Tomb Raider I-III Remastered PS4 & PS5 Trophies

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered includes 269 trophies over all three games and three expansions, plus 3 platinum trophies on PS4. (The PS5 game doesn't include any platinum trophies.) All are detailed below with separate sections for each game.

Tomb Raider 1 · Unfinished Business · Tomb Raider 2 · Golden Mask · Tomb Raider 3 · Lost Artifact

Strategies for unlocking some of the more obscure trophies will be covered in the walkthroughs. For more information, including possible trophy glitches and other useful info, check out

Follow this link for Tomb Raider I-III Remastered achievements.

WARNING: Some of the descriptions below contain SPOILERS. Read at your own risk!

TOMB RAIDER 1 (67 Trophies + PS4 Platinum)

The Unfound Tomb of Qualopec Finish Peru chapter Bronze
Look Over Us Kindly, Tihocan Finish Greece chapter Bronze
Little Vacation Riot's Over Finish Egypt chapter Bronze
The Cataclysm of Atlantis Finish Atlantis Chapter Bronze (hidden)
Codex of Peru Find all secrets in Peru Bronze
Codex of Greece Find all secrets in Greece Bronze
Codex of Egypt Find all secrets in Egypt Bronze
Codex of Atlantis Find all secrets in Atlantis Bronze (hidden)
Not So Late for the Prize Giving! Defeat Pierre Bronze (hidden)
Pain in Your Brain! Defeat Larson Bronze (hidden)
It's Personal Now! Defeat Cowboy Bronze (hidden)
Yes, I'm Firing at You! Defeat Skater enemy Bronze (hidden)
Cheese! Defeat Bald enemy Bronze (hidden)
Kind of Evolution on Steroids Defeat Natla's new breed Bronze (hidden)
Yes, I Can! Defeat the third Ruler of Atlantis Bronze (hidden)
Welcome to My Home! Complete all exercises in Lara's Home Bronze
Do Uzi This One? Get hidden Uzis in Egypt Bronze
Shell Sucker! Defeat Bald enemy using shotgun Bronze (hidden)
Bullseye! Swan dive [into] a hole with water surrounded by fire Bronze
Leave Them Sucking Wind Defeat every possible enemy in one walkthrough [playthrough?] Bronze
Secret Door It's not [the] right time to be here. There's a door for you. Bronze
You Corner Bug! Get unreachable medipack in Palace Midas Bronze
Curses, Like Chickens, Come Home to Roost Finish Natla with her own production guns Bronze (hidden)
Au Revoir! Make Pierre go away using magnums Bronze (hidden)
Midas' Touch Become golden Lara Bronze (hidden)
I Only Play for Sport! Finish game in less than 5 hours Silver
Deadline Find all 36 ways to die Bronze
Raid Not Kill Do not hurt T-Rex Bronze (hidden)
T-Rextinct Defeat T-Rex Bronze (hidden)
Pharming Health Collect all medipacks in a single level Bronze
Clever Girl Don't let velociraptors bite you in Peru Bronze (hidden)
Mummy, I'm Scared! Make one of Qualopec's guardians fall down Bronze (hidden)
After Us the Deluge! Make all shuttered [shattered?] floor panels crash on a single walkthrough [playthrough?] Bronze
So Salacia Come out of water on your last breath in Neptune's room Bronze
I Am No Heracles Climb upside unharmed before boulder ends its way in Atlas' room Bronze
You Are Really Loki Don't let thunder [lightning?] hit you in Thor's room Bronze
Dionysius' Wisdom Let only one sword hurt you in Damocles' room Bronze
Hardy Raider Beat the game without using any medipacks Silver
Tempered Lara Catch fire and put it out with water Bronze
Hard Boiled Beat the game using only Lara's guns Bronze
Tomb Cleaner Take every collectable item in a single walkthrough [playthrough?]* Bronze
Play It Like You Did on a Console in 1996 Save 86 times or less in a single walkthrough [playthrough?] Bronze
Shelley's Encore Make Lara scream twice while falling Bronze
The Apex Predator Defeat a wolf while you are both in the air Bronze
Pet This Cat Do a handstand on the Sphinxes [sic] face Bronze
Dances With Wolves Gather 11 wolves in front of 4 toltec [sic] warriors Bronze
Ave, Lara! Stand in the emperor's box and sentence 10 animals in the arena to death Bronze
Only the Brave Deserve The Fair Swan dive to the floor from a maximum height to stay alive Bronze
Lethal and Loaded Find the shotgun before collecting any cogs Bronze
Exaggerated Threat Defuse all swords in Damocles without being hurt Bronze
On Incredible Tales Let centaurs live in Greece Bronze
Kong's Fate Make the gorilla from the arena die at the highest point possible Bronze
Enter the Crocodile Take 6 items underwater in one breath Bronze
Be Like Prince Don't get hurt through your doppelganger Bronze (hidden)
Consolidate the Material Beat the game on New Game+ Bronze (hidden)
Thor's Mercy Let the block fall on your head in Thor's room Bronze
I'm Not Falling for This Trick Take a secret in Natla's Mines without stepping on trap slide Bronze (hidden)
Watch Your Step Where the pyramid meets the water, step on only one surface square Bronze (hidden)
Feast Your Eyes on This! Take a close look at tons of gold Bronze
May They Rest in Ukhu Pacha Take a close look at two incan [sic] mummies Bronze
Circus of Vilcabamba Look at the bears standing on hind legs Bronze
Why Did It Have to Be Snakes Take a close look at the snakes Bronze
Kon-Tiqsi-Wiraqucha Go in to get the gold idol and exit through the same window Bronze
It's About Time Take a close look at all ancient devices Bronze
QTN Stand on the thrones of all three rulers Bronze (hidden)
There's So Much to Remember Here Open Photo Mode Bronze
Like Dorothy Use a level skip cheat code Bronze
Featuring Lara Croft Collect all trophies in Tomb Raider I Platinum (PS4 only)

