Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness Downloads

This page includes demos, patches and other downloads for Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.  Some of the files are hosted on this site. Others are available elsewhere, as indicated. Before downloading, please read the important warning below.

Please Read Before Downloading

IMPORTANT: does not support any of these files and is not responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of downloading or installing them. I try to make every effort to ensue that all of the linked files are safe and functional, but I cannot guarantee they'll work on all systems. I recommend taking proper precautions with any downloaded file, including downloading from reputable sites, scanning with an anti-virus/spyware program, following installation instructions, and backing up your existing files before installing anything new.

Tomb Raider 6 Demos and Full Game Download

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness  (TR6) was designed to run on the Windows XP operating systems. The CD version of the full game can be patched to run without any problems in newer versions of Windows (see below).

The GOG and Steam downloads are fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and require no patching.

  • Tomb Raider 6 from Steam (download full game - check for frequent sales)
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Demo (link is to
  • Macintosh Demo - I have not been able to find this. If you have it or know of a source, please contact me.

Tomb Raider 6 Bonus Levels

There are no bonus levels in this game; however, there is an unfinished training area in the first level that can be accessed by cheating or exploiting glitches in the game. This page explains how.

TR6 and Newer Versions of Windows

The PC version of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness  was designed to run under Windows XP, so you should not have any particular problems installing the game. If you are still running Windows XP, I do recommend downloading and installing the v42 patch then the v52 patch before playing. (See the patches and utilities section below for download links and info on the issues these patches fix.)

TR6 on Newer Macintosh Systems

The Mac version of Angel of Darkness  was designed for OS X 10.2.6 or later. If you're looking for help running it on a newer Mac system, I highly recommend MacRaider. This site includes a wealth of general information on the games, as well as a detailed section on backward compatibility. It includes info on PowerPC, Mac OS9, MacIntel, Mac OSX and various methods of running Windows games on Mac systems.

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Other Patches and Utilities for Angel of Darkness

When running Angel of Darkness  with Windows Vista, 7 or 8, I recommend Tomb Raider Chronicles'  Windows Vista Multi-PatchWindows 7 Multi-Patch or Windows 8 Multi-Patch instead  of the patches listed below.

The GOG and Steam versions require no patching.

If you are still running Windows XP, I recommend downloading and installing the v42 patch then the v52 patch (below) before playing.

IMPORTANT: Once you patch to version 52, any saves you have made previously will not work. I recommend patching before starting to play, but if you've already done so, you can download savegame files made with the patched game in order to continue near where you left off. These can be found on my AOD savegame page.

  • PC Angel of Darkness v42 Official Patch (5.2 MB) - Fixes crashes after remapping keyboard controls, lock-ups during FMV sequences, crashes after level load, missing shotgun, etc.
  • PC Angel of Darkness v49 Official Patch - This patch is no longer recommended, since the newer v52 patch includes all the same fixes plus a few others.
  • PC Angel of Darkness v52 Official Patch (6.9 MB) - Fixes timestamp on savegame files (now local time instead of GMT), various lighting effects, conversation now uses the Action key, cycle weapons key can now be remapped, rapid ammo decrease bug fixed, quick-save bug fixed, plus a few other minor fixes.
  • Macintosh v. 1.0.1 Updater (949 KB) - Fixes bug in Louvre Storm Drains.

For additional help with technical issues, please visit the Eidos Tomb Raider 1-6 Technical Forum.

Angel of Darkness Cinematics

If you are unable to see the video sequences at the start of the game and between certain levels, or if you just want to watch them again, you can use the TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility (below) to access them directly. Or watch all the cinematics, including cutscenes within levels, on YouTube. (Thanks to TombRaiderCutscenes.)

Unofficial Patches, Trainers and Other Fixes

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness HD Remaster

This series of fan-made patches is designed to fix bugs, improve controls and graphics, and generally make AOD the game it should have been. It includes many different tools created by many different people. You may not want every enhancement, but I highly recommend checking out what's available. Visit these sites for more info:

·     ·     ·

TRAOD PC Startup Configuration Utility (2.7 MB) - Slobodan "Bokkie" Ratkovic's awesome but unofficial utility for installing AOD with the available patches. It also allows for use of certain cheat codes, as well as direct access to cinematics and to specific levels, including the unfinished training area. (Link is to download and instruction page at

TRAOD savegame files are on a separate page. I am not aware of any savegame or position editors for Angel of Darkness.

Disabling the Windows Key

Accidentally pressing the Windows (Start Menu) key probably won't crash the AOD game, but it can be annoying, especially during complicated platforming sequences. This is easily prevented by downloading and using a simple utility. The Classic Tomb Raider Strategy section has details.

Angel of Darkness Soundtrack

The Music of Tomb Raider has collected the definitive soundtracks for all the games. Visit their Community Discography page for details and downloads.

Music of Tomb Raider - Lara Croft DJ

Angel of Darkness Audiobook

If you enjoyed the story and want to revisit it, or if you haven't played the game but would like to know more about what happened in the final installment from Core Design, I highly recommend this novelization, written and narrated by J.R. Milward. Listen on, or via your favorite podcast software.

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Audiobook by J.R. Milward