Stella's Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough - Updates for Tomb Raider 3 Remastered Coming Soon


Updated: 5/1/24()

Secrets:Pickups: 26, including 2 keys (optional)  Kills: 58 (62)  Save/power-up Crystals: 4

NOTE: The number of kills and items are approximate. The maximum number of kills is 62: 58 enemies and 4 soldiers. The soldiers are potential allies, so you don't have to kill them; however, four of the items are dropped by these soldiers. One of the regular pickups here will be the MP5 SUBMACHINE GUN if you don't already have it. Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

BUG NOTE: Using grenades and/or rockets may result in an inaccurate kill count—more than double the actual number of kills—so you may not want to rely on the end-of-level statistics here.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Crash Site Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

Objectives: Get across the swamp to the crash site. Retrieve two keys to activate the airplane's weaponry and, finally, find the exit.

CROSSING THE SWAMP: Drop down from the hut and go toward the swamp. A mysterious earthquake prevents you from returning through the canyon to the village in the previous level. Check your inventory for the SWAMP MAP given to Lara by the Aussie during the cut scene.

NOTE FOR NEW PLAYERS: Normally when you use items, there's something to use them on, like a lock or receptacle. In that case you just need to press Action to bring up the inventory ring. Here, there's nothing to interact with. So press Escape/Select then Up to access the top inventory ring. This is where you'll find things you've collected, like keys, artifacts, and this map.

The SWAMP MAP in your inventory shows the safe path across the quicksand, though in a rather crude fashion. All of the solid squares in the swamp have green plants on them, but not all of the squares with plants are safe. The X's on the map show approximately where each safe square is. Here's the sequence:

Start by taking a running jump from the bank to the green square off to the left. Ahead are two more green squares close together. Take a running jump to land on the one on the left. Turn right and take a running jump over the nearest green square to land on the one beyond it. Turn slightly to the right and take a running jump to land on the green square between here and the big tree on the far bank. Turn left and take another running jump to the next green square. Turn left again to face the gray rock outcropping in the far corner of the swamp. Walk to the corner of this green square and take a standing jump to the next one. Take a running jump to the next green square, ahead and a little to the left. Now jump to the green square in the corner of the gray rocks. (screenshots)

Climb into the little cave for SECRET #12 sets of MP5 clips (1-2). Hop down from the opening onto the corner square. Then jump back to the previous green square. Turn around and take a running jump from there to the bank just to the right of the gray rocks. (screenshots)

MISTY HILLSIDE: Move through the opening in the trees into an open area at the top of a hill. Before sliding down into the next area, take a running jump to the flat, gray block on the left, where you'll find some the grenades (3). (screenshot) Then drop down and continue to the bottom of the hill.

A raptor (1) comes through the fog from the right. There's plenty of room to jump around while shooting, but if you like, you can run and jump past it, climb onto the ledge on the other side of the shallow pool, and either shoot the lizard from safety or just move on. (screenshot)

Climb the rocks in the cave beyond the shallow pool and follow the short tunnel to the next area. (screenshot)

CLEARING WITH AIRPLANE WRECKAGE: Drop down and move into the clearing with the downed plane. As you explore, a second raptor (2) emerges from behind the trees on the left. You can advance to the left just far enough to trigger the raptor. Then roll, run, and jump up onto the small, triangular area in the corner just ahead on the left. The raptor can't reach Lara here. (screenshot) If it runs away after you shoot it a few times, you'll need to slide down and get its attention. Then hop back up onto the little triangle and keep firing.

Alternatively, you can get the raptor's attention, jump onto this triangle and then continue toward the CAVE WITH SWITCHES, as described below. You'll have a chance to shoot at the raptor again in a moment.

NOTE: If you're not interested in getting all the pick ups, you can skip the CAVE WITH SWITCHES entirely and continue with the T. REX NEST, below. You'll only miss is one save crystal and one Uzi ammo pickup. Or, you can use the shortcut described at the end of the section to get both items without all the climbing and switch pulling.