NOTE: Due to a bug in the original release, "Tomb Cleaner" (all items) was originally not obtainable. This was fixed in the first patch, released 3/12/24. See the Atlantis walkthrough for details.

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Miu Finish Shadow of the Cat levels Bronze
Business Is Finished Finish Unfinished Business levels Bronze
Codex of Cat Find all secrets in Egypt Bronze
Codex of Hive Find all secrets in Atlantis Bronze
Emergency Escape Finish Atlantean Stronghold level in less than 5 minutes Bronze
Gifts of Wonderland Take every collectable item in a single walkthrough [playthrough?]* Bronze
Bastet's Stash Get hidden Uzi ammo in Return to Egypt level Bronze
To Arms Get all weapons in Atlantis levels Bronze
Let's Stretch Together Do a handstand near the highest cat statue in front of the temple Bronze
How Do I Get It? Squeeze in for a medipack Bronze
Roll, Action! Make all the boulders except that one roll in a single walkthrough [playthrough?] Bronze
On Tiptoes Avoid triggering the boulders until using any of two levers across the room Bronze
Not Too Late Defeat every Atlantean creature in Unfinished Business levels Bronze
Down the Rabbit Hole Make a long swan dive for someone who is winking at you Bronze
Alone in the Dark Die in a very dark mysterious place Bronze (hidden)
I'm Not a Pin Jump over two boulders outside without taking damage Bronze
Like Alice Listen to the biggest cat face under the night sky Bronze
That Belongs in a Museum! Take a close look at the preserved Egyptian vase Bronze
Cat's Cunning Enter the temple without moving two adjacent blocks Bronze
No Feline Vision Turn on the lights in the temple Bronze
Sokoban Get all secret items and leave the room by moving the blocks no more than 24 times Bronze
Pitfall Get out of the trap room alive leaving it clear Bronze (hidden)
Schmitty's Leap Get the secret on the high rock by making a swan dive jump Bronze
Crocodile Rock Get all items without killing any crocodiles there Bronze
Exhausted Take Lara so far into the desert that she dies Bronze
Ben-Hur Defeat two centaurs in the arena using only Lara's pistols without taking damage Bronze
Leap of Faith Swan dive [into] the hole in the end of Atlantean Stronghold level Bronze
I See Goals, I Don't See Obstacles Do not use slides to take the only secret in The Hive Bronze
Lucky Diver Collect eleven underwater items in one breath Bronze
Not the First Raider Here Stare at Lara's ancient image on the wall for 5 seconds Bronze
Jaws of Death Jump over the three boulders on the center road on the way to the cat image without getting hurt Bronze
Behind Cat's Eyes Check out what those big eyes are hiding Bronze

