Tomb Raider Chronicles (TR5) Controls & Menu/Inventory System

The following lists basic controls, as well as complex moves involving combinations of controls, and controls for vehicles in Tomb Raider Chronicles. Most Macintosh keys are the same as those for the PC. Where they differ, Mac controls are listed in green. PlayStation controls are in blue. Instructions for saving and loading games, using the inventory, combining items, targeting, etc., are at the bottom of the page.

This page also includes notes about Weapons & Ammunition and links to All Weapon Locations. More details are available in the walkthrough.

Follow this link for official manual in PDF format.

Follow this link for Mipo's Seamless Controller Setup for Original Tomb Raider Games, using JoyToKey.

Follow this link for a Tomb Raider 5: Logitech Profiler Game Profile created by CrimsonBlitz and posted on the Steam community forum.

Whether you are using a keyboard for the Windows or Macintosh game, a PlayStation or Dreamcast controller or gamepad, you can change the controls to suit your taste. (See Menu/Inventory System & Hotkeys, below.)

PLAYSTATION ANALOG CONTROLLER NOTES: Controls vary slightly from those listed when using an analog controller. The left stick moves Lara: push lightly to walk or sidestep, firmly turn or run. The right stick controls the camera. Press the right stick in for Action; press the left stick to jump.

IMPORTANT: If you have never played Tomb Raider before, you should familiarize yourself with the unique control system for jumping. It seems odd at first, but it is actually very easy to make Lara do what you want if you just follow certain basic steps, covered on my Tips & Strategy page.

Basic Moves





Up Arrow
D-Pad Up

Press forward with left or right to move in that direction.

Hop Back

Down Arrow
D-Pad Down


Turn Right

Right Arrow
D-Pad Right

Hold to pivot on the spot.

Turn Left

Left Arrow
D-Pad Left

Hold to pivot on the spot.



Used in combination with the direction keys/buttons for slower movement. Lara will never walk off an edge, though she will run off. It's also handy for areas with spikes, broken glass, barbed wire, etc. Lara won't take damage if she WALKS through these.



Makes Lara jump straight up. More complex jumps are covered under combo moves, below.

Sidestep Left/Right

Shift + Left/Right Arrow
R1 + D-Pad Left/Right

The TR2 sidestep keys, Delete and Page Down, also work here and can be reassigned if desired. On the PlayStation, pushing the left analog stick lightly can also be used to sidestep.


End, or 5 on numeric keypad, or Up + Down Arrows together
backslash [\]

Lara drops to the ground and comes up facing the opposite direction.

Draw/Holster Weapon
De-Activate Headset
Drop Flare

Space Bar

In addition to drawing and holstering guns, this key also used to deactivate Lara's headset (available in the VCI HQ levels) or drop a flare without lighting another. To equip the headset, choose it from the inventory ring. (See Menu & Inventory, below.) Using the headset and laser sight, manual vs. automatic targeting and combining items are covered at the bottom of the page.



Actions include firing weapons, picking up objects on the ground, using switches, keys and puzzle items, activating the light built into Lara's headset, etc. (Also used to make Lara grab in certain combo moves, below.)


Ins or 0 on numeric keypad + arrow keys
L1 + D-Pad

Look (labeled "Ins" on some keyboards) shifts perspective to what Lara sees. Hold Look while pressing direction keys/buttons to look in different directions.

(NOTE TO LAPTOP USERS: Many laptop computers have no numeric keypad, so if the Ins key is not convenient, you can reassign the Look key. See the Menu & Inventory section below.)

Light/Throw Flare
Zoom Out

< (same as comma)
Select + R1

Press once to pull out a flare and light it; press again to throw it in the direction Lara's facing. Lara can climb or swim while holding a flare, but she'll drop it when it goes out or she draws weapons. Also used to zoom out when using headset or laser sight.

Zoom In

> (same as period)

Used alone, Lara will crouch. She can draw weapons that doesn't require two hands to hold (i.e., pistols, Uzis) and shoot from a crouching position. She can also turn around while crouching and holding weapons. Also used to crawl, under combo moves, below, and to zoom in when using headset or laser sight.

Combo Moves




Standing Jump

Alt + Up Arrow
Command + Up Arrow
Square + D-Pad Up

Press keys/buttons together to jump forward approximately 1 terrain square (see Tips & Strategy)


Alt + Down Arrow
Command + Down Arrow
Square + D-Pad Down



Alt + Left/Right Arrow
Command + Left/Right Arrow
Square + D-Pad Left/Right


Running Jump

Up Arrow...Alt
Up Arrow...Command
D-Pad Up...Square

Press Forward and then immediately press Jump to run two steps then jump forward approximately 2 terrain squares (see Tips & Strategy)

Jump and Grab

[standing or running jump] + Ctrl/X

Do the standing or running jump (above), adding Action to grab a ledge or other object ahead (see Tips & Strategy)

Safety Drop

Ctrl + Down Arrow
D-Pad Down + X

Walk to the edge of a drop-off. Turn around so Lara's back is toward the edge. Then press Action + Back to drop and hang from the edge. Continue holding Action to hang on. Release it to let go and drop. The safety drop minimizes damage taken from falling.