CAVE WITH SWITCHES: To reach this cave, start by positioning Lara so the passage where you entered this area is on her right and the airplane fuselage is on her left. Above and behind is a rectangular stone ledge. Ahead is a lumpy, green wall with a sloping base. Jump up to the flat, triangular spot in the left corner. (This is the same triangle mentioned in the tactic for evading the last raptor.) Face the green wall and jump straight up to grab the edge. Traverse to the right so Lara is hanging in the middle of the wall. Pull up and before Lara can slide back, press Jump to backflip onto the stone ledge above and behind her. Turn around and you'll see a crawlspace. (screenshots)

If you evaded that second raptor (2) by climbing up here, you can shoot it now from above. If it runs away, just hang from the ledge to get its attention. Then pull up and start shooting again. (screenshots)

Alternatively, you can reach the ledge with the crawlspace by taking the more obvious but longer route through the treetops: Face the nose of the plane then head for the back left corner (where the second raptor originated). Climb the rocks and jump forward to grab the handholds on the tree branch above. Monkey swing forward to the trunk and drop down. Follow the branch around to the left. Take a running jump to grab the handholds on the tree trunk. Climb to the top. Jump to grab the handholds on the branch above. Then monkey swing nearly to the end of the long branch and drop onto the ledge below. Climb down the rock ladder until Lara is hanging by her hands. Traverse to the left until you can pull up onto the ledge with the cave entrance. (The page with screenshots includes more detail.)

Crawl into the tunnel and drop down inside the cave. Climb onto the low block, turn around, and jump to grab the bars on the ceiling. Monkey swing forward then make a U-turn around to the right. Continue forward and drop down in the doorway. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're having trouble with this section because it's so dark in the cave, note that using flares will help but can also cause problems. If Lara is holding a flare, she will not be able to drop from overhead bars and grab onto a climbable wall, which is necessary in two places within the cave. Instead, turn up the brightness on your TV/monitor or, if you're playing the PC/Mac version, adjust the in-game gamma setting. Press Escape to open the menu ring, press Down to go to the lower ring, rotate to the sunglasses (Video Options) and raise the gamma setting. The default is 3, but you may want to crank it up to 7 or 8.

Step off the edge to land on the ledge below the doorway. Turn around to face it. Then go into the alcove on the left and use the first switch to rearrange the bars on the ceiling. (screenshots)

There's a save/power-up crystal (1) on the pillar below. If you don't need it right away, you can skip this step since you'll pass over this pillar later on during the climbing sequence. If you want it now , walk to the corner of the ledge, face the pedestal with the crystal, hop back once, and then take a standing jump to land on the pedestal. If you miss, you'll need to reload, because all the slopes lead down into a pit of spikes. Once you have the crystal, turn around, walk to the left corner of the pillar, and take a standing jump to grab the ledge below the entrance. Pull up. Then climb back up into the doorway. (screenshots)

From the doorway, use the ceiling bars to monkey swing straight across to the other side of the cave. When Lara's chest is against the wall, briefly release Action and then re-press and hold it to grab onto the climbable wall. Climb down, left, then up into the alcove with the second switch. Pull it to rearrange the bars on the ceiling again. (screenshots)

After using the second switch, turn around, walk to the edge of the alcove and then take a standing jump down to the pillar in the middle of the room. (You'll get the first save/power-up crystal now if you didn't pick it up before.) Jump to grab the ledge below the entrance and pull up. Use the first switch, in the alcove on the left, again (i.e., move it into the up position) to rearrange the ceiling bars once more. Then climb back up into the doorway. (screenshots)