NOTE: Due to a bug in the original release, "Gifts of Wonderland" (all items) was originally not obtainable. This was fixed in the second patch, released 4/11/24.

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TOMB RAIDER 2 (66 Trophies + PS4 Platinum)

These Doors Are Waiting Finish The Great Wall chapter Bronze (hidden)
Via Caravelli, Venice! Finish Venice chapter Bronze (hidden)
We Are Searching the Right Place Finish Offshore Rig and Maria Doria chapter Bronze (hidden)
Lara Stamps Out Yeti!!! Finish Tibet chapter Bronze (hidden)
To the Sins and Fortunes of Marco Baroli Finish Temple of Xian chapter Bronze (hidden)
I Think I've Seen Enough Finish Home Sweet Home chapter Bronze (hidden)
I Only Play For Sport! Still! Finish the game in less than 6 hours Silver
Codex of China Collect all secrets in the Great Wall, Tibet, and Temple of Xian levels Bronze (hidden)
Codex of Italy Collect all secrets in Venice levels Bronze (hidden)
Codex of Bartoli Collect all secrets in Offshore Rig levels Bronze (hidden)
Codex of Maria Doria Collect all secrets in Maria Doria levels Bronze (hidden)
Ready to Raid! Finish the assault course in 1:20 or less Bronze
Delivery People Have Finally Arrived Check out your treasury Bronze
Crime and Punishment Lure the butler into the fridge, wait for him to make a bad sound, and lock him in there Bronze
Crane Dive Dive to a lake from the top of the guardhouse Bronze
I'm Not Climbing the Walls for This Do not use the ledge but take no damage from the flying blades in The Great Wall Bronze
Extinct Is Extinct Defeat both T-Rexes with no evidence Bronze (hidden)
I'm Not Your Tourist Finish the Venice level without ever getting on a boat Bronze (hidden)
Let's Saddle Up Jump into the boat from the highest height possible Bronze
No Time for the Plague Don't let the rats bite you Bronze
Cooler Than Moonraker Jump from a boat to another boat, making the first one blow up on mines Bronze
Emergency Exit Break any window with yourself in a jump Bronze
Pollen Allergy Don't move the flower block in Bartoli's Hideout Bronze
Moving Doesn't Change Who You Are Obtain library key without moving chandeliers Bronze
Bartoli's Stash Get hidden Uzis in the boathouse Bronze
Like Father Like Son Shine a light on Gianni Bartoli Bronze
With Respect for Cultural Heritage Cross the broken roof by dropping only three wooden panels in Opera House Bronze
Gold Digger Take the golden one before the rest of the secret dragons in Opera House Bronze
Fight off the B's Break all the windows with your enemy's initials Bronze
Don't Even Need to Wet My Feet Stay out of the water before you get your guns back in Offshore Rig Bronze (hidden)
In A Rush Do not remove either of the two blocks from the wall near the fire area Bronze
Anger Management Have Lara get so mad about missing the helicopter that she explodes in a jump Bronze
The True Dettox of Evil Get the hidden M16 rifle in Diving Area Bronze
Like Caesar Go through the water shaft in one breath with a gold dragon in your backpack Bronze
Nervous Wreck Finish Wreck of the Maria Doria level by swan diving into the water and swimming to the end in one breath without taking damage Bronze
Attentiveness Rewarded Find a shortcut to avoid entering a room with two levers and moving a block on a blue duct in Living Quarters Bronze
No Unnecessary Moves Do not break the floor panel to get the gold secret in Living Quarters Bronze
10.10 Perform somersault dive into the water Bronze
20.10 Perform double somersault dive into the water Bronze
No Fish Soup Today Don't hurt the sharks, but don't let them bite you either Bronze
Fire Safety Catch fire from every possible enemy and extinguish it in the water Bronze
A Land Walk Get the cabin key from the inflatable raft without swimming in the underground lake Bronze
Who's the Cat and Who's the Mouse? Find the hidden snow leopard Bronze (hidden)
Tibetan Osteopathy
In the first cave of Tibetan Foothills, break the ice wall with your back and survive Bronze
Public Service Drop all the icicles in the Tibetan levels without being hurt Bronze (hidden)
The Tibetan Express Slip next to the two blocks on the snowmobile Bronze
Eco-Friendly Beat Tibetan Foothills on foot Bronze
An Unexpected Visit Do not use the tall ladder to enter the monastery Bronze
The End Doesn't Justify the Means Prevent the monks from being killed Bronze
Per Aspera Ad Astra Get through the obstacles to the trapdoor key with the jade dragon and no damage Bronze
Anuttara-Samyak-Sambodhi Light a flare in front of the mystical eyes Bronze
And I Want It Now! As the snowball moves, manage to get the Tibetan Mask in 25 seconds or less Bronze
Snowballs Champion Reach the top of the hill and make it back to the gate before the avalanche completely stops at the bottom Bronze
Recess Bell Ring the fourth bell and reach the ladder, stepping on the slides no more than four times Bronze
Better Not Slip Here Illuminate the deepest chasm Bronze
Hero of Reaching Unreachable Supplies Get the unreachable medipack Silver
Silk Cave
Clear the spider cave without a scratch using only Lara's guns [pistols?] Bronze (hidden)
Wipeout Master Pass four swinging obstacles in Temple of Xian without slowing down and getting hurt Bronze
On Equal Terms
Do not hurt Xian swordsmen while they are levitating, but eliminate all of them Bronze
No Crazy Golf
Let the green boulders stay where they are Bronze
Souvenirs From Around the Globe
Take every collectable item in a single walkthrough Silver
No Grill Today
Make the dragon breathe fire on you five times during the final battle, but do not ignite Bronze (hidden)
I Really Think I've Seen Enough!
Make the Fiamma Nera boss appear in the final cutscene Bronze (hidden)
Let's Dance Defeat all enemies in the ball room while music is on Bronze (hidden)
Starring One More Time Beat the game on New Game+ Bronze
Very Hard Boiled Beat the game using only Lara's pistols Bronze
Starring Lara Croft Collect all trophies in Tomb Raider II Platinum (PS4 only)

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GOLDEN MASK (23 Trophies)

