Stella's Tomb Raider 2013 Walkthrough - For Windows, Macintosh, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

NOTE: Combat strategy is based on the Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly. In addition to the walkthroughs for each level, there are separate pages for Controls & Gameplay Tips, Skill & Weapon Upgrades, and Collectible Items.

SAVING AND CHECKPOINTS: Like the last several games, TOMB RAIDER uses autosave checkpoints. Whenever you pass a checkpoint, the game is saved automatically. Then, if Lara dies or you quit the game and restart, the game reloads at the last checkpoint. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. You may also want to periodically back up your autosaves on a memory card (consoles) or into a separate folder (PC). See the controls page for details.

AREA 5: MOUNTAIN VILLAGE (first visit)

Updated: 9/8/13()

This can be a confusing level, since it is large, has many isolated sections, and changes during the course of the game. I've attempted to describe an optimum path to all collectibles, but if you miss anything during the three visits that occur as part of the storyline, you can always return later via the Fast Travel network. All of the major items will still be accessible.

Camps: Village Plateau (Fast Travel), Tomb of the Unworthy (Day Camp)*
Gear: Climbing Axe  Weapons/Weapon Parts: none
Documents: 2/7  Relics: 2/6  GPS caches: 8/15  Treasure Maps: Relic/Document Map**
Challenge Tombs: 1/2  Challenges: Illumination - 2/10 items; Egg Poacher - 2/5 items **
Area Maps: Mountain Village - Part 1***

*See the section about base camps on the Controls page.

**Some parts of this area are not accessible the first time you visit it. Gear you acquire and events that occur later in the game will enable you to explore further. The numbers in the stat lines above show how many documents, relics, GPS caches, etc., can be obtained at this time out of the total number available. (For example, only 2 of a possible 7 documents can be obtained during your first visit to this area, 8 of a total of 15 GPS caches, etc.) The others are detailed in the Mountain Village Part 2 and Mountain Village Part 3 sections.

***This map includes all major collectibles and challenge items for the areas you can access now, on your first visit to this area. The items numbered on my map are covered in this walkthrough. For the others, you'll need to look at the Mountain Village Part 2 and Part 3 walkthroughs. The in-game map does not include a compass rose showing which way is north. So when I refer to map directions in my walkthrough, assume North is up, east right, south down, and west left.

After the cut scene between levels, in which Lara emerges from the tunnel to find Roth fending off a pack of wolves, you find yourself at a new Base Camp: Village Plateau with a new goal.


OBJECTIVE: Find Roth's Pack

The beacon displayed when you use Survival Instinct shows where you need to go. As usual, it's fine to take some time to explore first. You can even use the camp to Fast Travel back to previous areas and collect any goodies you may have missed. Just return here when you're done. Roth will manage. He's tough.

If you aren't interested in collectibles, head directly for the wolf den. (screenshots) Enter the village and jump from the ledge on the right, with the small wooden wagon, onto the roof of the pavilion with the seated statue. Cross the roof, jump onto the dangling, rope-wrapped crate and then into the building ahead. Climb the stairs to the floor above. At the top of the stairs, turn right, then left, to emerge on a ledge outside. Jump to grab the horizontal pole, swing and jump forward to land on the roof of the small gazebo. Jump from there to the top of the wrecked airplane. Now pick up the walkthrough below at the section Climbing to the Wolves' Den.

If you do want all the collectible items, start at the base camp, with the camp fire behind Lara and the village ahead. Turn right and head toward the waterfall. Wade through the water to pick up a GPS cache (1/15) beneath the falls. (screenshots)

Climb back up and head into the little village. Throughout this area there are crows, chickens and rabbits you can hunt. Just remember to loot their adorable little bodies for XP, otherwise it won't count. Killing these creatures also helps with the Feather Duster (crows) and Tastes Like Chicken (rabbits, chicken) achievements/trophies.

Light your torch on one of the lanterns and use it to ignite the brazier the statue (1/10) in the little pavilion is holding. (screenshot) This unlocks the Illumination Challenge. You must find and light 10 statues to complete this challenge and earn bonus XP.

Keep your torch lit for now as you move into the small hut on the left to get some arrows. Now go into the larger house next door, where you'll find a burnable salvage net. Around the right side of this house are more arrows and a salvage crate.

The third building, with the rope-wrapped door, is inaccessible for now. You need special gear to open the door.

Go around to the left side of the leftmost hut and use the wooden wagon for a boost up onto the roof. Here you'll find another GPS cache (2/15). Again, ignore the rope wrappings here; you don't have the gear to deal with them yet. (screenshots)

Jump from the edge of the roof to grab the dangling banner, swing forward and jump to grab the edge of the roof on the adjacent house. Cross over the roof, jump onto the rope-wrapped crate then into the doorway with the arrows leaning against it. (screenshots)

NOTE: There are various ways to get into this building. This is just one possibility. I also recognize that British and American English use different terms to refer to the various stories of a building. Here I use the order: basement (the one on the same level as the smaller village buildings), ground floor (the one with the Silver Flask relic), first floor (the next one up), second floor (the next), etc.