Reverse/Safety Drop

End + Ctrl
Circle + X

Stand facing a drop-off about 2 steps from the edge. Press the keys/buttons for Roll then Action to drop, roll and hang from the ledge. Release Action to let go and drop.

Traverse (shimmy)

Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow
X + D-Pad Left/Right

While hanging from a ledge (holding Action), use direction keys/buttons to move to either side. Lara can now traverse around both convex and concave corners. Release Action to let go and drop.

Hand-over-hand Traverse/"Monkey Swing"

Ctrl + Arrow Keys
X + D-Pad

In TR3 Lara can traverse hand-over-hand monkey-bar style. Jump and grab an overhead surface using Action. Hold Action and use direction keys/buttons to move. Release Action to drop.

Pull Up/Vault

Ctrl + Up Arrow
X + D-Pad Up

While hanging from a ledge (holding Action) press Up to pull up. While standing, use the same combo to vault up on a low block or ledge.


Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow
X + R1 + D-Pad Up

While hanging from a ledge (holding Action), hold Walk then press Up, and Lara will pull up to a handstand then do a walkover onto the ledge (generally useless but spiffy).

Grab & Pull Up

Alt + Ctrl + Up Arrow
Square + X + D-Pad Up

If a ledge is too high to climb using just Action + Up, position Lara against the wall below the ledge and then use this combo to jump up, grab the edge and pull up.

Push/Pull Block

Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow
X + D-Pad Up/Down

Position Lara so her chest is against a movable block. Hold Action and she'll go into a crouch, then press Up or Down to push or pull the block

Swan Dive

Shift + Alt + Up Arrow
R1 + Square + D-Pad Up

Standing on a platform (ideally above water), hold Walk and press Jump and Forward and Lara will do a graceful swan dive. (Note that she gets a bit of an arc on this dive, so if you're aiming for a small pool, you may need to step back from the edge before diving.)

Forward Roll

Up Arrow...Walk + Jump
D-Pad Up...R1 + Square

Same as the Swan Dive but used on a flat surface. While running, press Jump and Walk and Lara will take a flying leap, somersault and come up onto her feet. (Not necessary but can help avoid damage from certain traps.)

Swan Dive with Somersault

Shift + Alt + Up Arrow... End
Shift + Alt + Up Arrow... backslash [\]
R1 + Square + D-Pad Up...Circle

Same as the swan dive (above) except pressing the Roll key after diving makes Lara do a somersault (or two if there's time) on the way down.

Mid-air Turn

Alt + End
Alt + backslash [\]
Square + Circle

Begin with a standard forward jump or backflip, press Roll on takeoff and Lara will turn in the air to land facing the opposite direction. (NOTE: Jump + Roll alone is useful for changing direction while sliding down a slope.)

Mount Ladder

Ctrl + Up Arrow
X + D-Pad Up

Facing ladder or other climbable surface, press Action then Forward and Lara will climb onto the ladder. She can also take a standing or running jump, above, and grab a ladder with Action. Release Action to let go.

Climb Ladder

Ctrl + Arrow Keys
X + D-Pad

Mount/safety drop down to ladder, hold Action to hang on, then use direction keys/buttons to go up/down or side to side. (NOTE: To rapidly descend a long ladder, briefly release the Action key to fall a short distance and then re-press it to grab the ladder again.)

Backflip Dismount


While hanging onto a ladder (or other climbable surface), press Jump to backflip off the ladder and land on the ground or on a platform behind Lara (see Tips & Strategy).

Mid-air Turn & Grab

Alt + End + Ctrl
Command + backslash [\] + Ctrl
Square + Circle + X

When Lara needs to jump from a ladder and grab another ladder behind her, press Jump and either Roll or Forward to jump and turn in midair, then Action to grab the second ladder (see Tips & Strategy).


> (period) + Arrow Keys
L2 + D-Pad

Hold crouch and use direction keys/buttons to crawl. Lara can't use weapons while crawling, but she can come up into a crouch and then draw one-handed weapons (pistols, Uzis). To climb into an elevated crawlspace, press Action + Crouch + Forward. To climb down from a raised opening, back up to the opening and safety drop (Action + Reverse).