Comrade Croft Finish Melnikov Island chapter Bronze
That's Just a Nightmare Finish Nightmare in Vegas bonus level Bronze (hidden)
The Nightmare Just Got Worse Kill both T-Rexes Bronze (hidden)
Gold Rush Obtain the Golden Mask of Tornarsuk Bronze (hidden)
Codex of Melnikov Collect all 15 secrets Bronze (hidden)
Capitalist Accumulation Get hidden harpoon gun, M16, Automatic Pistols, and Uzis in the first level Bronze
Snow March Finish first two levels without using snowmobiles Bronze
Na Zdorovye! Don't anger Inuit warriors or their spirits Bronze (hidden)
True Komsomol Member Don't break any hammer and sickle windows Bronze
Ordered to Be Shot Do not let flamethrower enemies have time to use their weapons Bronze
Denouncing the Enemy Throw a flare into a small rat hole Bronze
Planned Economy From the start of the level get the Mask of Tornarsuk in less than 50 seconds Bronze (hidden)
Solve the Problem of Deficit Pick up that box of flares before the boulder rolls down Bronze
We'll Surpass You. And We'll Go Forward.` Run through a corridor with a rolling blade without stopping and without taking damage. Bronze
Kakie Vashi Dokazatelstva? Defeat two polar bears without evidence Bronze (hidden)
Defensive Capabilities Don't hurt the catfish, but don't let them bite you either Bronze
The Dissolution Break all shattered floor panels over big funnel Bronze
Legitimate Repression Leave three sasquatches locked in the start cage Bronze (hidden)
Victory Over the Bourgeoisie Fight the Guardian of the Kingdom by staying with him on the other side of the bridge with no way back Bronze (hidden)
Harvest Plan Implemented Take every collectable item in a single walkthrough Bronze
The Motherland Calls Do a handstand on the top of the sculpture Bronze
Lucid Dream In your nightmare fight the Guardian of the Kingdom in his own cage Bronze (hidden)
1980 Summer Olympics In your nightmare perform double somersault to obtain Uzis Bronze (hidden)

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TOMB RAIDER 3 (60 Trophies + PS4 Platinum)

Infada Stone Finish India chapter Bronze
Element 115 Finish Nevada chapter Bronze (hidden)
Ora Dragger Finish South Pacific chapter Bronze (hidden)
The Eye of Isis Finish London chapter Bronze (hidden)
This Place Has a Busy History Finish the Antarctica chapter Bronze (hidden)
All Hallows Finish the bonus level* Bronze (hidden)
Codex of India Collect all secrets in India levels Bronze
Codex of Nevada Collect all secrets in Nevada levels Bronze (hidden)
Codex of Polynesia Collect all secrets in South Pacific levels Bronze (hidden)
Codex of England Collect all secrets in London levels Bronze (hidden)
Codex of Antarctica Collect all secrets in Antarctica levels* Bronze (hidden)
I Only Play for Sport! Always! Finish the game in less than 6 hours Silver
Welcome to My Humble Abode! Appreciate Lara's artifact collection Bronze
Train Hard, Fight Easy Finish the assault course in 2:20 or less Bronze
At the Speed of a Meteor Complete a quad bike race in less than 39 seconds Bronze
Evolutionary Superiority Pick up medipack before a monkey grabs it Bronze
Flying Fox Use all ziplines Bronze
Her Airness Get to the treetops without going down the hatch or into the water Bronze
