do this before the robot returns, but it's OK to pause between pushes, look around, and step off to the side if necessary. (screenshots)

The goal is to position the cage at the intersection of the long path and the crosswise path near the electrical panel. When the robot comes along, it will bump into the cage, turn around, and drive into the alcove, frying the electrical panel. This opens the trapdoor and one of the button covers in the room above. Return to the side passage where you entered this area and climb the grating ladder to the room with the switch and buttons. (screenshots)

INDUSTRIAL AREA WITH THREE LARGE WATER TANKS (again): Press the button you just uncovered to fill tank #3. Then kill the armed guard (19) who appears in the hallway to your right. (screenshot) Use the switch again to refill tank #2.

Return to the end of the long corridor, swim across tank #2, and climb out into the doorway on the left. Follow the short passageway to tank #3 and jump into the water. When you do, the door on the far side of the pool opens, and another guard (20) comes out. If you climb back onto the step near the entrance, you can shoot him with little or no injury. (screenshot) Now swim across the pool, enter the room the guard came from, and press the button to uncover the second button back in the other room and open the trapdoor at the bottom of tank #3. When you return to the walkway outside the room, you'll also find the water has been drained from tank #3.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to jump into tank #3 before refilling it. It is possible to jump over the railing into the square, water-filled opening at the bottom; however, if you do this you won't be able to finish the level. When you reach the next area, the exit will be too far above the water level to reach. (screenshot) Make sure you follow the instructions below instead.

Move out onto the metal walkway overlooking the empty tank. Jump straight up to grab the grates on the ceiling. Monkey swing across the empty pool and drop down in the passageway on the far side. Shoot the 2 rats (21-22) on the right. Turn around and crawl under the low overhang to get a small medi pack (23). Then continue along the hallway past the save/power-up crystal (7) and through the metal doors, which close behind you. Pick up the large medi pack (24) and drop into tank #2. (screenshots)

Climb out of the tank into the doorway straight ahead. (The one on the right leads back to tank #3). Take out another guard (23) in the passageway. Then follow the long corridor back to the room with the buttons and switch. Press the second button, on the left above the raised concrete area with the open trapdoor, to open the hatch at the bottom of tank #3 and refill that tank. (screenshots)

Return to the end of the long corridor, swim across tank #2, and follow the short passageway to tank #3. Now swim down to the bottom of tank #3 and through the trapdoor you opened earlier. (screenshot) Pick up some harpoons (25) lying on the bottom and follow the underwater passage to a lovely, flooded edifice.

NOTE: If you've reached this area only to find you can't climb out because the water level is too low (as shown here), then you're stuck. You should have flooded tank #3 instead of jumping into the tiny, water-filled opening at the bottom of the dry tank. You'll need to go back to an earlier save, download a save, restart the level, or use the level-skip cheat. Next time, be sure to refill tank #3, as described above, since this also raises the water level here.

LOVELY, FLOODED EDIFICE: Swim down to the far right and left corners to find shotgun shells and a small medi pack (26-27). Then climb out of the water into the doorway where you can glimpse a grating ladder ahead. Kill the mercenary (24) who rushes out of the alcove on the left. As you fight, watch out for the shallow pit lined with barbed wire just below the ladder. Take the small medi pack (28) the man drops, plus the save/power-up crystal (8) in the alcove. (screenshots)

Jump over the barbed wire to grab the grating and climb to the top. Walk through more barbed wire to the edge of the ledge. Then take a standing jump to grab the small platform on the side of the big, yellow crane. Pull up, turn right, and take a running jump to grab the ledge topped with more barbed wire. Pull up and walk carefully through the wire to the right. Position Lara at the base of the slope and take a standing jump up to the flat spot above it. (screenshots)

CATHEDRAL ROOF AND BELL TOWER: Jump up to the peak of the blue slate roof, but don't climb up into the building on the left yet. Instead slide down the other side of the roof to the flat area just above the trench filled with barbed wire. Safety drop into the trench at the right end, where there's a clear spot. Walk through the wire to pick up some Desert Eagle clips (29). Then stand close to the ledge and press Forward + Action to climb out of the barbed wire without taking damage. (screenshots)

Return to the peak of the blue slate roof, turn right, and climb up onto the tan ledge that runs around the edge of the tower. A mercenary (25) approaches from inside the building. If you like, you can hop back down to the roof to shoot at him. Just be careful where you step so you don't slide down. Climb back onto the tan ledge and head to the left. A second mercenary (26) comes around the corner toward you. Kill him as well. (screenshots)

Now move into the tower and find the movable block at the center, where the four paths converge, and pull it twice. Use it to climb onto the ledge above on the right. In a shallow depression behind the slates, there's a large medi pack (30). When you have the health pack, climb out of the depression and take a running jump across the gap. Continue to hold Forward but do not press Action while Lara is in the air. Lara's feet will nick the top of the blue slate slope on the other side, but she should land in the depression beyond it instead of sliding back. Here you'll find SECRET #4—the CATHEDRAL KEY (31). To get down, stand facing the wall and backflip out of the depression onto the shingled slope. Slide back, grab the edge, and drop to the ground. (screenshots)

NOTE: You won't actually use the CATHEDRAL KEY, and it will disappear from your inventory, but it counts as a secret toward the bonus level.

Jump over the movable block and go straight through the center of the tower and out the other side. Directly ahead is a gap in the fence. This is the level exit. Don't go there yet; you still have one secret to find. Instead, turn left and follow the tan walkway to the corner. Turn left, so Lara is facing the yellow crane off in the distance. Drop back and grab the edge. Then climb down another grating ladder to the ledge below. Turn around and carefully climb down two more ledges to find SECRET #5—a crawlspace containing a large medi pack (32). Climb back up the ledges and ladder to the tan walkway surrounding the tower. Follow the walkway to the left and jump down at the break in the railing to end the level. (screenshots)

BUG NOTE: Don't back off the ledge at the end of the level or you may inadvertently skip the next cut scene. In the PC version at least, you must jump down facing forward to trigger the movie.

A cut scene follows: Lara subdues a sniper in the bell tower. When she interrogates him, he says he works for a woman named Sophia Leigh. Lara wants to know more about her, but the man pleads ignorance. He says he merely kills people for her, as his father and grandfather did before him. When Lara asks how old this woman is, The thug says she's in her late 20's or early 30's. Lara is understandably skeptical. As they continue their exchange, the man's attention is so focused on Lara—or more accurately, her guns—that he fails to notice the huge cathedral bell, which then knocks him off the edge of the tower. Lara takes her leave and slides into Aldwych station.

The dialogue is included on the cut scene transcripts page. You can also re-watch the movie on my YouTube channel.

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