Tomb Raider Laptop

Walkthroughs - Many known bugs are covered on my walkthrough pages. Bug notes are in hot pink text to make them easy to find without necessarily having to read game spoilers. Where I am aware of solutions for a particular bug, I have included them.

Manuals and 'readme' files - Most of the games include a printed manual or a text/PDF file with instructions and support info. If you're having trouble installing or running a game, start there.

My Downloads Pages - These include information on patches and other utilities for the PC and Macintosh version of each game. Some bugs and technical issues can be fixed with patches. This link is to the TR1 page, where you'll find links to separate pages for the other games. These pages also include tips for installing and running the classic Tomb Raider games under Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8..

Savegame Files - On the PC and Macintosh, it's often possible to bypass bugs or other difficult spots by downloading a save file from a location farther along in the game. I also have save files for PlayStation, PSP and Nintendo Wii for some of the games.

Square Enix Tech Support - This site includes frequently asked questions about each game, plus patches and other info. (This link is for the European support hub, but there are links at the top of the page for other countries.)

MacRaider - Extensive help section on running classic Tomb Raider games on newer Macintosh systems. Includes info on PowerPC, Mac OS9, MacIntel, Mac OSX, as well as utilities like Parallels, Boot Camp, Crossover and Wineskin, for running Windows games on Mac systems.

Square Enix Tomb Raider Forum - The official message board, includes separate support sections for Tomb Raiders 1-6 and each of the newer games from Legend on. Try reading the 'sticky' topics at the top of each forum and searching before you post. Someone may have already answered your question. If your issue is not covered, first read the posting guidelines (usually one of the first one or two messages in the section) then politely ask your question. If it's a PC or Mac issue, posting your system specs along with your question is usually helpful.

Tomb Raider Forums Tech Support Section - This unofficial fan site is frequented by tech-savvy raiders so you may find answers here. Again, be sure to search for answers before posting, be polite and include specifics about your system and the issue you're having. You'll get more useful answers if you do.

Other Fan Site Forums - Many fan sites also have message boards where you can pick the brains of other players who may be able to help solve your problem.