LARGE, THREE-STORY BUILDING - FIRST FLOOR: Grab the arrows in the doorway if you need them. Then head deeper into the room to find a document (1/7), "Ambassador: First Impressions" one of the Ancient Scrolls, in the far left corner and more arrows in the doorway to the right. (screenshot) You can't do anything with the rope-wrapped door or the one blocked with planks and barbed wire. Make a mental note to return here later. (screenshots)

Go down the stairs to the GROUND FLOOR. In the back corner is a box containing a relic (1/6), a Silver Flask from the Semper Fi series. Examine it by turning it around to view the back to gain more info and a extra XP. Smash the salvage crate nearby. Then return up the stairs to the first floor. At the top of the stairs, go into the room on the right to find another salvage crate and more boarded-up openings. Climb the stairs to the second floor. Burn the salvage net to get the crate inside. Then go into the room to the right of where the net was hanging to get some more arrows if you need them. (screenshots)

Return to the previous room and exit through the door on the right (i.e., the one nearest to where the net was hanging). Outside, turn right and climb onto the ROOF. Cross the roof and jump to the next section of roof ahead on the right. Move over the roof peak. Tucked into a corner at the edge of this roof is a bird's nest (1/5). Approach it and press Interact to steal the eggs inside and unlock the Egg Poacher Challenge. Jump off the outer corner of the roof to land on the ledge below, where you'll find a GPS cache (3/15). (screenshots)

After retrieving the third GPS cache, step off the ledge onto the rocky slope ahead to slide down onto the grassy ledge below. Then jump down to the ledge below this one to find another GPS cache (4/15). (screenshots)

CLIMBING TO THE WOLVES' DEN: Now it's time to go after Roth's pack. If you've just retrieved the 4th GPS cache, follow the grassy ledge along the cliff wall and jump on top of the wrecked airplane. If you've climbed down into the area behind the house to explore, you can climb directly onto the airplane using the wooden crates next to it. (screenshot) If you took the shortcut from the beginning of the level, you will have jumped from the building to the small pavilion to the plane. (screenshot)

Cross the length of the plane and jump to grab the open edge of the broken fuselage. It tilts slightly, catching water from the falls, which then rushes down over Lara. You may need to press Interact to prevent her from losing her grip. Pull up and move through the cabin to the opposite opening. (screenshots)

As Lara emerges, lightning strikes a nearby tree, causing it to break and catch fire. Step out of the plane and move down the wing on the right to find a salvage crate on a small grassy ledge. Smash it. Then turn around to face the airplane and cliff wall once more. Jump over to the grassy ledge and follow it to the right end to find another salvage crate. Then climb the rock ledges to reach the top of the airplane fuselage. (screenshots)

As you cross over the top of the airplane it tilts downward. Just keep moving forward. At the lower end, jump to grab the white planks on the stone wall straight ahead. Pull up onto the ledge and then climb to the next higher ledge. Scramble up the wooden wall to the wide ledge in front of the wolves' den. (screenshots)

INSIDE THE WOLVES' DEN: Enter the cave and follow the passage to the end, where you'll find the first-aid kit and transmitter—and earn a hefty 500 XP. Head back out the way you came. On the way, Lara is waylaid by a wolf.

A quick time event ensues: First, wiggle the left stick or alternate pressing Left and Right on the keyboard to wriggle away. Then, wait for the Melee icon to appear on screen, and press that button (F/Triangle/Y) to kick the wolf away. When it lunges again, repeatedly tap the Interact button (E/Square/X) to hold it at bay. Then, when the Melee icon appears again, press it to stab the wolf with an arrow. But, no, this guy is tough. You now need to tap Melee repeatedly to stab it a few more times. Needless to say, if you fail in any of these button presses, Lara is mauled. When you succeed, she stands up, ready to make her way back to her friend. You get a measly 25 XP for your struggle and 30 more if you remember to loot the dead wolf's body. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're having trouble with QTEs like this one, see the notes in the Scavenger's Den walkthrough for tips. If you're playing with the mouse and keyboard, I highly recommend Shrensh's video showing the keyboard sequence for this particular QTE. If still can't get it, you're welcome to download a PC or Macintosh save file. See here for save files and instructions.