This time, monkey swing forward, then around to the right across the wooden slats you just raised. Continue all the way around the central column to the far side of the room. When you come to the end of the solid, brown-and-gold bars, turn right, and continue monkey swinging toward the central structure until Lara is touching the climbable wall. Briefly release Action and then re-press it to grab onto the wall. Climb down, past the grate on the right, to the bottom. The next jump is a little tricky. To get the positioning right, climb all the way down, so Lara is hanging by her hands from the lowest possible rung and won't climb down any farther. Then lightly press the Up button one tap at a time just until her feet come up onto the ladder. Now press Jump to backflip into the alcove behind her. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're using an analog controller with the PlayStation game and you're having trouble with the sequence described above, try using the left Analog Stick instead of the D-pad to climb the ladder. This should give you greater control. Climb all the way down. Then press lightly on the stick, so Lara climbs up one rung at a time. Then when her feet come up onto the lowest rung, take the backflip.

Use the third switch to raise the last section of bars up on the ceiling and open the metal grate on the central structure above and behind you. (screenshots)

Turn around and walk to the edge of the alcove, jump to grab the rock ladder, and climb upward, right, then up a little more into the alcove you just opened. Turn around and take a carefully angled standing jump from the corner of the alcove near the grate to the long, sloping ledge ahead on the right. Slide back and grab the edge of the slope. Traverse to the middle of the slope, pull up and immediately backflip onto the pillar where the save crystal was. Climb back up to the doorway just as you did before. (screenshots)

Once again, from the entrance, monkey swing along the ceiling bars all the way around the central structure. When you reach the far side, now that you've used the third switch, the bars on the ceiling allow you to continue to the left, where you can drop down in a little room. Pick up the Uzi clips (4) in the corner and climb the block to the exit. Follow the passageway to an opening overlooking the airplane and safety drop to the ground. (screenshots)

CAVE SHORTCUT: This is a lot of work for a crystal and some ammo. If you just want the goodies without all the switch-pulling and climbing, you can climb up to the cave entrance, as described above, go in just as far as the crystal. Then go back out the way you came. To get the Uzi clips, climb onto the plane at the front right, when facing the nose, as shown here. Walk across the top of the plane to the middle left. Jump to the tree branch and from there to the cave opening, as shown here. You can then go in and get the Uzi clips and exit the same way.

T. REX NEST (Cmdr. Bishop's Key): Move around the front of the downed aircraft. When you pass the thick, square tree trunk at the nose of the plane, instead of continuing all the way around to the other side of the aircraft, turn right, into the corner with the blocky, gray rocks. Here you'll find a passageway leading to a side area. Drop down, follow the tunnel, and climb out on a ledge with some MP5 clips (5). (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't already have the MP5 SUBMACHINE GUN, you'll get it here instead of clips.

Before hopping down into the low, flat area ahead, have a look around. There's a soldier on patrol and some goodies in the treetops. When you come down off the ledge and move into the clearing, 2 raptors (3-4) emerge from the left and right. If you want a safe spot from which to shoot, run across clearing and jump onto the long, flat ledge between the two trees. The raptors can't reach Lara here. You can then help the soldier with the dinos or just wait and see how the fight turns out and finish off any survivors. (screenshots)

NOTE: In this particular level, it's not very important to keep the soldiers alive. They will help you fight the raptors in some areas, but they will also drop ammo, which is probably more useful. If you feel bad about shooting them, you can usually just let the raptors do the work for you.

Climb onto the ledge opposite the entrance, if you haven't already done so. Take a standing jump from the edge of the ledge to grab the tree branch running parallel to the ledge. Pull up and grab the large medi pack (6). Walk to the right end of the branch and take a standing jump without grabbing to land on the branch with the flares (7). This is SECRET #2. (screenshots)

Drop to the ground. If the soldier didn't survive the last skirmish, pick up the MP5 clips (8) near his body. If you like, go into the passageway on the left when facing the slope that leads down into the next area. At the bottom of the steps, near the closed gate, you'll find a small medi pack and some flares (9-10). You'll have another opportunity to get these items later. (screenshots)