Arrow Keys...forward slash [/]

Hold the sprint key while running to put on a burst of speed. Lara can only sprint for a short time, indicated by the stamina meter. Press Jump while sprinting and Lara will do a nifty forward somersault. Release Forward but continue to hold Sprint and she'll skid to a stop.

Climbing Poles/
Climbing & Swinging on Ropes

Same as certain basic controls (see notes at right)

To climb onto a dangling rope or pole, stand against it or jump to reach it and press Action. While holding on (Action), use direction keys/buttons to climb up/down or change the direction Lara is facing. Release Action to let go or press Jump to backflip off a pole.

For rope swinging, continue to hold Action so Lara hangs on. Use Look and Left/Right to line her up facing the way you want to swing. If necessary climb down to the bottom of the rope for the longest arc. Then press Sprint to start swinging. Lara's legs will kick out during the forward swing. To swing higher, wait until her legs come back up around the rope then, after the next back swing, press Sprint again to make her pump her legs to go even higher. Repeat if necessary. At the high point of the swing, press Jump to leap off the rope.

Tightrope Walking

Same as certain basic controls (see notes at right)

To walk a tightrope or horizontal bar, approach the end of the bar and press Action. Lara should step out onto the rope. Press and hold Forward to walk forward. If Lara unbalances, press the direction key opposite the way she leans to compensate.

Swinging on Horizontal Bars

Same as certain basic controls (see notes at right)

To grab and swing around a horizontal bar, jump forward and press and hold Action to grab the bar. (Specifics on setting up jumps are included in the sections of the walkthrough where horizontal bars appear.) Lara will swing around the bar until you release Action.





Dive/Swim Underwater

Alt + Arrow Keys
Command + Up/Down/L/R
Square + D-Pad

Jump alone makes Lara dive below the surface; it also makes her swim underwater in whatever direction she's facing (use with direction keys/buttons)

Pivot Underwater

Arrow Keys

Direction buttons alone will make Lara pivot underwater or angle toward the bottom (Up) or the surface (Down)

Underwater Roll

End, or 5 on numeric keypad, or Up + Down Arrows together
backslash [\]

Same as rolling on land. Useful in tight spaces or after pulling an underwater lever.

Swim on Surface

Arrow Keys, Delete, Page Down
D-Pad, L2, R2

Dog paddle (Up), backstroke (Down), pivot (Left/Right), sidestroke (same as Sidestep Left/Right). Note that Lara swims much faster underwater than she does on the surface.

Climb Out of Water

Ctrl + Up
X + D-Pad Up

Swim to the water's edge and press Action and Up to pull up onto a ledge.

At start-up, use up/down arrow keys to select New Game, Load Game, Options, or Exit. Press Enter or Action to choose one. Options include choosing and configuring keyboard or joystick and setting the sound preferences. The graphics options can be adjusted in the setup section of the main menu, which appears when you insert the CD with Autorun enabled. Additional hotkeys for adjusting graphics settings in-game are found in the instruction booklet.

Use the following controls during gameplay:

P = pauses game and displays the following choices:

  • Statistics—includes level name, time taken, distance covered, ammo and health packs used, secrets found.
  • Options—same as in start-up menu, above.
  • Exit to Title.

Escape/Select = go to inventory.

Once in inventory: left/right arrows rotate the single menu ring, which includes weapons, medi packs, flares, headset (VCI HQ levels only), found items, TMX watch (shows progress/stats), and save game/load game icons (stone tablets). Use up/down arrows to select different options from text lists.

Action/Enter = activate or use selected item.

Escape = deselect an item or un-pause/return to game

F5 = shortcut to save game

F6 = shortcut to load saved game

Alt + F4 = quick exit

Alt + Tab = minimize

Alt and + = Increase screen resolution.

Alt and - = Decrease screen resolution.

Alt and Enter = Toggle between windowed and full-screen modes.

Number keys 9 & 0 = use large/small medipak

To change the controls: From the Main Menu or Pause Menu (above), select Options and press Enter. Select Control Configuration and press Enter. Press Up/Down to move to the control you want to change. Press Enter to highlight it. Then press the desired key. When you have everything assigned the way you want it, press Escape to return to the game.

NOTE: The game will allow you to choose the same key for more than one control, so be careful. If you notice Lara behaving oddly (for example, jumping and drawing weapons at the same time), check your key assignments to make sure you have a different key for each control.

Anyone with the PlayStation or Dreamcast games is welcome to send me instructions for using the menu rings and I will include them here.


AMMO (per pickup)




6 rounds/box.


Normal (red box) or Wideshot (blue box) ammo, 6 shells/box.


30 rounds/pair of clips.