OBJECTIVE: Bring the Transmitter to Roth

Exit the tunnel the way you came. The zip line is the fastest way down to the village, but if you want all the collectibles, don't use the zip line. Instead move into the bushes to the right of where the rope is anchored. Look down over the edge and you'll see something shiny on top of a little wooden roof. Jump over the railing to land there. It's a long drop, but Lara will be OK as long as she lands on the roof and doesn't fall all the way to the ground. Retrieve another GPS cache (5/15). Then drop down to the ground. (screenshots)

Go around the side of the three-story building. Note that you cannot reach the salvage net hanging from the outside of the building. You must return for it later when you have better equipment. Take the arrows leaning against the embankment on the left if you have room in your inventory. Then jump to grab the horizontal pole and swing over to the pavilion roof. Hop down and cross the open area to the Village Plateau Base Camp, where Roth is waiting. (screenshots)

After the cut scene, you are awarded 900 XP—more than enough to unlock another skill. You now also have the CLIMBING AXE, which Roth gives Lara before once again sending her on her way. When you sit at the camp to spend your skill point, you also unlock an entry in Lara's Journal (3/10).

OBJECTIVE: Reach the Top of the Falls

Before taking off to try out your new gear, be sure to talk to Roth as part of the Chatterbox Achievement/Trophy. Stand near him and press Interact to converse. Repeat this until he will no longer talk to you and you see the 'TR' icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, indicating an autosave.

Now head for the rough stone wall, move close and press Interact to set the axe into the rock. Then climb using direction controls as usual. It's not necessary to hold Interact to stay latched on. If you need to let go, press Dodge/Roll (Shift/Circle/B) to drop. Now climb the wall up and around to the right, then up a bit more to reach the ledge with the wrecked plane. Cross over the plane's wing to the area on the right. Climb the next section of craggy wall (or the ledges to the right) to reach the ledge above. Latch onto the next section of climbable rock and move to the left. Then follow the on-screen prompt to lean to the left, then jump, then press Interact again to latch onto the next section of rock. Climb to the ledge above, near the wolves' den. (screenshots)

CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: The white graffiti on the cliff wall, the on-screen text and the musical chime let you know you've discovered a "secret" tomb. I guess the designers weren't able to code a blinking neon sign with an arrow pointing at the tomb entrance. (screenshot by my buddy Matt H.) Am I the only one who remembers when you had to actually hunt for secrets to find them?

Step out onto the wooden bridge and hop down into the water on the right. Move under the waterfall into the tunnel entrance and pick up another GPS cache (6/15). Then follow the passageway into the tomb. (screenshot)

Or, if you'd rather skip the challenge tomb for now, instead of entering the tunnel, cross the bridge and pick up the walkthrough below at the section "CLIMBING TO THE TOP OF THE FALLS." You can return here later by using Fast Travel to reach the Village Plateau base camp then climbing back up.

TOMB OF THE UNWORTHY: Follow the tunnel to a climbable wall and use your newly acquired axe to scale it. Continue through the cave to a new Day Camp: Tomb of the Unworthy. Then follow the passageway through the falling water into the tomb proper.

There are two main movable objects here: a large hanging cage with cocoons dangling from it and a smaller cage on the ledge to the right. The two cages are connected by some kind of pulley system. Jump from the red ledge onto the larger cage, run across it and quickly jump to grab the ledge on the opposite side of the room. If you miss, just climb back onto the ledge near the entrance and try again. When you reach the far ledge, light your torch on the brazier. Then jump back onto the large cage. Lara's weight causes it to sink to the floor. (screenshots)

Use the torch to burn the 3 cocoons. This lightens the cage so it rises to its original level. Jump onto the starting ledge and move around to the smaller cage on the left. Press the Melee button to shove it off the edge. It sinks to the floor, causing the larger cage to rise. (screenshots)

Move back around to the red ledge and jump to grab the bottom bar of the larger cage. Quickly climb onto the platform and take a running jump toward the climbable wall on the left, pressing Interact while Lara is in the air to make her latch on with her climbing axe. Again, if you aren't fast enough and the cage sinks before you can reach the climbing wall, just climb back up to the starting ledge and try the sequence again. (screenshots)

When you make it to the climbing wall, climb to the right, then upward, to reach the ledge above. You receive 250 XP just for getting this far. Follow the passage to a large treasure chest. When you open it, you are rewarded with 1250 XP and 250 salvage—enough to unlock a Skill Point and possibly a weapon upgrade as well. You also receive the Mountain Village Relic Map, which reveals the locations of all relics and documents in the area on your in-game map. (screenshots)

NOTE: Some of the items marked on the map are still inaccessible. The ones with the lock icon require equipment you don't yet have. The ones with the question mark icon are in parts of the level that you can't get to yet. You will be able to reach them all when you return to the Mountain Village later in the game.

Ride the zip line down to the starting ledge. Then follow the tunnel back to the Day Camp, where you can spend your new Skill Point. Continue along the tunnel to get back outside.