When you slide down the embankment into the flat area below, a pack of 4 tiny compsognathus (5-8) emerge. They'll give most of their attention to a nearby raptor carcass, but you'll eventually need to kill them to prevent them from pestering you.Then make a few pickups and get the lay of the land. There's a box of flares (11) sitting in front of the metal gate at the left end of the embankment. Behind this gate is a switch. You can't reach it yet, but make a mental note of its location. On a stone ledge directly opposite the embankment is a small medi pack (12). If you then head away from the raptor carcass and the metal gate, you'll come to a shallow pool. In the far left corner, beyond the pool, there are more flares (13) sitting near another gate with a second switch behind it. Again, you can't reach the switch, but remember where it is. After picking up the flares, turn around to face the pool. In the cave ahead on the left is a crater-shaped heap of dirt. To the right of this crater is a flat, gray block with a small medi pack (14) sitting on top. (screenshots)

When you have everything, climb up into the crater. As you will soon realize, this is actually a Tyrannosaurus rex nest. COMMANDER BISHOP'S KEY (15) is lying inside the nest, along with what's left of its owner. If possible, save the game before picking up the key. When you take the key, Mama Rex (9) returns home. (screenshots)

FIGHTING (OR AVOIDING) THE T. REX: It's probably obvious, but unless you have a death wish, it would be a good idea to keep your distance from the queen of the Cretaceous. If you get to close, the dinosaur will try to crush and chomp on Lara. If you like a more exciting fight, you can try one of the alternative strategies below, but the easiest way to deal with Mama Rex is to pick up the key, roll, and jump out of the nest. Then head for the far right corner of the pool, between the little island and the alcove with the second switch. If you stand there in the waist-deep water, you can shoot the dinosaur with pistols, and she won't be able to reach Lara. It takes a few minutes to bring her down, but there's no danger involved. If the T. rex wanders out of pistol range, just step out of the pool to get her attention. Then wade back in and keep shooting. (screenshots)

After the T. rex falls, you still need to open the gates in order to get out. So run across the open area with the raptor carcass and into the alcove with the first switch. When you took the key, the gate opened and the nearby lit, showing you where to go. Throw the switch to open the gate on the other side of the cave. (The gate next to the switch remains closed for now.) Run back across the cave toward the pool. The torch near the gate is now lit, making the gate easier to spot. Enter the alcove and pull the second switch. This opens the third gate, back at the first switch, letting in another raptor (10) from the upper level. Again, you can wade into the pool and shoot at the dinosaur from there. If it loses interest, step out of the water briefly to get its attention. Then move back into the pool and keep shooting. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you slid down the embankment before killing the 2 raptors (3-4) in the upper area, they will also come down when you pull the second switch.

When the coast is clear, return to the alcove with the first switch. Pick up the flares and small medi pack (9-10) on the stairs if you didn't get them earlier. Then climb the stairs to the upper level and leave this area through the tunnel in the corner, where you came in. (screenshots)

ALTERNATIVE T. REX STRATEGIES: If you want more of a challenge, you can go head-to-head with the T. rex or try to outrun it as you throw the switches to open the various gates. Several players reminded me of a trick from the movie Jurassic Park that may also work here. If you throw down a flare, the T. rex will usually go and investigate, giving you a few moments to run past it to the next switch. (These screenshots show additional details.)

If you're quick, you might instead try picking up the key and then immediately jumping out of the nest and climbing onto the stone block where you found the last medi pack. (screenshot) If you stand with Lara's back against the wall, you can shoot at the T. rex from relative safety. If Mama Rex wanders off, you'll need to hang from the edge of the block to get her attention and then quickly pull up before she gets too close.

A few people suggested grabbing the key and then crouching inside the nest until the T. rex loses interest and wanders off. Then you can run and climb onto the block shown in the previous screenshot. This works sometimes but not always. If you stay crouched on one knee (screenshot), the T. rex will usually just sniff and stomp around the edge of the nest, then eventually move away. But if you press Forward while crouching, so Lara goes onto her hands and knees, the T. rex immediately notices her and attacks. Go ahead and give it a try if you like. Maybe it'll work better for you.