Desert Eagle

6 rounds/box.

HK Rifle  

30 rounds/pair of clips.

Weapons & Ammunition

The weapons found in each level are noted in the walkthrough headers. For example, if you check the header for the first level, you'll see that the Pistols are available from the start and the Revolver can be found somewhere in that level. The walkthrough describes where.

Weapon Locations

Chronicles is divided into four chapters. Weapons do not carry over between chapters, and you won't be able to obtain every weapon in each area. The links below lead to the relevant sections of the guide (with possible spoilers). PlayStation/PSP/Vita cheat codes for all weapons and ammo, give only the weapons for that particular chapter. PC/Mac players can download a save file to obtain all the weapons normally available at a particular point in the game.

PISTOLS: starting weapon

REVOLVER: Streets of Rome.

SHOTGUN: Trajan's Markets, The Submarine.

UZIS: The Colosseum, The Base, Sinking Submarine.

DESERT EAGLE: The Base, Sinking Submarine.

HK RIFLE: The 13th Floor (starting inventory), Escape with the Iris (surrendered at the beginning of the level and retrieved at the end).

GRAPPLING GUN: Not technically a weapon but used in the Red Alert level for traversal. It requires ammo (presumably a grappling hook with cable), which is provided in the areas where you need it.

LASER SIGHT: Also not a weapon but can be combined with the Revolver for precise targeting. See COMBINING/SEPARATING ITEMS, below. It can be found in levels where it is needed: Streets of Rome (twice), Trajan's Markets, and The Base.

Inventory & Targeting

COMBINING/SEPARATING ITEMS &CHOOSING AMMUNITION: When selected, some items and weapons present additional choices. For example, certain found objects can be combined to make a single item, and some weapons can be combined with the laser sight for more accurate targeting. Also, some weapons can use more than one type of ammunition.

Press Escape/Select to go to the menu screen. Use Left/Right direction keys/buttons to rotate the menu ring to the item you want. Press Action/Enter to select it. Use Up/Down keys to choose Equip, Combine/Separate or Choose Ammo. Press Action/Enter to select. When you select Combine or Choose Ammo, you'll be given additional choices. Use Left/Right keys to cycle through the various options (i.e., the second item you want to combine or the type of ammo you want to use), then Action/Enter to select the one you want. Press Action/Enter again to use or equip the item. Or, press Escape to cancel and return to the main inventory. Press Escape again to resume play.

HK RIFLE WAPON MODE: The Heckler & Koch rifle in the VCI Headquarters levels has a choice of firing modes. Press Escape/Select to open the menu. Use Left/Right to rotate to the HK Gun. Press Action/Enter to select it, Down to Choose Weapon Mode, then Action/Enter again. Press Up/Down to choose among the three modes: Sniper (fires one shot at a time while the Action button is held), Burst (fires 5-round bursts while the Action button is held), or Rapid (constant rapid fire while the Action button is held). Press Action/Enter twice to confirm and equip the gun.

AUTOMATIC VS. MANUAL TARGETING: In the Options menu (accessible from the main menu or Pause screen), you may choose between automatic or manual targeting. Automatic Targeting is similar to the combat system in the previous games. When an enemy comes into range, Lara will automatically lock onto it if she has a weapon drawn. With Manual Targeting, she won't lock onto the enemy until you press the Look key. In both automatic and manual targeting, when more than one enemy is in range, tapping the Look key will make Lara cycle through the available targets. (NOTE: Unlike in the earlier games, where you could hold the Look key to stay locked on a target, when Lara loses sight of an enemy, the lock is broken.)

BINOCULARS: Press Escape to go to the menu screen. Use Left/Right direction keys/buttons to rotate the menu ring to the binoculars, then press Action/Enter to select them. The view will change to binocular view. Use the < and > keys to zoom out and in. (NOTE: If you have reconfigured your controls, these will be the same keys as Flare and Sprint.) Use the space bar (draw/holster weapons) to put the binoculars away and return to normal view.

LASER SIGHT: This is similar to the binoculars, except that it can be combined with certain weapons (the revolver and crossbow) for more accurate long-range targeting. Use the menu ring to combine the weapon and laser sight (see Combining/Separating, above). Then equip the weapon.

When you press the Look button, the view will change to laser-sight view. Use the < and > keys to zoom out and in as needed. If you have reconfigured your controls, these will be the same keys as Light Flare and Sprint. Release Look or put away the weapon to return to normal view.

NOTE TO LAPTOP USERS: The default button for Look on the PC is 0 on the numeric keypad. If you're playing on a laptop, you probably don't have a numeric keypad. So you'll need to reassign the Look key in order for the laser sight to work.

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