Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Hang in there! Help is on the way! Download a Shadow of the Tomb Raider savegame file.

These Windows PC save files were made using the Steam edition patched to the latest version available at the time. As far as I know, they also work with the Epic Games version, and subsequent patches do not affect save file compatibility.

Each zip file linked below includes several save files for that level, along with a readme text file, which includes a list of each save included plus basic instructions. Click here for detailed installation instructions and a few IMPORTANT WARNINGS.

Except where otherwise noted, these saves were made using the Medium ("Rite of Passage") Difficulty setting for combat, exploration, and puzzles. You can change these settings during gameplay. You just can't switch to Deadly Obsession mid-game.

Area 1: Cozumel

Area 2: Peruvian Jungle

Area 3: Croft Manor (includes Peruvian Jungle part 2)

Area 4: Kuwaq Yaku

Area 5: Trial of the Eagle

Area 6: Hidden City (Lower Paititi)

Areas 7 & 8: Belly of the Serpent & Head of the Serpent*

Area 9: Mountain Temple

Area 10: Cenote

Area 11: Hidden City (Upper Paititi)

Area 12: Porvenir Oil Fields

Area 13: Misson of San Juan

Area 14: Hidden City (Revisit)

Area 15: City of the Serpent**

        100% Completion (Medium/"Rite of Passage" Difficulty)

Deadly Obsession Difficulty Saves***

        92% completion. Speak to Etzli to trigger the last part of the story.

        100% completion. Post game, all 7 DLC done.

*The Belly and Head of the Serpent set includes several Hidden City saves, including the first two Hearts and Minds side missions (King's Horn and Savior's Amulet) up to the entrance to the Mountain Temple.

**The City of the Serpent collection in includes an end-game save just before the final series of cutscenes. The separate 100% save was made in Paititi after the end credits and epilogue. It's a good starting point if you want to play DLC or begin a New Game+ replay.

***Thanks to Ashwin C. for sharing the D.O. saves.