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The following list of links includes dozens of top-notch Tomb Raider game and movie sites. You'll find message boards and chat rooms, Tomb Raider fan art and fiction, Lara Croft game and movie image galleries, Tomb Raider Level Editor help and downloads, Lara Croft models and costumes/cosplay, screenshots, wallpapers, comics, collectibles and lots more. A key to the listings is included below.

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Stella's Site -

Stella's Site -

KEY TO LINKS: Sites with a  pale shaded background  are Stella's Picks. These are sites I've reviewed personally and found to be exceptionally creative, stylish, useful, unique or otherwise fun to visit. This is totally subjective, so please don't be offended if your site or a site you like is not chosen. Most links include a brief description of the site—some written by me, some provided by the webmasters. This is visible when you hover your mouse over the name of the site. (Javascript-enabled browser required.) All sites are in English unless otherwise noted.

To help visitors find sites with the Tomb Raider related content they seek, I've set up a number of categories. If a site has the particular type of info, that column is checked. These categories are color coded as follows: General Tomb Raider Game Info (no special color),  TR Level Editor  TR Media/Downloads  Tomb Raider Movies  Fan-Created Content  XNALara Tutorials/Galleries  Community  and  TR Models and Cosplay .