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Don't get bitten by snakes Bronze
Aichmophobia Do not take damage from the spiked walls and ceilings in India Bronze
Monkey Temple Choose the right road, but don't hit the monkeys with your quad bike Bronze
Snake Charming Find all cobras in the Caves of Kaliya level Bronze
Crushin' Krishna Defeat Tony using grenade launcher (on New Game+) Silver (hidden)
Amphibian Woman Get into the water lock control room by opening all the levers in one breath Bronze
Lost Souls Are Forgiven Kill no dam workers Bronze
I'm Not Very Sociable Eliminate the MP guard before he lets backup in Bronze
Limbo Master Don't let the turret lasers lock on to you, but don't turn them off either Bronze
Resourceful Attorney Keep all the prisoners alive Bronze
The Quick and the Dead Do not allow guards to touch the handprint scanners Bronze
I Want to Believe Do a handstand on a watch tower Bronze
Free Willy Swim with orcas Bronze
From the Flanks Get to the cannibal village without the Smuggler's Key, but with the Serpent Stones Silver
In the Forefront Break into the cannibal village using Smuggler's key, not Serpent Stones Silver
Like a Naive Child How could you fall into such a simple trap? Bronze (hidden)
Frog Jumps Cross the swamp in less than 20 seconds Bronze
It's Not Much, but It's Nice Get your prize in the cave with deadly funnel Silver
Fire Support Let the surviving soldier finish off the T-Rex Bronze (hidden)
Wilderness Instructor Help all the soldiers survive the trouble Bronze
Fossil Trap Manage to lure the velociraptor into a deep hole Bronze (hidden)
Deliverance Finish Madubu Gorge using the kayak behind the hatch Bronze (hidden)
Captive to Curiosity Finish Madubu Gorge using the kayak guarded by crocodiles Bronze (hidden)
No Time to Rollerblade Pass through ramp with rolling blades in 40 seconds or less Bronze
Faceless Death Defeat Puna without killing any oras Bronze (hidden)
I'm Just a Local Finish Thames Wharf level in less than 1 minute Bronze (hidden)
Photo Finish Run into the maintenance room before the Damned does Silver
Rocket Science Find two hidden rockets Bronze
Underwater Garage Find and use all UPV's Bronze
The Silent World Use UPV harpoons to defeat the scuba divers Bronze
Brundlefly Find the mutated scientists in the destroyed station Bronze (hidden)
Who Goes There? Make flamethrower guards meet seven mutants in one walkthrough Bronze
Pest Control Solve that mutant problem in RX-Tech Mines Bronze
By Experience Survive the room with three Tinnos mutants without taking damage and using only Lara's pistols Bronze
Unconditional Sense of Rhythm Obtain Oceanic Mask in the fire room without using a lever Bronze
Gone With the Wind Get every collectable item in the air room Bronze
The Deep Get the medipack in the water room Bronze
Largest Assortment Obtain all available weapons before the final boss Bronze
Get to the Choppa! Reach helipad gates with no artifacts in your backpack Bronze
Crystals Are Forever Collect all 95 crystals in one walkthrough Silver
The Adventures Are Getting Harder Beat the game on New Game+ Silver
Incredibly Hard Boiled Beat the game using only Lara's pistols Silver
The Adventure of Lara Croft Collect all trophies in Tomb Raider III Platinum (PS4 only)