CLIMBING TO THE TOP OF THE FALLS: There is another climbable cliff just beyond the wooden bridge and waterfall. Use your axe to climb upward, around to the left, then up to the top. Cross the grassy ledge and jump to latch onto the next climbable section with your axe. Climb to the top and quickly take cover behind the crate in front of you before the 3 enemies in the huts spot you. Pick up the arrows leaning against the crate if you need them. Then wait for the men to finish talking and settle down. (screenshots)

There are 2 men on the left and another on the right. Go for the lone man on the right first. If you move out from behind the crate a little, you can target him through the window of the shack. Just be sure to kill him with a charged shot to the head, or he will alert the others. Once you've taken care of him, move back to the cover of the crate. If you're quick and have good aim, you can target the standing man on the left with a headshot. Then take out his partner, the firebug, with another headshot as he gets to his feet. Or, if you don't mind causing a little mayhem and losing the element of surprise, you can shoot the lantern hanging above the guys on the left to douse them with burning oil. Then finish off any survivors. If things get rough, don't hesitate to switch to the pistol. (screenshots)

When the coast is clear, you can either take some time to go after collectibles or continue making your way up the mountain. To skip ahead, jump over to the hut on the right, go through it to the other side and climb up onto the roof. Then jump to the next ledge. Pick up the walkthrough below at the section "FROM THE HUTS TO THE BRIDGE."

If you want all the goodies, jump over to the hut on the right. Loot the enemy's body and pick up more arrows in the left corner. Crack open the salvage crate and examine the document (2/7), "Ambassador: Discoveries," another Ancient Scroll, on the table. Exit through the hole in the hut's side wall and then climb onto the roof to find a GPS cache (7/15). (screenshots)

Turn to face up the mountain and scramble up the wooden wall onto the ledge above. Light your torch on the lantern there and use it to burn the salvage net. Crack open the crate. Then jump over to the little island in the middle of the raging stream. Walk across the narrow beam to the ledge with the statue (2/10). Light the fire there for the Illumination challenge. (screenshots) Keep the torch lit, since you'll need it again in a bit. (screenshots)

Now jump over to the upper level of the larger hut. Inside is a box with a relic (2/6), a Yagen or Japanese grinding device, part of the Kanpo Herbs set. Examine the item more closely by turning it to view the top to get more info and bonus XP. Step back out onto the ledge and use the wooden crate to climb onto the roof. There you'll find a bird's nest (2/5). Loot it for the Egg Poacher challenge. (screenshots)

Drop down onto the ledge below the one with the crate to find a food cache. Then drop down once more and enter the lower level of the hut. Grab the GPS cache (8/15) in the doorway (on the right if Lara's back is toward the stream) and loot the enemies' bodies. Finally, exit onto the ledge overlooking the stream, turn right and hop over to the ledge on the side of the hut to find another salvage net. At this point you can extinguish the torch if you want to. (screenshots)

FROM THE HUTS TO THE BRIDGE AT THE TOP OF THE FALLS: All right, then, back to the goal at hand. Cross over the ledge at the front of the hut and jump onto the wooden platform in the middle of the stream. Jump from there to grab the rickety wooden arch above. Pull up and jump onto the ledge ahead (i.e., the one where you lit your torch earlier). Climb up to the level with the lantern. Jump from the wooden cart to the climbable rock wall. Latch on with your axe and climb to the top. Cross this ledge and jump to latch on to the next climbable wall. Climb to the top and pull up onto the rickety wooden bridge. (screenshots)

Turn left and start across the bridge. As you approach the middle, the bridge starts to collapse and the action shifts into slow motion. Jump forward and press and hold Interact to sink your axe into the cliff wall ahead. Then climb to the top. (screenshots)

As you climb the steps beyond the bridge, Lara makes contact with Reyes and Alex by walkie-talkie and promises to check in again when she finds the communications console for the radio tower.

OJBECTIVE: Find the Bunker

When you slide down the zip line into the narrow canyon below, this takes you into the next area: Base Approach. You're immediately ambushed by 3 Solarii soldiers. Stay alert. Alternatively, if you want to keep the element of surprise, avoid using the zip line and instead drop down off the edge. Then the enemies won't notice you until you get a little closer.

NOTE: When you finish this section of the Mountain Village, even if you've collected every possible item, you will still be missing many of the relics, documents, GPS caches, and challenge items. The Mountain Village is a huge area, and you will return later, at which time more of it will be accessible.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 3/28/13 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
4/5/13 - Added link to Shrensh's helpful video for the Wolf QTE sequence.
4/9/13 - Added note about relics in header, fixed typo in number of relics (it's 6 in all), and updated map to indicate inaccessible areas.
4/11/13 - Added annotations for collectibles to the level map. Also updated the formatting of the header and added a few notes about collectible items in the process of writing parts 2 and 3 of the Mountain Village walkthrough. I hope this will make things clearer.
9/8/13 - Tweaked the strategies for the combat at the top of the falls and the descent into the next level, thanks to tips from Ricardo.

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