Savegame Editors and Utilities

This page includes various save file editors for Windows PC. I'm not aware of any similar programs for Macintosh. Cheat cartridges, disks and devices, such as GameShark, Code Breaker and Action Replay, are available for some consoles, but these are not covered here.

IMPORTANT: If you aren't sure how to download and use savegame files, please check out my instruction/FAQ page. Before using any savegame editor, you should back up your existing save files. Then if anything goes wrong, you can revert to your original, unedited saves. The instruction/FAQ page also explains how to do this. is not responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of downloading these files or following advice given here

Savegame and Position Editors

TombEdit Screen (reduced)

TombEdit by Norbert Wiesinger is a nifty little program that helps you edit savegame files for Tomb Raiders 1-3 for PC. Use the graphic interface (right) to open a savegame. Click a few boxes to change the available weapons, ammo, medipaks, items (keys, artifacts, etc.), bring up your health or air meters, and/or give Lara unlimited health or air. Then save the file, load it and you're back in the game. Nifty!

Download: TombEdit (1.04 MB)

Paul Walton's Savegame Editor

The savegame editor enables users to edit savegames for Tomb Raiders 1-5 for PC.

Download: Savegame Editor (450 KB)

Paul Walton's Position Editor

This utility enables users to reposition Lara anywhere in any level of Tomb Raiders 1-5 for PC by changing her coordinates in any save file. The download includes instructions.

Download: Position Editor (450 KB)

TRSEdit screen (reduced)
Tomb Raider Savegame Editor (TRSEdit)

This savegame editor was created by Kgy SOFT. It will edit PC savegame files from Tomb Raiders 1-5. You can give Lara extra weapons, ammo, medipaks and flares, increase her health, extinguish her if she's on fire, increase the number of secrets found and much more.

Download: (341 KB)

Flight Tools/Patches

Classic Tomb Raider Flight Patch

Make Lara fly in Tomb Raiders 2, 3 and 4. This unofficial patch was made by Ben Rudiak-Gould. The download includes the program file and instructions. I can't answer questions about this patch, but the file includes contact info for Ben.

Download: trflight (4.33 KB)

Tomb Raider: Legend and Anniversary Flight Patches

While these are not technically savegame editors, SunBeam's flight patches for Legend and Anniversary are similar to the other programs here. For information and download links visit these threads on

Tomb Raider: Legend Flight Tool
Tomb Raider: Anniversary Flight Tool

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 3

Startup Configuration Utilities

Angel of Darkness Startup Configuration Utility

This program, created by Slobodan Ratkovic (a.k.a. Bokkie), allows you to access the incomplete training area and enable flight, god mode, and other special features in the PC version of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.  For information, instructions and download link, visit's TRAOD SCU page.

Tomb Raider: Legend Startup Configuration Utility

This program, created by ANoDE, is similar to the Angel of Darkness SCU (above). It allows you to do things like load levels directly, swap Lara's outfits, and activate various cheats. For information and download links visit this thread on