Whichever strategy you end up using, you'll still need to open the gates and deal with that last raptor, as described above. Then climb the stairs near the first switch to reach the upper level and leave this area through the tunnel in the corner, where you came in.

CLEARING WITH AIRPLANE WRECKAGE (again): When you climb out of the tunnel, head forward, keeping the airplane fuselage on your left. Then turn right just before the big, square tree. Light a flare if necessary and hop down into the dark, brick-lined tunnel. Pick up some MP5 clips (16) and continue to the end of the tunnel. (screenshots)

COMPSOGNATHUS ROOM: The gate opens as you approach, letting you into a courtyard with a dead soldier and raptor. As you step into the middle of the room, the gate closes behind you and 5 compsognathus (11-15) emerge to gnaw on the raptor carcass—and on Lara. Shoot them before they do too much damage. If you want all kills, be sure to step on the far left corner tile, beyond the large medi pack to trigger the appearance of 2 more compys (16-17) . Then pick up the large medi pack and more MP5 clips (17-18). Use the 2 switches in the alcoves to re-open the gate so you can exit. (screenshots)

NOTE: Again, if you don't already have the MP5 SUBMACHINE GUN, you'll get it here instead of clips.

CLEARING WITH AIRPLANE WRECKAGE (again): Climb out of the dark tunnel leading from the compsognathus room. On the right, behind the big tree is a low hummock separating this area and the clearing behind the airplane. Climb up (screenshot) and look over the edge to see 2 soldiers fighting a raptor (18). You can assist if you like. Again, the Aussies are friendly enough if you don't shoot at them, but if they do just "happen to die," they'll drop 2 sets of MP5 clips, one each (19-20).

There are several shallow alcoves along the walls but none contain any goodies. The stream running through the trench empties into a deep chasm. So avoid the water.

RAPTOR POOL (Lt. Tuckerman's Key): Go through the second doorway on the right wall (when facing the stream) and follow the passageway to an overgrown area where a soldier battles another raptor (19). There's a raised block just inside on the right where you can jump to safety. If the soldiers in the previous area survived, they'll rush in and help fight the raptor. Again, if you or the raptor kills this third soldier, he'll also drop MP5 clips (21). So, possibly 3 ammo pickups in all, including the two from the soldiers you met in the previous area. (screenshots)

There's a tempting underwater lever in the pool and a wooden bridge leading to the other side. But don't go swimming or attempt to cross yet. The bridge will collapse beneath you, plunging you into the piranha-infested water. If you fall in and manage to avoid being devoured, there are two spots where you can climb out: at the middle of the opposite bank and on the near bank, in the corner by the waterfall. But it's better to avoid the pool for now. Instead, climb a few trees. (screenshots)

TREETOPS ABOVE THE RAPTOR POOL: Another raptor (20) lurks in the trees above. If you climb onto the ledge above the "safe" block and draw weapons, you may be able to kill the raptor from below by jumping up and down while firing. If not, just keep going. Climb the vine-covered wall. At the top, wait for the raptor to move around toward the end of the branch nearest you. Then press and hold Jump to backflip onto the angled block behind you then spring forward onto the branch. Finish off the raptor if you didn't already. Fighting it while standing on the branch can be difficult, since the raptor tries to shove Lara off the edge. To avoid it, turn around and jump onto the sloping ledge. Be sure to hold Action so Lara doesn't bang her head on the overhanging rock. Slide back, grab the edge, and traverse to the right until you can pull up on the blue ledge in the corner. Or, when you first land on the branch with the raptor, turn left and take a running jump onto the blue ledge. You can then shoot the dinosaur from safety or avoid it altogether. (screenshots)