NOTE: Due to a bug in the original release, the All Hallows bonus level was not accessible even after obtaining all secrets. This was fixed in the first patch, released 3/12/24.

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LOST ARTIFACT (21 Trophies)

So There Was A Fifth… Finish The Lost Artifact Bronze
Codex of Scotland Collect all secrets in Scotland levels Bronze
Codex of Tunnel Collect all secrets in Tunnel levels Bronze (hidden)
Codex of France Collect all secrets in France levels Bronze (hidden)
Willard's Disarming Get all available weapons in Highland Fling Bronze (hidden)
Extraordinary Form of Animal Unravel the secret of Nessie Bronze
Heaven Express Don't let the dog live longer than half a second Bronze
He Is Doing Swell Honor the memory of Willard's ancestor Bronze
Underground Pool Make all boulders roll in the dungeon Bronze
Abandon Hope Enter Willard's hideout through the spiked ceilings Bronze
Do Not Abandon Hope Enter Willard's hideout through the back door Bronze
Callanish Way Out Get to the helicopter through the secret passageway Bronze (hidden)
Veni, Vidi, Tulit Don't miss that medipack behind bars Bronze
Stephenson's Rocket Get the rocket launcher in the tunnel Bronze
Capsule Pipelines Get on a quad bike and then get off it on top of a wrecked train in 39 seconds or less Bronze
Now It's a Job for Archaeologists [Paleontologists?] Defeat four prehistoric creatures Bronze (hidden)
Monsters, SLInc. Defeat four fish mutants without being hurt Bronze (hidden)
Another Mystery Solved Explore the U-740 submarine Bronze (hidden)
Planet of the Raids Don't let monkeys touch any of the items Bronze
Bloodhound Get hidden Highland rockets, Willard's harpoons, Shakespeare grenades, Sleeping Uzi clips, Mad Eagle clips, and Reunion large medipack Bronze
In Your Next Life! Defeat Sophia Lee Bronze (hidden)

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