Now climb a little higher: Jump up onto the triangular corner ledge. Then jump and grab the flat branch on the right. Pull up and shoot the raptor (21) on the next branch from here. If it hasn't yet noticed Lara and started moving, just jump over to the stone ledge with the save/power-up crystal (2) and shoot from there. Then jump from the stone ledge to the big branch that bends up at the end. Walk to the left end of the branch. Sidestep to the left edge (toward the waterfall), angle Lara just slightly to the left, and then take a standing jump to grab the flat edge where the branch juts out to the left. Pull up and walk forward to find some MP5 clips (22). This is SECRET #3. (screenshots)

Turn around and slide back down to the branch below. Turn left and walk to the end of the branch near the dangling raptor carcass. Take a running jump to the green ledge ahead on the left. Go around behind the tree trunk to find a small medi pack (23). Then move back to the edge and shoot pistols in the general direction of the hanging carcass. Lara won't actually target the dead thing, but this will cause it to fall into the water below, attracting the attention of the hungry piranhas. Now you can jump down into the pool and pull the underwater lever to open the gate above. (screenshots)

Swim under the wooden bridge and climb out of the pool on the same side as the lever. Ready weapons to fight the raptor (22) that emerges from the building. If you like, you can shoot it as it approaches and hop back into the water so it doesn't bite Lara. Wait for it to run into the building and then climb out and repeat the process. (screenshots)

DARK ROOM WITH SWITCHES: Enter the building through the gate you just opened. The gate closes behind you, and there's another raptor (23) lurking inside. Run in and jump up on the low block on the right side of the dark room. The raptor can't reach Lara here, so you can shoot it from above with pistols. (screenshots)

There are 3 switches in this room. Any one of them will open the gate so you can exit, but In order to open the wooden trapdoor in the ceiling, you'll need to pull all of them. Two of the switches also let in 3 more raptors (24-26). If you'd rather not fight them up close in this dark space try this: Pull the first switch (closest to the entrance), roll, run past the first raptor (24) , and jump onto the block. Shoot the raptor before moving on to the next switch. If it runs out of the room, hop down to the floor on the side of the block away from the door, wait for it to return, and then hop back up and keep shooting. (screenshots)

Pull the second switch (in the corner opposite the entrance). This doesn't appear to do anything, but it's necessary to open the trapdoor. Finally, pull the third switch (in the far right corner near the small alcove) to open the trapdoor and let in 2 more raptors (25-26). Immediately hop back once then backflip onto the block to shoot the dinosaurs. (screenshots)

Pull up through the trapdoor into the room above. If you're playing the PC/Mac version, you may want to wait to pick up the save/power-up crystal (3) until you've completed this next bit. LT. TUCKERMAN'S KEY (24) is lying near its former owner. Turn around so Lara's back is toward the corner before picking up the key. Then, quickly draw a strong weapon like the shotgun or Desert Eagle and kill the raptor (27) that appears out of nowhere. Or, run past the raptor, snagging the crystal as you drop through the trapdoor. You can then shoot the raptor from below, or just leave it and move on. (screenshots)

Return to the pool, swim across, and climb out on the far right, near the waterfall. Follow the tunnel behind the big tree to get back to the crash site. (screenshot)

As you emerge from the tunnel, go to the left and climb over the low hill toward the front of the airplane. To get on top of the plane, hop up onto the flat spot just to the left of the painted-on hatch. Then grab the edge and pull up. (screenshot)

INSIDE THE AIRPLANE: Cross over the top of the plane and drop through the open hatch. Take care of the raptor (28) lurking inside. If you like, you can run past it, roll and back up shooting. You'll then have more room to maneuver. Afterwards pick up the MP5 clips (25) on the floor below the hatch. (screenshot)

NOTE: Again, if you don't already have the MP5 SUBMACHINE GUN, you'll get it here instead of clips.

Move into the cockpit and turn around to spot 2 control panels on either side of the doorway. (screenshot) Use the 2 keys you collected earlier to open a door down below. Head toward the rear and drop into the belly of the plane. Go past the mounted rocket launcher and through the door you just opened. Pull the switch inside on the right to open the loading ramp and extend the gun. (screenshot)

RAPTOR HORDE: Move outside. As soon as you step up onto the platform with the mounted gun, a small army of raptors (30, to be precise, so 29-58) begins to swarm out of the various doorways. If any of the soldiers are still alive, they'll help you fight, but don't worry about saving the soldiers. Concentrate on killing the dinos with the rocket launcher. Grab onto it by moving close and pressing Action. Use the direction controls to swivel the gun around and angle it up and down as needed. Press Action to fire. You have unlimited rockets, so there's no need to hold back. (screenshot)

When the hullabaloo dies down, if you haven't already done so by accident, use the big gun to blast away the top left corner of the brick wall to open up the exit. (screenshot) Then press Roll to let go of the gun. (That's End on the PC, backslash [\] on the Mac, or Circle on the PlayStation.) If any soldiers died in the fight, pick up the MP5 clips (19-21) they dropped. (You may have already obtained these 3 pickups if the soldiers died earlier.)

ALTERNATIVE RAPTOR STRATEGIES: I'm not sure why you'd want to pass up the opportunity to blow up a bunch of dinosaurs with rockets, but if you prefer, run out to the big gun to trigger the appearance of the first 3 raptors. Then run back into the plane. Use your weapon of choice (even pistols) to shoot the raptors safely from inside. (screenshot) Or, run around to the right, jump over the green hummock, climb back up onto the fuselage, and fire from above. You may have to dangle Lara over the side periodically to draw them out of hiding.

Another technique is to run out and use the big gun to shoot out the corner of the wall right away (as described above). Then run across the broken airplane wing and jump across the stream to the ledge on the other side. You can shoot the raptors from there or leave them to fight it out among themselves.

Or, in a slight variation on the above strategy, after first opening the hatch and extending the rocket launcher, exit the plane and run across the gun platform to trigger the appearance of the first 3 raptors. Then run out along the broken wing and jump across the stream to the ledge on the other side. Save the game if you can. Then jump back onto the end of the wing, wait for one of the raptors to charge at Lara and quickly backflip onto the ledge before it can reach her. If you time it right, the raptor will fall down into the gap but should survive the fall. Repeat this to trap all 3 raptors down below the waterfall. The game is programmed so only three raptors appear at a time, so as long as they don't start killing each other, you can jump back across, use the rocket launcher to open the exit and move on. (screenshots)

LEVEL EXIT: Now move out to the end of the detached airplane wing and jump across the stream. Take care not to fall in. It's a long way down. Climb up into the opening on the right for a large medi pack (26) and a save/power-up crystal (4). Take a running jump to the ledge beyond the corner and start down the stairs to finish the level. (screenshot)

A cut scene follows: Lara enters a temple and discovers a carved mural depicting a falling meteor and a group of tiny human figures fleeing by boat. She then meets one of the natives, who explains that his ancestors left their original homeland in Antarctica because of a powerful evil. He says that some time after they settled on this island, a white man named Smythe came with a stone, presumably one of the meteorite artifacts. Apparently he made a good meal; each year the people celebrate his demise with a feast. Lara asks the tribesman where the stone is now, but he won't answer. When she realizes she's not going to get any more information out of him, she leaves. The dialogue is included on the cut scene transcripts page. You can also re-watch the movie on my YouTube channel.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 5/5/14 - First major update since this walkthrough was created in 1998. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications.
2/5/24 - Added VGCartography's level maps, with permission. Visit VGCartography on DeviantArt for high-res versions, and follow on Twitter/X and YouTube for more fantastic game maps.
2/22/24 - Added the 2 additional kills in the compy room, thanks to a hot tip from Footi.
5/1/24 - Added kill and item counts. (Actual remastered updates coming eventually, but this should help.)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough could not have been written. Thanks to Tom D. and Greg for the alternative raptor horde strategy, and to Adam M., Arvo 29, Cujo, Don, Fred, Helena, Josh, Mark S., Paolo, SH, and Ulf for other assistance on this level.

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